Day in the Life: 11th March 2017


So, this is the start of a new series of posts that I would like to do which follows our typical activities as a family during one day at the weekend. Each weekend is different. Sometimes we stay in the house or in the local area, and other weekends we will plan a fun day out for our little tyke. Hope you enjoy….

Saturday 11th March 2016

5:45am – The little tyke is up. Why? Why? Maybe he will drift back to sleep. Maybe if we are all very quiet he will drift back to sleep (fat chance). Ever since Friday I have felt a bit achy and tired, a dreaded cold is trying to take over my body and I’m trying to fight it. I went to bed at 9pm the night before and I still feel tired! Need more sleep.

5:55am – He’s not going back to sleep and the cat is meowing like crazy downstairs. We all get up to get his milk and cups of tea. Good Morning everybody!

6:20am – Baby Jakes on. Awww we all love Baby Jake. The little tyke dances along on my knee to Baby Jakes song “Yacki Yacki Yoggi”. Then its time to switch over to Peppa, while we try to motivate ourselves. Quick check of emails though first.

7:10am – Breakfast time. The little chap is having rice crispies today, followed by some toast. My husband also has his breakfast while I have a quick tidy of the kitchen. Oh dammit, the floor is covered in milk and crispies. I am on my hands and knees cleaning it all up. Urgh.

7:20am – Dirty nappy time. What fun! We also put him into his day clothes, wash his face and brush his teeth. Lovely, all set for the day now.

10:05am – Trying to leave the house. I have a hair appointment in 10 minutes.

10:15am – Made it in time. Ok I tell a lie, we were a couple of minutes late because I had to queue for the cashpoint. I put on the gown, sit in the chair and relax. Time for some long-awaited me time. I decide to go a little bit shorter with my hair for a change, nothing too drastic. A strange man comes into the salon and books an appointment with one of the young girls and before he leaves, he tells her that he has written her a poem and gives her a card! Everybody goes silent until he leaves. It transpires that he had written her a poem after his last hair appointment, declaring his attraction to her (the guy is very, very peculiar). She reads out his new poem and the whole salon erupts with laughter, myself included (you had to hear it). My hairdresser tells me that it is not uncommon for lonely men to become infatuated with stylists. She then tells me a funny story about a man who did something very naughty under his gown once years ago and how she handled it. I couldnt stop laughing.

11:15am – Back home. My husband has had enough of babysitting and wants to get out of the house. We decide to go out for the afternoon and the little chap will probably nap on the way there. I put all the essentials in the backpack and we are ready to go.

12:30pm – We have reached our destination but the little chap is asleep and I want him to nap some more. We read papers/magazines while we wait.

1pm – We go into the Mercado Lounge in Market Harborough for a lovely lunch (will do a review this week).

3:10pm – Mooch around town and then pop into Jojo Maman Bebe. It’s too expensive, yes I know! But the clothes and little toys are so adorable. The little boys clothes are all nautical and stripey and the little girls clothes are all frilly and floral. Every time I come out, I’m left planning the wardrobe of another unborn child. No wonder my husband isn’t over enthusiastic when I suggest going in. I decide not to go mad and stick to a pack of little animal socks. Besides, he really does need some socks.

4pm – Back home. The little tyke is out in the garden kicking the football with his Daddy whilst I put together a light supper for him. Plus I treat myself to a cup of tea.

5pm – Doorbell rings and my magic mop has arrived! Yippee! I watched a video of another Mummys cleaning routine and she recommend this mop from Amazon – Addis Spray Mop. The box for it is huge, but the mop is not really that huge. Nevermind, the little tyke dives into the big box with the scrunched up paper and uses it as a huge ball pit type plaything for about an hour and a half.

6:20pm – The little tyke is getting tired and comes to sit on the sofa with Mummy. He really snuggles in and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh, it’s moments like this that I could treasure forever. Love him so much.

7:05pm – The little tyke is asleep in bed. He really did tire himself out with his makeshift ball pit. My husband and I have our dinner and then sit on the sofa with some gluten free brownies that I made on Friday. Yum yum.

10:05pm – Early night for us. How very rock and roll.

Thats all for one evening, ta ta and good night xx



Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

4 thoughts on “Day in the Life: 11th March 2017”

    1. Me too! I enjoyed writing it to be honest. My husband said after the previous weekend “You know I can never remember half the stuff we get up to at the weekend”. I thought it would be great to keep a record 🙂


  1. Sounds like a fun day! AND a trip to the stylist -awesome! Do you and your husband eat dinner after your son goes to bed every night? I would die of hunger if I ate that late!!!
    So my best friend lives in London and bought my first daughter a jumper (a sleeveless dress … not a sweatshirt as we’d call it here) from Jojo Maman Bebe – I had no idea it was so expensive! Yikes! It was cute but not frilly, thank God. I hear ya about dreaming of future baby’s wardrobe … adorable clothes will do that to you!!!! It’s so fun though. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My son is in nursery 4 days a week and eats his supper there around 4pm – 4:30pm. We try to carry on this routine on his days at home and try to sit and eat with him when we can at the weekend, but its not always easy. Saturday was a good day, but Sunday was a bit rubbish and involved a meltdown in Toys R us 😦 Hope you all had a nice weekend x

      Liked by 1 person

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