Safari Park (without the Safari)


The heavens opened this morning and at this moment, our faces sunk, what were we going to do? With a toddler, it is just so flipping hard to think of ideas of how to entertain them when the weather is bad. They won’t sit down and watch a movie. They can’t sit down and play a board game with you. They have played with all their toys and they just want to get out! The little tyke is getting so tall now and has taken to reaching for the key in the door and it wont be long until he can reach the handle!

I have exhausted all the indoors activities to do in the immediate area, leaving me with soft play as the only viable option left. I really, really didn’t want to go to soft play. Evil places. My husband then mentioned an idea that sounded just the ticket, the Safari Park. West Midlands Safari Park is about one hour and 20 minutes away from us by car and checking on the weather map, the rain didnt seem so bad that way. I quickly made a packed lunch for us all, as I daren’t risk the offerings there. The little tyke had a tuna sandwich, some cut up grapes, Organix Goodies Carrot Sticks, Organix Goodies Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar and some chocolate fingers as a treat.

Ten minutes down the road we realised we had forgotten the rain cover for the push chair and had to turn back. Not the best start! Then we had a warning light for the tyre pressure and had to stop off to sort this out! Finally, we were on our way and the little tyke fell asleep for a nap.

When we reached the park, the weather was a bit cold and windy, but not too bad. We struggled to find anywhere undercover to sit and eat our picnic and had to resort to eating outside on a bench. Brrrr! After this we decided to have a walk around before the safari tour as we had been cooped up in the car for too long. I couldnt believe how much there was to see!

West Midlands Safari Park

We went to see little tykes favourite attraction – the penguins! He spent quite a bit of time here, watching them jump in and out of the water. What fun! We then went see the sea lion show and the weather started to brighten up. The little tyke wanted to walk everywhere, this was a big adventure for him. We went to see the insects, the aquarium, the reptiles, the hippo lake, lemurs, meercats and all the exciting rides.

The little tyke and a cheeky penguin


The last thing to do was nip to the bathroom, get in the car and end the day with the safari tour. We got to the safari tour entrance and it was shut! The time was 3:09pm and the the last entrance was at 3:00pm! Oh no! It’s a good job the little tyke is too young to know what we were about to do or he would have been very upset. As it turns out, he was non the wiser. Oh well, we will try again another time. Bit gutted though.

Saying that, we still had a really enjoyable day. The little tyke loved it. We all loved it!

Hope you all had a nice weekend, ta ta and nighty night xx





Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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