Winter shopping and Christmas haul


The winter has arrived with a bang this week, with the temperatures slowly plummeting and the nights growing darker earlier following last weeks clock change. I don’t know why I felt so surprised with the turn in the weather, as it typically grows colder as we approach the end of the year.

With the biting wind blowing outside I decided it was time to take action and get the little tyke all geared up for his outdoors adventures! We needed some winter woolies! On our Saturday trip to Sainsbury’s I spotted the Boys Multicoloured Gruffalo 3 Piece Set. This set consists of an embroidered bobble hat, scarf and mittens, that are nicely finished off with fleece lining for extra comfort.

Sainsbury’s Boys Multicoloured Gruffalo 3 Piece Set – Hat, Scarf & Mittens

It is made in a multicoloured thick knit, which is great for keeping the little tyke cosy and warm. As you can see in the picture below, it looks super cute with his navy blue coat.

All dressed for the winter weather

Whilst in Sainsbury’s we couldn’t help but stop to have a look at some of the Christmas novelties. Little tyke found a dancing Christmas pudding that sings Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (sounds bizarre I know) and he couldn’t stop chuckling as the little pudding danced to the music. Whenever I hear him giggle it just makes me feel so emotional and warms my heart. Gosh, I have turned into a right softy! After that, how could I possibly not go and buy the thing! It is currently tucked up inside the understairs cupboard waiting to come out in December!

Sainsbury’s Dancing Christmas Pudding

The next item was something that I bought the other month, but I thought it would be relevant to throw into this blog. I say bought, it was actually purchased using a voucher for Marks and Spencer’s which I had received a while back. I fell in love with these Bauble Jaquard Cushions as soon as I set eyes on them and I feel they will be a stylish addition to the sofa in December. It has a reversible vintage Christmas design, which I just adore!

Marks & Spencers Vintage Style Christmas Cushions

Last year I made a gift for my best friends two little children, as a thank you for all her support during the year. They simply loved their Christmas Eve boxes and I really enjoyed putting them together and now this year I would like to make something similar for the little tyke. I purchased a Knagglig Pine Box on my last trip to Ikea, with the thought of creating a special personalised Christmas Eve box.

Ikea Knagglig Pine Box

As you can see it is a flatpack design and I am pleased to say that we built the crate up today! Hooray! Its been sitting in my understairs cupboard for over a month now. Next step is to pick a colour and paint it. What colour should I go for? Grey with white lettering (modern)? or red with white lettering (traditional)? I am thinking of either going for combination of wooden lettering with hand painted writing or just using stencils, but have not decided which to go for yet. I have also bought the first item to go into the box this week! A super cute and cuddly George Pig Christmas Pyjama Set from Sainsbury’s! It has a long sleeve top, fleece bottoms and a pair of little slipper socks.

George Pig Christmas Pyjamas

I am still trying to figure out what else to put in, but I don’t want to go too over the top. A set of pyjamas, a Christmas book and a cuddly toy will probably do for his age. What do you think to the Christmas Eve box idea?

That’s it from me for another evening, ta ta for now and night night! xx

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14 thoughts on “Winter shopping and Christmas haul”

    1. The little tykes been receiving lots of complements over his Gruffalo woolies at nursery today. If you were thinking about making a Christmas Eve crate, spotted some nice wooden gift crates in Waitrose that would fit the purpose (about £5) xx


  1. Love this post!! I have been planning Christmas since August (yes, I am one of those people). Our Christmas eve box from last year got ‘misplaced’ during our Summer clear out, so I’m on the case to get a new one. A crate is a fab idea, much better than the shoe box I was using! 🙂 x


    1. Aww thank you! I was planning to work on the Christmas box this weekend but I got sick. I am determined to work on it this Sunday and will report back on how I get on! xx PS I found laser cut mdf ‘Christmas Eve Box’ lettering to stick on to the side of my crate from Amazon. Looks good!


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