Day in the Life: Mothers Day

7:00am – The clocks went forward, so we lost an hour in bed last night. The little tyke was still asleep but we decided to get him up, otherwise his routine would be completely thrown out. He hasn’t been very well this weekend. He was sick all over his bed on Friday night and was sick again after his nap on Saturday. I hate to see him ill, it makes my heart ache for him.

7:10am – We go downstairs for a cup of tea/morning bottle. I open my lovely Mothers Day card and I get a Emma Bridgewater mug as a present. I love it! Thank you little tyke!


8:00am – Breakfast time. I decide to try the little man with some toast and banana. I made the mistake of giving him cereal yesterday and it really upset his stomach. He seems ok in himself but perhaps a little weak. He hasn’t eaten a great deal in the past few days.

9:00am – We decide to go out with the pushchair to the shop and stop by the park on the way. It is an absolutely glorious day and despite the cool start, the sun is shining big and bright. The little tyke is quiet for most of the journey but all of a sudden he bursts into life when we reach the park! Swings yey! Slide yey! Merry-go-round yey! Some children come along with their Dad and start running around the park playing tag. The little man is fascinated and keeps watching. We have to leave the park and he throws a big wobbly tantrum, wahhhhh!


10:30am – After another cup of tea we go into the garden to kick around the ball. I have never spent so much time outdoors! He’s obsessed at the moment.

11:30am – I want to try and encourage him to eat something, so I make a little picnic and we all sit on a blanket in the back garden to eat. This is fun. I make him a little ham sandwich, cut up grapes and some cheese puffs. Of course, he eats everything but the sandwich.

12:30am – We go out in the car to collect something from Argos. The little man falls asleep for just 20 minutes before waking up! Oh no! But whilst he was asleep I managed to pop into the shop to get some beauty bits, lovely!

2:00pm – Back in the garden. Dad is helping to build up a Cosy Coupe for the little tyke and  he wants to help. He passes the wheels. He picks up the hammer. Hurry up Daddy I want to play! I keep him entertained as best I can, but he still wants to bother Daddy.

3:00pm – The Cosy Coupe is finally ready! You can have it with or without the floor, but he prefers to have the floor and for us to push him around at the moment.


3:45pm – Roast dinner, yum yum. He eats a bit better this time and this puts my mind at ease. He’s on the mend.

4:20pm – Back in the garden. I rush around washing up and put a load of clothes into the washing machine whilst he plays with Daddy.

4:50pm – I get to have a lovely warm bath. Ahhhhh, now this is my Mothers Day treat right here!

6:10pm – We try to give the little man a bath but he’s being a fusspot. I think he’s overtired and his eczema has been flaring up. At least we get to quickly wash his hair.

6:50pm – Night night little tyke!

Happy Mothers Day to you all! My Mothers Day didn’t quite go to plan, but I hope you all had a nice day with your loved ones.

Night night and ta ta xx



Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

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