My dream day off


Lately, I often find myself daydreaming about having a lovely day off at home on my own. Is that bad of me? I secretly urge myself to pull a sicky or book a days holiday, but I just feel to guilty to go ahead with it!

This is how may day would work out……I would get up with everybody else and make sure the little tyke was ready for nursery, before waving him and hubby off at the door. I would then proceed to lock the front door, run up the stairs and jump in bed! Ahhhh, I just crave a nice little sleep in my bed on my own, with no disturbances from anybody else. I would then get up between 10:30am and 11:00am and whilst still sitting in bed, I would leisurely flick through a magazine.

Cue, cup of tea time…. no scratch that, a nice milky coffee whilst sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas with my feet up. Right, time to see whats on Sky Movies, ooo whats that? Bridget Jones? Yes, please. Oh thats finished now, whats next? Quick sandwich and a search for some tv trash recorded on the planner. Whats that? Americas Next Model? Stick it on I say.

Now, its getting to late afternoon and the guilt of doing absolutely nothing is setting in. I rustle up a quick bolognese sauce to make with spaghetti for dinner, whilst listening to a bit of mellow music from the radio in the background. Dinners on and its not long until the boys come back, leaving me with just enough time for one last quiet cup of tea. Oh and a sneaky chocolate biscuit. Ok I lie… two sneaky chocolate biscuits. Perfect!

Oh dear, is it just me with these kinds of thoughts?

I think I am just tired, early night tonight me thinks! Ta ta for now all xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

14 thoughts on “My dream day off”

  1. I can’t even tell you how much this is like you reached in my brain and pulled my thoughts out. A film, trash tv, reading, endless hot cuppas (not half drunk and cold). It’s kind of a cruel torture the days we are home we are not alone and our time is not our own. Then… Guilt guilt guilt just for thinking it! Hahaha

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    1. Yep, nothing extravagant just a bloody good nap and some uninterrupted trash tv. A friend of mine told me how they put their little one in nursery while they went for a spa day. Sod that, I would rather have a lazy day xx

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      1. …. whilst drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits! I would also fast forward through all the adverts apart from the Davidoff Coolwater one where Clint Eastwood hunky son has his shirt off! Hot stuff! 😎

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  2. YES!!! I would probably sit/lay on the couch and try to make progress on some projects that I want desperately to work on but have no time, such as some writing. That’s relaxing for me! And reading – oh man, I feel so behind on the one magazine I get and some novels I have in my to-read pile! And then maybe some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Project Runway. And the BBC Pride and Prejudice. Yeah!!!!


  3. For the first time in ten months I finally had a day off from being a mum. god it felt amazing. I was horribly tired as I didn’t sleep for 3 nights and days. I dropped the baby to nursery and went home instead of work. I cleaned my closet and slept until 1:30pm. After that I watched some crap series on the sofa until 6:39 when baby came from nursery with her dad. I still remember how good it felt. I want that day back.


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