What is it about Autumn?

Sorry, for a moment there I got distracted! Bridget Jones Diary is on the TV in the background and I find myself drifting off and listening to it from time to time. I am not really a chick flick kind of girl but for some reason I like it. It’s a nice big hug of a movie that is not too taxing on the brain, so perfect for me at the moment. My concentration levels are shot after a particularly bad night of teething! Erk.

Anyway I digress…. what is it about Autumn that gives you that lovely warm comforting feeling? The weather is just about to turn after some lovely weather this summer and there is a fresh feel to the air, which makes you want to retreat inside and get all nice and cosy. I went into Home Sense for the first time a few weekends back and purchased a candle and diffuser with nice Autumnal smells, they smell absolutely yummy!

Autumn smells from Home Sense

Its also made me start thinking about Halloween which I have never really been fussed about in the past, but its fun isn’t it! Last year, sleep deprivation prevented me from contemplating anything more complicated than feeding/burping/changing the baby. So this year I am determined to get into the spirit of anything fun and festive. I popped into Waitrose at the weekend for the weekly shop and trotted ahead of my hubby and the little tinker to have a look at the halloween themed aisle. They have some lovely things that are more fun than scary so perfect for what I was looking for. I bought a Halloween Trick or Treat bucket, a Halloween Pumpkin Tealight Holder and a pair of Halloween Pumpkin Sunglasses for the little tinker. He loves them and looks super cute!

The little tinker loves his Halloween sunglasses

The little top in the picture above came from the Nutmeg range at Morrisons. Out of all the supermarkets who produce children clothes I would have to say it is one of my favourites. They are always nice and vibrant with interesting patterns and stay in great condition, plus they are very reasonably priced which is just what you want when you have a growing child. When he was a young baby I found Asda provided a better choice of sleep suits and body suits and would often shop there.

Badger long sleeve top from Nutmeg
Halloween George Pig long sleeve top from Nutmeg

I was thinking about going pumpkin picking this year, sounds like fun too me. Just need to see if there is something on near us. Hmmmm, will keep you posted!

Ta ta for now!



Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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