Little tyke in the city – the London trip


Little tykes Uncle lives in the big smoke and we had been meaning to pay a visit for some time now. I guess I was a bit nervous about making the big trip and put it off a little bit. How would he cope in the car? How would he cope on the train? What if it becomes too overwhelming? So last month we bit the bullet and I asked my brother to save the date in his diary, no going back now I thought. Well since then, the little tyke is so much more confident with his walking and will not stay still for a minute! Erk!

We thought of lots of different ideas for things to do and places to visit, but I was unsure about what would be best thing to do at his stage of development. He couldn’t stay still and needed something to do to burn off his excess energy. So we booked lunch at a restaurant close to my brother and decided to start from there.

Little tyke was a nightmare on the journey down! He couldn’t stop crying and then fell asleep for the last 20 minutes! Darn it. In the restaurant he ate his meal nicely and the staff were absolutely lovely with him. At one point, he ran up to the waitress for a big hug! Aww little tyke, you melt my heart sometimes! If you are ever in Highbury check out Il Guscio restaurant!

Afterwards, we all decided to go to a park to give the little man a chance to run around and go on some playground rides. It was a lovely Autumn day and the sun was shining, perfect for an adventure outdoors. My brother suggested going to Clissold Park in Hackney, which was only a short walk away.

Clissold Park in Hackney

The park dates back from the 1880s and boasts a wide range of facilities including:

  • A large, well equipped playground for all ages of children and young people
  • paddling pool open in the summer months
  • wheels park
  • multi use games area
  • Table tennis tables
  • Tennis courts and Tennis Pavilion
  • A dog-free area
  • An aviary
  • butterfly dome, open in the summer months
  • A large animal enclosure including deer, goats and chickens
  • An organic market garden run by Growing Communitiesclissold-park-map-web

We started off by heading over to the animal enclosure and got the little man out of his pushchair. He loved walking around with his Uncle to see the deer and got so excited! What strange looking animals Mummy and Daddy!

The deer enclosure

We then went to his favourite bit – the playground! What a great playground it was! They really did have something for all ages. They had a trampoline, slides, swings, bouncy rides and much, much more. But he always goes for the slides! Obsessed by them! After a lot of playing, we went to the outside cafe for some snacks and drinks (hot drinks for the adults!). What a lovely day we had and we hadn’t been on the subway, visited the Big Ben or bought anything from Hamleys! Oh well, we did the London trip the little tykes way. When he gets a little bit bigger we can try venturing a little further and get a bit braver.

Little tyke in the park

We stopped off at the services on the way home for a light dinner. Look what the little chap found, I think he wanted to drive the rest of the way home lol!

Anyone want a lift!

The Walking Dead is on and the husband is pestering for me to hurry up! Alright, Alright, be right there darling!

Ta ta for now my lovelies xx

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Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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