Big day out to Ikea


I love Ikea. In fact, I think I love Ikea even more since I had the little tyke! It was a pretty miserable Sunday morning, it didn’t look like it would stop raining and the little fella was grumbly. Action needed to be taken and I decided to take the bull by the horns and piped up “I know, lets go to Ikea!” to which my husband asked “Do you need anything in particular from there?”. Do you have to need something? So off we went with the little one in tow, who proceeded to nod off 15 minutes into the drive, cue a detour to B&Q to take advantage of the situation and then we were back on track.

We arrived at lunchtime and I had to wake snoozy head up, this would usually get a tearful reaction but he seemed positively excited. Bless him. It was time for his lunch so we zoomed over to the cafe and with it being lunchtime, it was absolutely rammed. We just had to grin and bear it. He ate really well actually and I was very pleased. He had a children’s butternut squash korma with rice, a peach yoghurt and a bit of banana. They really do cater well for families with small children, down to providing plastic cutlery and bowls to special feeding areas.

Now lunchtime was over he was itching for a bit of playtime. Unfortunately he is a bit young and little for the soft play areas, but Dad had an idea! In the childrens section of the showroom, they often have toys on display for parents to see and children to try. Perfect! The little tyke got to crawl through a tunnel, throw soft toy balls, hide in a play tent and scribble with chalk on a blackboard (as seen above). Trouble is, you couldn’t prise him away! Its given me some ideas for Christmas presents!

In the end, we just bought a few little bits and pieces whilst we were there. I have some recommendations for childrens products that I have bought from there previously –

Antilop highchair – Why pay a ridiculous amount of money when you can get this economical option? Its really easy to wipe down too.

Antilop supporting cushion and cover – To give baby extra support when they are small and starting with weaning.

Smaska bowl set – Its cheap. Simple.

Stjarnbild bibs – They last ages and ages.

Basket with lid – I bought a slight different version and use it for the little tykes laundry

Lekplats play rug – Vroom vroom, beep beep!

Solight  and Fjadermoln cushions – my absolute favourite purchase for his nursery. They are so joyful looking! Mummy will never let them go, never never!

Right, now its time to chill out on the sofa before bed. Night night and ta ta for now xxx



Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

3 thoughts on “Big day out to Ikea”

  1. I went to Ikea once but it was HUGE and overwhelming that I haven’t gone back, lol! I did live the kids stuff I saw, though. Of course, I’ve no idea how one actually goes about buying anything there! 😛

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  2. Love Ikea every day. I don’t have to need something to go. I always find something to buy there and to be honest my little one is so so entertained around people. Win win situation


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