Parenting update….. feeling pooped

When I started blogging (properly) nearly a year ago, posts seemed to flow so well. Nowadays….. not so much. By the end of the day I feel pooped. Really pooped. My little boy is now just over two years old and he’s a bundle of energy, and I am finding it really tiring work at the moment. He jumps, he crawls, he climbs, he runs and he is a force to be reckoned with!

Lately we have been making little changes to our routines to get him ready for the next stages in development –

Potty training

I am not sure if he is quite ready yet, but I thought it might help him get used to the idea by buying a childrens book that would help explain what to do. I found a book on Amazon called Pirate Pete’s Potty by Ladybird Books and I cannot recommend it enough. You follow the story of little Pirate Pete of how he learns to use a potty and it gives the child choices to help them interact. Once each page is completed, you can encourage your child to press the ‘cheer’ button. The little tyke thinks it is great fun!

Getting rid of the bottles once and for all!

It’s a little bit embarrassing, but we have really struggled to get rid of the bottles so far. I think we have tried every flipping beaker going, to no success! It turns out that we simply had to change the routine. If we make sure that the beaker of milk is left in his bedroom before he goes up to bed, he is more likely to use it. Previously my husband had tried to bring it in whilst I read the little tyke a story, but he would only cry for it to be changed to a bottle. This little change has done the trick and all bottles are now in the bin. About time and good riddens!

Transition to the big bed

I am not really looking forward to this bit, but I cannot stick my head in the sand. I found another book on Amazon called My Big Boy Bed: A Pirate Pete book, also by Ladybird Books. It follows Pirate Pete on his exciting journey from cot to a big boy bed. Like the other book it gives the child a series of choices and you can encourage your child to press the ‘cheer’ button at the end of each page. He just loves sitting down with me to read them. I have kept both of the books on the coffee table in the lounge, to make sure he is familar with them.

At the weekend we also made the move from toddler sleeping bags to a toddler duvet and pillow set. We picked some cute transport themed bedding with cartoon cars, buses and planes. He looks so cute in his bed all snuggled up when I put him down. He doesn’t stay there for long though…. he’s a real wriggler! I am sure he will get used to it in time. By making this little change we hope it is one step closer to making him comfortable with the transition to a big boy bed.

So, thats my update for now folks. Let me know how you coped with these developments and any tips would be greatly appreciated! Did you potty train or go straight to the toilet? Is the transition to the big bed a nightmare or is it ok?

Ta ta for now my lovelies xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

11 thoughts on “Parenting update….. feeling pooped”

  1. Oh something for me to look forward too! I’ve started training my 1 year old on a glass cup! I want to get rid of the bottles fast as we want a second baby soon lol. Potty training I hear is hard work! And moving to a big bed?! How is that possible when they roll around SO MUCH? My little one fell off our bed last week 😦 I was devastated. Luckily she was okay!

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    1. I daren’t try a glass cup in case he bites down on it, he does like a little plastic open cup though. We feel so nervous about these changes, but I guess every child is different. They might take to them really well.

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  2. On the other hand…I’m struggling to potty train a stubborn 3 year old! I really should have prepped him earlier but was too busy with his baby sister! It’s a long, slow, frustrating process but we’re getting there!!!
    He threw himself out of his cot when baby sis was 10 days old and he was just about to turn 2, so we had no choice but to move into the big boy bed. Top tips are….bed rail and baby gate on the door. Be prepared for him to empty all his drawers and cupboards so either lock them or keep things minimalist in there! We had months of him falling asleep by his gate, health visitor said it was completely normal. The main thing I’ve learned is to let them let you know when they’re ready to make a change. Books sound great, my little man loves books and currently runs around reciting fairy tales! “I’m a troll, I’m going to EAT MY SISTER!” So they definitely take books in!! Good luck with it


    1. Oh they are little monkeys aren’t they. I can imagine my little man will be exactly the same lol He is such a little fidget! Thank you for the tip on the stair gate in the room, we will definitely be trying this!


  3. oh potty training… I think it took my son a good 8 months to finally crack it… I do think we started him to early though. He indicated he was ready and we went with it, I don’t regret it but I think of the early days and have deep fear for my second son to get to that stage. The move to the big boy bed was soo much easier than I thought, he loved it! we got him some snazzy bedding and really went to town on the praise. we also redecorated his room as we were moving the baby into the nursery so it could of been to do with that! good luck for those moments ahead!!

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    1. Thank you for all the tips. I didn’t realise it could take them so long to master potty training. I guess it really is a big thing for them to tackle. I hope you get better luck the second time around xx

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  4. I hear ya on blogging. It’s tiring! Do your life, and blogging can wait. πŸ™‚ Though I like your posts!
    Potty training … it took us three tries, but she is so independent that she would only start using the toilet once she was ready. One day she just said, “I want to wear underwear” and never looked back. We had very few accidents. Def let your little guy tell you when he’s ready. All kids are different, though, and some need more pushing and transitioning.
    My oldest moved to her big bed really easily, but we had to put side rails on her bed (a proper twin bed) because she fell out twice. Turns out she moves a LOT in her sleep, which we never knew before!
    Wow, great job with the bottles! I wish my 18mo would get off the bottle. We’ve tried every sippy/straw cup as well. I’m so sick of washing bottles! She drinks milk 4x/day, so I don’t know if a behavior change will work for her. Worth a try though!

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    1. Love your comment and yes blogging can wait. It’s more of a record for me to remember these times and the early years with children. I hear from a lot of people that you should look out for the signs when they are ready to potty train, not sure he is quite there yet. As for bottles, they are a major pain. The trick seemed to be having the beaker already in the room. The bringing in the bottle thing is the routine that they remember and want to keep. It’s worth a try, let me know how you get on xx

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      1. I agree! I think a big reason I blog, personally, is because my parents and in-laws read it – and they saw they learn more about what’s going on with their grandkids than from my husband and I!!!
        I sometimes wonder if my oldest decided she was finally ready for underwear because she’d had the practice twice with it, albeit unsuccessfully. Failing once at potty training isn’t the worst thing. They will learn eventually. I thought my oldest would be terrible, but she’s ended up doing so well during the day, and now sleeps through every night with underwear. You never know… And it’s never an easy road… :/
        Thanks for the tip, I’ll tell my husband.

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  5. Bless them, they are full of surprises. On the potty training subject, I used up all the nappies we had and then bought a pack of newborn nappies.. I got munchkin to try to put them on and when they didn’t fit I told her she must be too big for them now! Worked a treat! πŸ™‚ x

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