Favourite books from my childhood


I have mentioned in previous posts about how the little tyke and myself love to read books together and it got me thinking about my childhood and the books I used to enjoy. I really loved reading and writing as a child and looked forward to getting books out of the school library (does this make me geeky?). I really had to scratch away at the old memory banks to come up with the following list but I think I have some good ones that I would like to read with my little chap one day –

One Two Three and Away – This was a series of books that featured the Roger Red Hat, Billy Blue Hat, twins Johnny and Jennifer Yellow Hat and Percy Green characters. I remember reading these early on at primary school.

Meg & Mog – Lovely colourful and fun board books for very young children with Meg the witch and Mog the owl.

Mr Men series –  A series of 49 children’s books by Roger Hargreaves. Each book introduced a different, colourful character.

Key Words with Peter and Jane – The books were probably more relevant for kids who grew up in the 70s, but I remember buying them from car boot sales and second hand book shops as a child. Really nice simple reads by Ladybird books.

Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper – I remember reading these with my little brother and they were really fun books to help teach children to read. I would definitely like to track them down again to read with the little tyke in a couple of years time.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt It was one of the first books I bought for my son as I have fond memories of it myself. When reading it at school we used to mime the actions as well as reading out the words.

Funnybones Janet and Allan Ahlberg created some of the most popular picture books and this book is a great example of their work.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit A timeless classic which is dear to my heart. I love all of Beatrix Potter’s illustrated stories based around animal characters.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory I must have read this book a thousand times and would be prepared to read it a thousand times more. LOVE IT!

Georges Marvellous Medicine I remember buying this from the Puffin Book Club catalogue that used to come into our school. The story of little George and his revenge on his horrible Grandma.

The Worst Witch – The story of Mildred Hubble the clumsy student witch at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. She really was a terrible witch.

Adventures of Mrs Pepperpot – The wonderful adventures of the shrinking little Miss Pepperpot.

The list could go on, there are so many favourites! Do you remember any of them? Are there any that you fancy checking out? What was your favourite book as a child? I would be really interested to hear your thoughts.

Is that the time? I have some telly on my planner to catch up with!

Nighty night folks and ta ta for now xx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

2 thoughts on “Favourite books from my childhood”

  1. We just dug out Peter Rabbit because my friend got my girls a Peter and a Flopsy rabbit! We played and read. 🙂 I also love all the Roald Dahl books, so I can’t wait to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (but mostly the BFG) to my girls. I might vaguely recall Funnybones, but I’ll check that out. I remember SO many books from my childhood, but very clearly are the Dr. Seuss books and Nancy Drew series; my mom and I read those together out loud when I was in elementary school. Such wonderful memories.

    It’s fantastic that you read to your child – that’s worth its weight in gold!! As I get older I realize that not everyone reads books for pleasure, and that truly makes me sad…


    1. Yes it is a shame when you hear that some people do not read at all. I just couldn’t imagine not reading! I forgot all about the Dr Seuss books, they are definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the tip:) Many Drew was not so big over here but I did like the Babysitters Club series. They were my comfort reads. Oh and I also remember discovering Judy Blume books in the playground and we used to look out for the naughty bits lol.


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