Eating out: Pizza Express


Before a spot of Christmas shopping we decided to treat ourselves and go out for lunch today, but where would be suitable for a toddler? The little tyke is active, easily bored and a bit of a messy eater at the moment. I’m making him sound worse than he actually is, but he’s just a typical toddler who’s learning how to fit into the world and all the bizarre rituals us adults refer to as manners. We picked Pizza Express as we had been there before and it seemed to cater really well for families with young children. For those not familiar with the name, Pizza Express is a chain of restaurants in the UK that specialises in handmade pizza and has been around since the sixties.

Arriving at midday, we were one of the first to be seated in the restaurant and were able to pick a nice cosy spot in the corner with a leather banquette. Little tyke had a nice little white wooden highchair to sit in.

Little tyke modelling his festive hat

We were handed our menus and a little fun pack for the little man. The pack included: a festive themed hat to colour in, a plastic bauble to colour in, an activity fold out and a sheet of stickers. He also had a pot of crayons to use for his colouring in. He’s not really into colouring at the moment, but he did have some fun with the stickers.

Pizza Express festive fun pack

Pizza Express has a children’s ‘Piccolo’ menu to choose from. For starters they could choose garlic dough balls. For main they could choose Bianca, Napoletana or Bolognese pasta, or Margherita, Pollo, La Reine or American pizza. The little tyke loved Bolognese, so this was an easy choice.

When the dough balls came out they were a little bit too hot for him, which was unfortunate as he was hungry for them as soon as they arrived at the table. Cue much distracting by Daddy whilst Mummy blew on them to cool them down! Hot, hot, hot! Once they were cool enough, he scoffed them down and was ready for his main. He was more intrigued with his Daddy’s food than his own and pinched a little bit. Oh well, we know for next time. He did eat a fair amount though and I don’t think he could possibly have eaten any more.

The waiting staff (all Italian) were absolutely lovely with him and they really made the experience all the more enjoyable. The lady asked if the little tyke wanted his dessert and I said he was a little bit full, so she then proceeded to put his little brownie in a take away box. What a nice thought!

Take away brownie!

So, if you are itching to get out but are losing confidence with your little ones, go to somewhere family friendly like Pizza Express. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, ta ta my lovelies xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

8 thoughts on “Eating out: Pizza Express”

  1. I love our local pizza express! I’ve been on my own with my daughter and when she was little the waiter even held her – he was so friendly and entertaining she didn’t cry – whilst I was sorting out the pushchair! So lovely 😊

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  2. “When the dough balls came out they were a little bit too hot for him, which was unfortunate as he was hungry for them as soon as they arrived at the table.” – Don’t you just hate that!? I’m happy you all had a good time. ^_^

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  3. Sounds like a great kid-friendly place! I totally commiserate with hot foods … our toddler gets so upset when her food’s too hot at first that she then refuses to eat it at all! She’s easily put into a fussy mood like that, though. Good thing your cute little boy scarfs it once it cools!!!

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