Big day out: Think Tank Science Museum

Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham

It was a very cold day yesterday and we were itching to get out and about, but what to do? I normally find it quite difficult thinking of indoors activities suitable for toddlers, until I remembered a recommendation from a friend – the Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham. The museum is located in the Millennium Point building in Birmingham City Centre, where you will find four floors of interactive exhibits and historical collections teaching you all about science and technology. Under 3s are completely free, bonus!

We got to the museum about half an hour after it first opened whilst it was still fairly quiet and this gave us the perfect opportunity to explore before it got too busy. Our little man is only 19 months, so a lot of exhibits don’t mean a great deal to him at this point in time, but he was by no means left out. Located just past the entrance on the right hand side, was the hugest water play area that toddlers dreams are made of! The little tyke shrieked in delight and couldn’t contain his excitement as I put on one of the aprons available to protect children’s clothing. He spent a good while playing with the boats, squirty toys and toy water mills. In fact he would have quite happily spent the rest of the day there!

Having fun with the water play

After very carefully prising him away from the water play (and trying to avoid a tantrum) we went over to a little nature play area. In this area they had books, soft cushions, crayons and nature themed role play outfits. I tried him in a little spider costume (it was sooooo cute), but he hated it and promptly pulled it off! The little monkey actually tried to run back to the water play area, before we diverted him to ‘Kids City’.

In Kids City, they have lots of different rooms that teach children all about different jobs like doctors, dentists, builders etc. Children can wear costumes that are provided and play with the toy props. There is a little children cafe with seating area, plastic food and a large toy kitchen. Each area had a little working phone which allowed children to ring children in the other rooms, which I thought was quite sweet.

The little tyke in the doctors reception area

After Kids City, the exhibits were not quite so interesting to the little tyke. We had a good look around anyway, but you just cannot concentrate when all he wants to do is run and crawl around. But thats ok, there is plenty of time for things like that and we were happy that he had enjoyed himself so far.

Crawling on the dinosaur

There is a small cafe located on the ground floor and a small picnic area, with all floors being accessible by a central lift. We bought a little lunch box from the cafe for the little man with a tuna sandwich, drink, yoghurt and fruit. He was quite happy with this and we enjoyed a nice warm coffee before we ventured back out into the cold.

Ordinarily, there is a children’s play area/science garden available to use outside. This is closed at the moment until the end of January. If you wish to visit Think Tank, it is easily accessible by road – for google maps and sat nav use postcode B4 7AP. It is literally just minutes from Birmingham City Centre and The Bullring. The nearest motorways are the M6, M5 and M42. If you do not wish to drive, the nearest train station is Moor Street which is located 10 minutes walk away. Top tip, try the cute little cafe in Moor Street! The little tyke fell asleep so we snuck him in for a cheeky slice of cake and a drink. Yum!

Is that the time? Ta ta for now everybody! xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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