Our Sleep Routine


Ever since the little tyke was a couple of months old we tried to install a basic sleep routine. It was quite difficult for the first six months, as young babies feed frequently and he had to have his naps in his moses basket in the lounge until we went upstairs to bed. Once he was six months old and we could put him upstairs to bed before ourselves, it became much easier to stick to a more rigid routine. I recall leading up to this point I got quite stressed and googled every routine under the sun. I wanted to do it right. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to stop being so damn silly. Do what suits you.

Our Sleep Routine

Between 6:00 and 6:30pm we encourage quieter play or watch something calming like ‘In the Night Garden’. I just have to say, that programme is so bizarre and has the little man entranced. I have never seen anything quite like it!

At 6:30pm we take him upstairs to his bedroom and he will not be allowed back downstairs until the next morning. We have been strict about this from a very early age, but perhaps this easier for us because we do not have other children who we are worried about disturbing at night.

He gets a little bit exited when he first goes to his room and will start walking around playing or will pick books off the shelf to read. We settle him and change his nappy, apply his moisturiser (for his eczema) and put on his pyjamas. When he was little I would always use blankets but I much prefer to use sleeping bags now as he is such a fidget!

We have a dimmer switch in his room, so at this point we will dim the lights a little and turn on some white noise. The white noise is played on his BT monitor at a very low level and we will lower it until we eventually faze it out.

He is still drinking his bedtime and morning bottle and its getting a bit hard to shift. He is feeding himself though, so it is work in progress! After his bottle he will have a dummy and I will read him a random book from his book shelf like Postman Bear or The Gruffalo. This will be followed by one last story ‘Bedtime for Peppa’, which is a nice tone to settle your child before sleepy time.

After a hug and a kiss on the head, he is put into the cot with his blanky toy, I turn off the lights and say “night night, love you lots”. I turn off the lights on the landing and leave him to settle himself. The vast majority of the time he settles himself to sleep very well, but it doesn’t always work and we may have to pop upstairs to help him settle.

Do any of you have sleep routine tips that you would like to share? I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

I am quite sleepy myself after all this sleep talk! Night night all and ta ta for now xx

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Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

2 thoughts on “Our Sleep Routine”

  1. It took me a long time to stop listening to people and trying to do the ‘correct’ thing, and just do what works for my daughter. We do quiet time before bed, usually playing with her sticker book or watching a tv show – I can’t take in the night garden! The perspective issues weird me out! Then we go upstairs, brush teeth, get in her pjs, get into her bed, she gets her dummy (soon to be taken away – eeks!) and read her favourite books several times! Flutterby and art. Then we snuggle down together and she goes to sleep within minutes (normally!). She obviously won’t have us in bed till she gets to sleep forever, we will phase it out, but for now we enjoy having that snuggle time with her, it’s special and makes her feel safe enough to sleep – getting to sleep has never been particularly easy for her! She’s really good at not getting up once asleep, she will settle herself during the night, and doesn’t get up till morning (unless she really needs us!)
    It’s all about finding what works for your child, and not listening to every piece of advise that comes your way!


    1. I totally agree, work with a routine that suits you and your child. I don’t know why I got so stressed about it in the beginning! I myself am not a fan of In the Night Garden but the little tyke is:S I find it flipping weird lol

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