Lets go to the playground


Nothing would please the little tyke this morning, “Right, thats it!” I declared “Lets go to the playground!”. We needed some good old British country air in our lungs to boost our energy levels and more importantly, we needed to lift the little chaps mood. I suspect he is teething again as he is dribbling like crazy at the moment and he has been a little Mister grumpy pants. He couldn’t put his wellys on fast enough!

In the past few weeks he has been building up his confidence with his walking, ever since taking his very first steps. I didn’t think he would take to shoes but he absolutely loves them and always hands them over for me to put them on his feet. This now means that I can put him down for short periods of time to have a slow, nervous toddle. He felt a little bit nervous with all the children running around, so preferred to hold on to Mummys or Daddys hand whilst we explored the playground.

Wobbling duck rocker
We are really quite lucky in our village as we have a super selection of facilities at our recreational ground that caters for all ages. There is a skatepark and climbing wall for the older kids, picnic benches for the parents and play equipment for children of all ages. The swings were being used when we first turned up so we took the little tyke on to one of the wobbling rides on springs. He is a little bit small for it at the moment, so we had to keep a close eye, but he had great time rocking away!

Next up was his old favourite, the swings! His mood soon lifted as he was thrown back and forth in the air as he giggled away. I don’t think you can ever get bored of the swings, if nobody was around I would have had a cheeky go.

Trying to go up the slide!
Next up, it was a turn on the slides. They have 3 or 4 different sizes of slide and he wanted to go on every one. Mummy and Daddy had to pretend to slide him down (whilst firmly holding on) and he insisted on trying to walk back up them once he had got to the bottom!

I felt his little hands and they were starting to get a little cold, so we decided that it was time to call it a day and go home. Not before Daddy and the little tyke trudged through all the Autumn leaves and kicked them up into the air. What fun! I will miss Autumn!

Kicking up Autumn leaves
So thats it for another evening all, time to snuggle on the sofa and find a good film.

Ta ta for now xx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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