Christmas Outfits for Toddler Boys


I am quite confident in saying that I cannot be the only Mummy who has noticed the lack of toddler/baby boy Christmas outfits in the shops! The girls have racks and racks of frilly red dresses and Peppa Pig themed outfits, leaving the boys section rather lacking! I would like the little tyke to have a couple of Christmassy outfits to wear for nursery and the big day itself, so I have turned to the internet for inspiration. Heres some of the outfits that I have spotted –

Festive George Pig Long Sleeve Top from Tu at Sainsbury’sgeorge-pig-top

This nice little long sleeve top is nice and light, which is great for nursery as it can be quite warm with the heating. My little man loves Peppa Pig and George is his favourite character of course! Would look great with some jeans or navy cord trousers. Price £7.00.

Polar Bear Christmas Jumper from Jojo Maman Bebepolar-bear-jumper

Not my picture but a picture taken off the Jojo Maman Bebe website. This cute little Polar Bear jumper is made of a cashmere mix which should feel lovely and soft to wear. I especially like the cute little button detail on the shoulder. Not cheap though at £22. Gulp!

Baby Fair Isle Bus Jumper from John Lewisjohn-lewis-jumper

Oh darn another expensive one, but its too cute! I must point out that I am not going to actually buy all of these tops, they are on my shortlist. I like the side button opening on this top should make it easier to put on and take off. It could look quite smart for a Christmas party or could be worn on the big day itself. Price £17.

Red Stripe Long Sleeve Santa T-Shirt from Nextnext-christmas-top

My friend gave me the blue version of this top as her little boy had outgrown it. The red version looks rather bright and jolly, don’t you think? Another nice one to wear at nursery me thinks. Priced at £9.

Grey Marl Santa Jumper from Marks & Spencerssanta-jumper

This is the first of my festive outfits, ta da! Oh actually, I bought him some festive pjs for his Christmas Eve box a while ago but that doesn’t count. I loved this little jumper with the pom pom detail and am hoping to dress him in this for Christmas dinner (we are going out to eat this year!). What do you think would go with it in terms of bottoms and shoes? I would love to hear some suggestions. He’s going to look cute as a button!

What will you be dressing your little ones on Christmas day? Smart or casual? Anything special? I would love to hear your thoughts as always.

Time for me to put my feet up, ta ta my lovelies xxx




Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Outfits for Toddler Boys”

  1. Aww, with two girls I have a much easier time dressing them up, that’s for sure. Here in the States there is an abundance of adorable girls clothes, but not so much for boys. I’m sorry for you! I guess it’s easier to make pretty holiday dresses? (That’s what my girls will wear, thanks to my mom buying them some .. a gorgeous blue velvet one for my 10mo and a red/white sparkly one for my very girly 3yo.) I do like those sweaters you posted, though. Or jumpers, as you all say – I love that phrase…


  2. It’s true that cute outfits are reserved for girls much of the time unless you’re willing and able to pay high $$ at a specialty shop. I always check secondhand shops first when looking for expensive things like that because baby and (young) children’s clothes don’t usually get worn enough to make a difference (but once they reach about five, the stuff gets torn up fast – at least with boys!!)
    I love that polar bear sweater/jumper!


    1. I hadn’t thought about the second hand clothes option, its a very valid point. I am finding that as they become more mobile, you tend to see more wear and tear. Its nice to have something special for the holidays. I love the polar bear jumper too!!!


  3. Definitely agree with the lack of boys clothes in general really! I did however manage to grab a bargain at a Next outlet and bought a lovely Christmas jumper, a t-shirt, a hat and socks all for £11! Was all meant to come to £30 so I was proper chuffed with it. I tend to find that Next are pretty good with the boys clothes but everywhere else is pretty poor, especially H&M I find.


    1. I agree, Next are very very good for boys clothes. You bagged yourself an absolute bargain there, well done you! Everywhere else is pretty rubbish, unless you want to go more high end and pay a premium. Boo to boys clothes! lol


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