Creating a childrens reading corner

reading corner

My little boy is a little adventurer and loves to climb chairs, sofas, boxes, slides, steps, ladders, coffee tables …….. need I go on? One of the items that he particulary likes to climb on, is the old nursing chair in his bedroom. “Its gotta go!” I cried to my husband! That same weekend we went into Aldi to find some planters for the front of the house and whilst in the store I picked up one of their weekly flyers. They advertised some new playroom accessories that would be available from Sunday 30th May (still available now in store and online!). This included the following items –

Playroom Rug – £29.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue clouds)

Playroom Beanbag – £16.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue stars)

Playroom Cushion – £8.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue stars)

Playroom Teepee – £39.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue stripes)

I felt inspired to move the nursing chair out of the bedroom once and for all and in its place, create a lovely reading corner for the little tyke. I purchased the teepee, beanbag and playroom cushion in grey (with it being quite a fashionable colour at the moment and it goes with everything).


teepee box
Little Town Teepee in grey stars from Aldi


playroom cushion
Matching playroom cushion from Aldi


A great big comfy beanbig to complete the look!

Why did you not get the rug I hear you cry? Well, the rug looked of perfectly good quality, but we already had a rug in the room from Ikea (you can see a teeny bit of it in the top picture).

The little tyke was very excited when he first got into his room and saw the big changes, but he has slowly gotten used to it. It is a lovely calm and quiet spot for us to sit and read together before he has a nap or goes to bed. We love it! Inside the teepee I have placed the new grey plaroom cushion with stars and a few of his cushions from Ikea (sun cushions and cloud cushions).


sun cushion
Sun cushion from Ikea


cloud cushion
Cloud cushion from Ikea

I am really pleased with the end result and it has definitely helped with the bedtime routine. My little man is changing all the time and we need to adapt with him.

What do you think to our little reading corner?

I hope you all have a lovely evening folks, ta ta for now xx






Clean clean clean

clean clean clean

I couldn’t really write a post about my cleaning routine because I have to admit that I really don’t have one at the moment! I clean up as I go along and I don’t really have a set day or routine that I can stick to. Is that bad? I just find it so difficult as a working Mummy to fit it all in and it is so frustrating as I like to have a clean and tidy house. Dont get me wrong, my house is tidy, but I find it hard keeping it this way.

Rather than giving tips about any specific cleaning routine, this post is about some of the great cleaning and laundry products that I use and would recommend –

Ecover Fabric Conditioner


My little boy struggles with eczema and this product was recommended to me by another Mummy. It is a really good, eco friendly product that is great for sensitive skins. Plus it smells pretty nice too.

Lenor Unstoppables Scent Booster Beads

washing machine scent

I cannot recommend this product enough! It makes our clothes smell soooooo lovely and it lasts for ages. We chuck in a handfull of beads into the washing machine before we load it with our clothes to wash. I must note that we don’t use it on our little tykes clothes as I wouldnt want to risk it irratating his skin.

Waitrose Kitchen Cleaner


I’m weird. I like the smell of bleach and this product smells good to me. Yep, definitely weird. It works a treat but I am aware that there are products out there that are perhaps a little less harsh than this one.

Method Kitchen Cleaner

new cleaner

The previously mentioned Kitchen Cleaner with bleach has now been tucked into the back of the cupboard and has now been replaced with this, the Method Daily Kitchen Cleaner in a clementine scent. Its non toxic, therefore a lot more friendly than my previous cleaner. This product is much more suitable when cleaning surfaces that might be used by my young son. It cleans well and smells lovely and fresh. A winner for me.

Method Bathroom Cleaner

bathroom cleaner

Another great product from Method and it smells minty and clean! It’s really easy to use and again, I feel much more comfortable using this with a young child in mind.

Addis Metallic Spray Mop


mop bottle

This is an absolutely fantastic product and it is really reasonably priced. Pull off the bottle attachment and fill with water and a little floor cleaning product, attach back on the mop, squeeze a lever at the top of the mop to spray the floor and mop away. No buckets needed!

What are your favourite products to use when cleaning the house? Have you got any child friendly recommendations that you can share?

Hope you all have a lovely evening, take care and night night.

