Escape to the aquarium

Little tyke and Mummy watch the cheeky penguins

I hope all of you have had a lovely, but not too stressful Christmas so far. I have to admit that despite having a wonderful time with the family, today became the point where cabin fever had reached its peak for me!!! Christmas holidays can be quite difficult when thinking of things to do to entertain children and occupy your time, the weather is cold and it limits your options. The little tyke still has his leg in a plaster and it has been hard work trying to keep him in a cheerful mood as he gets bored ever so easily at the moment. His Christmas presents have done wonders to lift his mood but he is still limited when playing with them as he cannot move around so easily, the poor little chap.

Today we decided that we would go out for a random trip away somewhere, but it was absolutely freezing cold. This meant no walks outside. So what to do? I am not going flipping shopping, what child wants to do that? What about the zoo? Ah but its still outside, dammit! Ah but what about the aquarium….. bingo!

We set off in the morning and headed to Birmingham for the National Sea Life Centre. We had visited once before many years ago when it was just the husband and myself, so this was our first visit with the little tyke. After parking, we popped into the cafe at the Birmingham REP Theatre for a quick coffee, snack and a toilet stop before heading on to the aquarium. To our surprise we had to queue outside to get into the Sea Life Centre, obviously we were not the only ones itching to get out and about today. Now if you have older, perhaps more patient kids, you could follow the whole journey around the aquarium tank by tank and learn the story that they are trying to tell. Well we have a toddler and thats not going to happen, so we tended to just go for the big tanks and more interesting and entertaining creatures (sorry tiny seahorses!).

Daddy and the little man looking at the piranhas

The penguins were the little mans favourite attraction by far and I have to say that I fell in love with them too! He kept making kissing noises to get them to come over to him, how cute! He especially liked sitting by the tank to see them swim up to him underwater. In fact all the kids got excited by this, who wouldn’t?

Looking at the penguins above water…..
….. looking at the penguins below water

Towards the end of the journey around the aquarium you get to go through the glass tunnels in the large tanks. Here you can see all manner of tropical fish, sharks and best of all…. turtles! My favourites!

My favourite creature…. the turtle

I think the trip out was a huge success and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, hooray for the aquarium! After a quick lunch at the nearest EAT restaurant, we headed on back to the car park with the pushchair. When we got to the car, I was shocked to find that the little man had fallen asleep (he never does this). We had tired the poor chap out!

How have you all been coping during the holidays? Have any of you got an ideas for day trips out? What do you do when it is cold outside?

I am going to get some chocolate and sit on the sofa for a bit, ta ta for now folks xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

4 thoughts on “Escape to the aquarium”

    1. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too! I would definitely recommend going for something a bit different. It’s a bit hard figuring out where to go when our little man is still so small. Science museums with interactive areas look quite good too.

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  1. We have mainly been going for walks – despite the freezing weather! Today we are braving a soft play centre. I’m sure it will be packed so to be honest I am dreading it!!! So long as my daughter has fun it will be ok! Aquarium sounds great, we don’t have any near us which is a shame, closest we get is the fish in the pet shop!

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