Halloween treats


I really must control this urge to keep buying Halloween treats and decorations this year! I have totally got carried away with it all and I really don’t know why. I was never bothered about it before, so why now? I guess you’re life changes so much when you have children and you just want them to have the most magical and special experiences as they grow up. Getting involved with festivities such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas can be fantastic fun for children and parents alike!

When I was growing up, Halloween wasn’t really as popular as it is now and it was seen as more of an American tradition. But it in recent years it has evolved into a much more family friendly activity which has seen the tradition grow in popularity in the UK. You cannot escape the decorations, themed food and clothes in the shops at the moment. This weekend, we picked up a few Halloween themed treats and decorations in the supermarket, which I thought were super cute and not too scary for the little tyke to enjoy.

Light Up Pumpkin
Light Up Pumpkin

The Medium Light Up Pumpkin from Sainsbury’s features an LED light inside which can be turned on and off for a spooky effect. It is made of plastic, so is a lot more robust than most Halloween ornaments. The Light Up Pumpkin is also available in a larger size.

Halloween Flag Bunting

This Halloween Flag Bunting will look really effective draped over a mantlepiece or feature mirror and is approximately 1.3 metres in length. The attractive design looks subtle and not too scary for little ones.

Spooky George Pig Long Sleeve Boys Top

Last year I couldn’t find very much George Pig merchandise, it was all about Peppa, but this year he seems to be everywhere! I love this little Spooky George long sleeve top from TU at Sainsbury’s. The little tyke will look super cute in this!

Ghost and Pumpkin Mallows

The little tyke will miss out on trick-or-treating so I thought I would pick up a little treat that he might enjoy (only one or two mind). These Ghost and Pumpkin Mallows from Sainsbury’s are perfect as a treat for younger children. We also picked up some variety bags of chocolates as we have quite a few families around us with young children, who will probably come around to visit on Halloween night.

I might also make some Pumpkin and Pecan muffins this weekend, is anybody else planning on anything special for Halloween?

Thats all from me for another night, ta ta for now xx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

2 thoughts on “Halloween treats”

  1. I love all your Halloween goodies! My husband can’t stop buying Halloween decorations. The house is just filled with them. I’m glad that Halloween has become popular over there. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood I live in isn’t as festive as it was before.


    1. Thank you! I love all the cute decorations that are available now. You know what, some of them are way cooler than Christmas decorations. Its a shame your neighbourhood isn’t getting into the spirit of things…. don’t let it stop you though! Show them how its done xx


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