To-Do Lists


I do love a good to-do list and couldn’t imagine getting anything done without them. My mind simply cannot retain all the thoughts and plans needed to function properly in home or at work. They weren’t lying about the baby brain syndrome! I guess I am working two jobs at the moment – Mummy job and office job, one being physically exhausting and the latter mentally draining.

I returned to work after 6 months of maternity leave and looking back at it now, it was far too soon for me. The little tyke was sleeping better but not quite sleeping through and he hadn’t even started on solids yet. I came back at the busiest time period for my department and quite nearly sank without a trace, it was bloody hard! My mind was foggy some of the time and I had to work on rebuilding my confidence, but after a year back I feel that I am getting there. I have so much more to think about outside of work now that my brain is almost full to the brim when in work, the best thing I can do is to write everything down. Lists, lists and more lists! Then tick things off one at a time and take it all in your stride.

The same thing applies at home and especially at this time of year. How did Christmas get so busy? I am not complaining by any means, I love my new Mummy life and enjoy making it a fun time for all the family. I purchased a noticeboard in our old house when the little tyke was a baby (great for logging down feed and nap times) and recently purchased a snazzy new whiteboard for our new house. What a flipping godsend it is too!

VEMUND white board from Ikea

I think there are more things that need to be added to the list, in fact I know there are more things to add to the list! But hey, its a start. In fact there are additional lists for Christmas cards and Christmas presents.

I did a little blog post a while back about the Busy B Christmas planner but have hardly used it. Its perfectly lovely and is really super but I just haven’t got around to putting much in it, instead I have my own little lists and popped them into the plastic pockets inside. Theres always next year lol!

What do you do to keep yourself organised in the home or at work? How do you juggle running a family home and holding down a job? As always, I am always interested in hearing other parents tips and advice!

Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead is on, whoop whoop! Gotta go and watch it with the husband as he’s getting all fidgety waiting!

Ta Ta and have a good evening all xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

13 thoughts on “To-Do Lists”

  1. I love a list!! Everything gets organised through lists with me!! We have a family organiser that’s on the kitchen wall which helps keeps me on top of where I need to be, it has sections for each family member so is super handy…. plus it’s Emma bridgewater 💞 Also ……. how amazing was the walking dead! Just finished watching it and not sure how I will cope till February!!! 😩😩

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  2. Oh god anything to do with stationary and I am obsessed! Especially list writing, writing in general to be honest. It relaxes me so much. Also feel like my life is in order writing lists (even though 90% of the time i don’t stick to it). But it’s definitely a great way to feel and be organised.

    Haven’t had time to watch TWD tonight so going to watch it tomorrow (today? just gone after midnight) and i’m super excited!!

    Need to invest a whiteboard like yours too, i’ll be in my element.

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  3. Well it’s sometimes better to get it of your head and onto paper so you don’t forget anything. Starting a list puts you on the right track and helps put your thoughts and ideas in order. Have you managed to catch up with the walking dead yet? What did you think?

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