Trip to the hospital


So, here we are, with only 4 days until Christmas and the little tyke has had an injury! It all started on Sunday night when 10 minutes before he was set to go to bed, he slipped on the kitchen floor and he became extremely fussy and upset afterwards. At first we put it down to the fact that he was A – over tired and B – teething like crazy at the weekend. When he still hadn’t perked up in the morning and after a terrible nights sleep we took him to the doctors.

Doctors waiting rooms on Mondays are never a pleasant place to be, it was full to the rafters of sick and contagious people. Yuck! You come out more ill than when you came in! After a long, long wait we saw the doctor who suspected he had probably badly sprained his ankle and it would be best to go to the hospital to get him checked out anyway. She also said to bring plenty of supplies and be prepared for a very long wait! Oh dear!

We went home first and had a bit of lunch, during which time he perked up even more and we doubted the whole hospital trip altogether. Call it Mothers instinct or something, but it felt like the best thing to do would be to get him checked out.

The hospital wasn’t crazy busy, but the time was taken up by going to various different departments for different consultations. The children emergency department was excellent and they had lots of facilities and toys to occupy waiting children.

Little tyke playing in the waiting room

When he finally got his x-ray he started to get quite upset understandably, but he was such a good boy throughout. It was determined that he had a toddler fracture in his lower right leg and he would have to have a full leg cast. Oh no!!!

The staff were super whilst he had his cast put on and a lady sat with him singing songs and blowing bubbles. He was fine, absolutely fine. Its these moments that make you feel so incredibly proud of your children for being so strong and brave.

The little tyke in his full leg cast

He gets the temporary cast taken off on Thursday and a proper, more light-weight version will be put on. They say he should be able to bottom shuffle with this. Oh little tyke what are we going to do with you?

I hope this doesn’t spoil Christmas for him! How terribly unfair:(

Ta ta for now all. I am going to give my brave little soldier a well deserved cuddle xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

8 thoughts on “Trip to the hospital”

  1. Ok, first of all, I NEED that hospital toy playset – oh my word!! And second, poor boy! What a trooper to get an x-ray and cast and everything. Oh, I hate waiting rooms. ((hugs)) mama, that had to have been rough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know its cool right! Bet you could find it on ebay or somewhere similar. He’s done ever so well, its been a bit of a nightmare and I just hope his leg heals well. Big hug back for the kind thoughts x


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