Lets all go to the Movies


I went to the cinema yesterday, with popcorn and everything! It was awesome! It really is a rare treat, as we do not have many people to babysit around us and I always feel bad leaving the little tyke with anyone for too long. I just cannot help but fret the whole flipping time. What if he’s crying? What if he’s too hard work for them? What if they are annoyed that we are taking too long? Does anybody else feel like this or am I being silly?

Anyway, my parents had come to visit and I found it the perfect opportunity to take a break and go to the cinema with my hubby to see Star Wars: Rogue One. We were very nearly late for the film, because I kept piddling around in the house and fussing over the little one before I left. Silly Mummy! We managed to get to our cinema seats just in time to watch the trailers (I love the trailers!) and I could relax for the first time in ages. But it is a bit of a long film (I really should have checked the film time before I booked) and the stress started to creep in towards the end of the film. I was willing them to tie up the plot line and finish the goddam film! But it was good, honestly folks and I would recommend going to see it.

I love films and I used to love going to the cinema, or staying in at the weekend with a good old dvd. But now I just cannot concentrate for long if I watch a film at home. There are far too many distractions (this being one of them) and I lose interest very quickly. This is why going to the cinema is my number one treat, because I can just sit there and concentrate on the movie playing in front of me. Pure escapism!

I did intend for this post to be about films I am looking forward to watching in 2017, but I really am flipping tired today. I will leave it to another day.

Ta ta for now folks, hope you have all had a lovely weekend!



Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

14 thoughts on “Lets all go to the Movies”

  1. We got a Christmas prezzie of cinema vouchers and a babysitting session to go with it! Very much looking forward to it. It’s such a nice treat to go out without little ones! I’m like you though, I start stressing! My moms great if she babysits she sends me very very regular updates and photos to prove it’s going well!

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      1. Her updates mean I can enjoy myself! So helpful! I have no idea what films are even out, more my husbands thing! If he picks (he usually does!) it’ll probably be the same film you saw!


  2. I used to go to the cinema about 26 times a year with my boyfriend. Since having my baby who is now 16 months, I can count how many times I’ve been on one hand 😩. My sister bought us a gift set for Cineworld for Christmas. A ticket each and popcorn with a drink each. At least I think I’ll be going once this year lol

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      1. Like yourself I was planning on making a list of films I’m looking forward to, but that hasn’t happened yet. The only one I can think of is Wonder Woman. The tickets expire later on in the month it comes out luckily lol.

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