Shhhh…. Christmas is coming (in 76 days)

santa-claus-and-joeSo, the other day somebody asked me the question “So what are your plans for Christmas?”. Truth be told, I really don’t have a flipping clue!!! But when I think back to this time last year I was much more organised by this point – making handcrafted Christmas cards, making the little tykes first Christmas Eve box, planning the Christmas food shop and making lists for cards and present. So far I have done nothing!

I ask myself why and I find it hard to find a definitive answer. I am most definitely looking forward to making Christmas special this year for my little boy, but I have had a lot on my mind lately. Not to worry, it’s not too late to start thinking about it now. I am even nibbling on some marzipan stollen bites to get me in the mood as I write this post!

So here goes, my Christmas bucket list……

  • Find a couple of good story books to help explain Christmas to my little boy
  • Book a slot for the online Christmas food shop
  • Work out a meal plan for the Christmas break (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  • Book a breakfast with Santa or Santas grotto slot at the local garden centre
  • Buy an advent calendar
  • Get some festive Christmas bedding for December
  • Take the little tyke to see the Christmas light switch on in the village
  • Order the turkey and trimmings from the local butcher
  • Make handmade cards with the little tyke for close family members
  • Buy some nice charity cards for everybody else
  • Make mince pies with Daddy and little tyke
  • Make my homemade cranberry sauce
  • Use the handcrafted Christmas Eve box again and fill with new gifts for little tyke
  • Make a small Christmas Eve box for my best friends children to post
  • Get some festive PJs for all the family
  • Buy a Christmas jumper for the nursery Christmas party
  • Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Buy presents for family members
  • Buy small gifts and cards for work colleagues
  • Decorate house with Christmas trimmings
  • Wrap presents
  • Make Christmas dinner at home
  • Go for nice festive walk
  • Invite close family around for buffet during Christmas holiday
  • Watch Elf with the little tyke!!! (this is an important one)
  • Watch some Disney movies
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Teach little tyke to sing some Christmas songs

That’s actually quite a long list! I am not sure if I will get to do it all, but I can certainly have fun trying. It certainly makes me feel a lot better to put my ideas down in a list like this. Do you have any more ideas that you could suggest to add to this list? Has the list given you inspiration for Christmas activities? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope you are all having a lovely evening, take care and ta ta xxx


Author: mummydummy34

Learner Mum to a cheeky but very sweet little chappy. Also wife to a very understanding husband and custodian of the laziest cat in Britain!

15 thoughts on “Shhhh…. Christmas is coming (in 76 days)”

      1. We’re away in December so I need to be organised. We’ve done Santa, penguins, and Christmas trees this year. And I can never tell if he will want to do 1 or all of them so needed to start early in case it was a slow burner! X

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    1. I saw your photos of your new village and I recognised it, it’s not too far away from where we are. It’s nice there and I could imagine they probably will do a few festive type events round there. I love Christmas all over again now we have our little boy. It’s great thinking of ideas to make it more fun for him โ›„๏ธ


      1. No way! I wonder if our paths will cross! I know they have a Christmas festival in December. One of our neighbours already has Halloween decorations out, so the rest of the cul de sac is like that with festivities I know it will be good!
        Children to make Christmas special in such a lovely way!

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      2. We are about 10 miles away and we often go through when we head over to the bigger town (you know where I mean). That’s nice that they seem quite family oriented in your area. I am sure you will enjoy living there! Kids do make chrimbo more special ๐Ÿ™‚


      3. Oooh that’s nice! No one has ever heard of my village so it’s nice to know someone has ๐Ÿ˜‚
        They so do ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to little man being a bit more aware of it this year than last year too!

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  1. This is quite a list! I hope you get to most of it … I know how busy the holidays always are. I try to do a lot of homemade things, too – baking, decorations, gifts… It gets to be a lot, but really fulfilling. This year my oldest will be over 4, so we are going to start watching a new (but old!) Christmas movie, White Christmas. She loves dancing, so it should be a hit.

    I love the idea of making a few homemade Christmas cards! Ambitious, but such treasures for your family!

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