Final Halloween touches

halloween home style

Saturday was a lovely family day this week, Daddy didn’t have to work in the morning and we managed to tick off lots of little errands from our to-do list. In the morning we went into our local village shopping centre to go to the butchers, but it was so busy when we got there, only Daddy could get in the shop. I let the little tyke have a toddle outside for a bit and we looked in all the shop windows whilst we waited, Daddy then came out with a bag of goodies. He bought some burgers and some Halloween themed specials: spicy pumpkin sausages and little ghosts in blankets. How cute!

Halloween themed goodies from the butchers

We then went on to the bank, which just so happens to be near to a Waitrose. I went in to pick up some milk and a newspaper and my eyes were drawn to the halloween decorations. Uh oh! Not again! I have now purchased my final, final, final Halloween decorations of the year….. I promise! I bought two little soft toys who we shall now call Skelly the Skeleton and Winny the Witch. The little tyke loves them too, what do you think? Too cute?

Skelly the skeleton (from Waitrose)
Winny the Witch (from Waitrose)

They now sit on our mantelpiece with some other spooky decorations and I think they finish the display off really well. Its not too garish and in your face and its not too scary for the little fella. I don’t want to take the display down now, boo! How long until Christmas?

Halloween decorations

So thats it, Halloween is nearly here. What will you be doing? We are planning on getting cosy, putting the candles on and catching up on The Walking Dead with some popcorn. Plus, we have a little bucket of sweets and chocolates ready for any trick or treaters. This leaves me to wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Ta ta for now and nighty night xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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