How becoming a Mummy changed me


“I’m still the same person I was before I had a child” I claimed the other day, but the other person in the conversation did not agree with me. It made me think. Am I?

I’m more confident

I have always struggled and battled with shyness, its held me back in various different stages of my life. Becoming a Mummy has seen a massive boost to my confidence and I often ponder “why?”. I guess its because its not about me any more, its all about the little tyke. I want him to be surrounded by people and I do not want him to struggle like I have. I have to be stronger for him. Giving birth to a child is no mean feat and afterwards I felt very empowered.

I cry more

Well, not strictly true. I feel more emotion and empathy than ever before and I especially feel upset about any harm that could come to another child or baby. But it doesn’t even have to be anything as poignant as that, sad bits on animated films make me cry. Whats that all about you big softy? Note to self, do not watch the first ten minutes of “Up”.

I have more patience

I guess I have to now. I was always so terribly impatient before, but I really don’t know why. The little tyke does test my patience at times but I am a lot more calmer and laid back than how I would have been in the past.

I love my husband even more

I had a bit of meltdown when I first came home with the little tyke. My husband had been so laid back/in denial during my pregnancy, he hadn’t cared to read any of the baby books to be prepared for what was to come. As a result, I felt completely alone and without help at that point. But following a rant from myself, he had a reality check and has worked hard to become the best Daddy he could possibly be. He is a superstar.

I am more capable than I thought

I didn’t think I had it in me to do this motherhood lark. I thought I was too selfish, too shy, too impatient, too much of a stress head and I worried that I would be useless as a Mummy. To be fair I was a bit useless to start off with. Google was my friend and enemy in the very beginning. But I learnt a little bit each day and I got through the hard times.


Little tyke has made me a better person. I think I am the new, improved version of me.

Ta ta for now all xx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

8 thoughts on “How becoming a Mummy changed me”

  1. 100% agree with all of these! I didn’t realise how much I’d change since being a mummy. One being a lot more emotional about things ! Also definitely confidence, I can actually pick up the phone now without rehearsing the conversation a million times before! X

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  2. I can definitely relate to the first 10 minutes of up 😂
    But yes being a mum definitely changes you, sometimes you can’t quite see it straight away but when you compare yourself now to however many years ago you had your child you can definitely see a difference…the only thing that hasn’t changed is that I still refuse to share food 😂 xx

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