Grown Ups Day Out: Birmingham

dating coupleSo after a pretty rubbish week of illness and work stress, we had my husbands 40th birthday to celebrate. We started on the Sunday by going out for a lovely pub meal with close family and luckily the weather was glorious. On Tuesday (my husbands actual birthday) we booked the day off work and I treated him to an adults only trip to Birmingham. It’s been such a long time since just the two of us went out, we felt it was about time we enjoyed a proper ‘date’.

Once the little man had been dropped off to nursery, we took the train into Birmingham New Street Station and as it was still early we decided to have some breakfast. My husbands favourite fast food chain is Leon and there is an outlet at the train station just as you get into the main shopping area. My husband ordered a bacon and egg muffin with an orange juice and I ordered an egg and mushroom muffin with a latte.

Yummy Leon Breakfast Roll
Mummy needs a coffee

After a little sit down, it was time to start the day and we leisurely browsed around the shops in the New Street and Bullring area. As it was my husbands birthday I treated him to a new zip up jumper from Gap for his holiday. I really like Gap, especially for mens clothes. I also couldn’t walk past the Cath Kidston shop without going in. Yep, I am a sucker for Cath Kidston! I bought the little tyke a little food tray with matching cup in a retro cowboy design and some little sunglasses for my friends children. Look! So cute!!!

Cath Kidston Cowboy Dinner Set
Girls and boys sunglasses from Cath Kidston

We also popped into Tiger for some bits and bobs, isn’t it a great shop! I bought a few Easter decorations which I will talk about another post that I will be putting up this week.

Shopping is tiring work and we decided to walk over to the Mailbox at lunchtime to find a nice restaurant. We found a French restaurant by the canal called Cote Brasserie and thought it looked like a nice menu. We started off with glasses of sparkling wine to help celebrate my husbands birthday, this was a real treat. We both had cauliflower soup to start, my husband had steak & frites for main, I had pan fried hake and we both finished with chocolate puddings. We were stuffed! Plus I had a coffee to finish. Oh well, this was supposed to be a treat!


Steak & frites (bubbly in the background)

We finished the day by popping into Selfridges to have a little browse and I purchased a couple of cupcakes from the deli for my husband. Lovely! But I really couldn’t think about food at that point if I am honest.

We jumped on the train, sat down and rested our weary feet. We had a great day but we missed the little tyke and couldn’t wait to go and pick him up. I gave him the biggest hug when I met him at nursery!

Hope you have all had a nice week, not long until Easter now!

Ta ta and nighty night xx



Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

4 thoughts on “Grown Ups Day Out: Birmingham”

  1. What nice day out! A fun time shopping and eating delicious food (I’m partial to bubbly – nice choice) is always a great way to recharge. I’m so very jealous, to be honest. My husband’s and my 5th anniversary is next week, but I don’t think we’ll be able to pull together a date because we are quite busy with other events and can’t get our family sitter arranged. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sucks. Our wedding anniversary was on April 10th and we didn’t go out for this. We didn’t even get chance to buy each other cards or gifts. My husbands birthday just took over and we forgot :S Just think, there are plenty more anniversaries to look forward to and it should get easier as the kids get older xx


      1. That’s what I keep telling myself. I always feel terrible guilt when I get someone to babysit him at this age. Hoping this will ease as he gets older. Mummy guilt is horrible 😬


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