Ta ta for now xx

Diaries, Planners & Calendars for 2017


My most recent post looked at to-do lists and how much they help me with day-to-day planning. This post will cover some more tools that will help aid family, home and work organisation in the New Year – diaries, planners and calendars. I had a look on the John Lewis website, as I know from experience that they have a wonderful selection of these products in the run up to the New Year. Here are some of my favourites –

Busy B Floral To-Do Diary 2017
I have mentioned the Busy B range in previous posts (Busy B Christmas Planner) and I have to say I am a huge fan! This diary from the brand does not disappoint. It features a weekly planner on the left and notes and lists on the right. After every 3 months there is a handy little storage pocket and there is also a grid-style overview of each month of the year, perfect for popping in events for quick reference. It’s a lovely product with lots of extra little details such as a handy pen loop and an elastic closure to keep everything together.

Mums Office Big Family Diary 2017
Ok, lets put it out there. I would not walk around with a great big, pink diary! On further investigation on the Mums Office website, I was delighted to see that you can also purchase it in a large choice of colours – Sea Green, Champagne, Plum, Pink, Orange or French Navy. Similar in style to the Busy B diary, there is a week to view on the left with space for notes and lists on the right. It has a thin hardback cover with rounded corners, a gusset pocket on the inside back cover, 2 grosgrain ribbons, an elastic strap to hold it all together and a pen loop.Sections include:

    • INFORMATION pages to record personal information for all members of your family;
    • IMPORTANT pages to record Pocket Money Record, Dates To Remember and Travel Plans;
    •  NEED TO KNOW Information, Numbers, Websites, Etc
    • OUR WEEK to record the regular weekly routine – one for each term;
    • DATES calendars for three years and important Notable Dates;
    • OUR PLANS containing planners for the current and following years;
    • THE WEEK –  a double page spread with a GRID format; and finally
    • a couple of NOTES pages.
      Organised Mum Life Diary
      Oh my goodness, where do I start? This is the holy grail of family organisers (mommyandmadness check this bad boy out!) and is down on my Christmas list for Santa! This is a very stylish A5 week-to-view planner from the Organised Mum brand of products and lasts for 16 months, use straight away until December 2017. Also features –

      • Weekly perforated shopping lists
      • Space for menu planning and to do lists
      • 288 colourful reminder stickers to highlight important events
      • Monthly pages for planning, to do lists and budgeting
      • Weekly routine pages
      • Year-at-a-glance planning pages
      • Separate address book that sits neatly inside the diary back pocket that can be moved from year to year to save rewriting
      • Section for Christmas and summer holiday organisation
      • Pocket at the back for notes and bills
      • Elastic bandeau to keep the diary closed when you’re out and about
      • Two repositionable page dividers that allow you to find the right page quickly and easily.
        Organised Mum Family Home Planner
        This is a large family wall planner to help organise busy families and also lasts for 16 months. It features 288 colourful reminder stickers and a handy pen that clips onto the calendar.

        We’re Going On a Bear Hunt Calendar
        Oooo whos excited to see the tv adaption of this childrens classic? Me for one! The little tyke and myself love this childrens story and I think this is a really nice family calendar. A handy reminder sticker sheet is also included as well as removable stickers and space to record targets and rewards (for older children).

        Lily & Val 2017 Recipe Calendar
        Not a family calendar as such but a very, very pretty and quirky one! The calendar features twelve delicious and beautifully illustrated sweet and savoury recipes drawn with chalk on a blackboard. It would look lovely in any kitchen.


        Seen anything you like here? Have you already purchased your diaries and planners for 2017. I am hoping Santa will put some in my stocking for Christmas morning (hint hint dear Husband). Ta ta for now my lovelies and I will bid you a good evening! xxx

To-Do Lists


I do love a good to-do list and couldn’t imagine getting anything done without them. My mind simply cannot retain all the thoughts and plans needed to function properly in home or at work. They weren’t lying about the baby brain syndrome! I guess I am working two jobs at the moment – Mummy job and office job, one being physically exhausting and the latter mentally draining.

I returned to work after 6 months of maternity leave and looking back at it now, it was far too soon for me. The little tyke was sleeping better but not quite sleeping through and he hadn’t even started on solids yet. I came back at the busiest time period for my department and quite nearly sank without a trace, it was bloody hard! My mind was foggy some of the time and I had to work on rebuilding my confidence, but after a year back I feel that I am getting there. I have so much more to think about outside of work now that my brain is almost full to the brim when in work, the best thing I can do is to write everything down. Lists, lists and more lists! Then tick things off one at a time and take it all in your stride.

The same thing applies at home and especially at this time of year. How did Christmas get so busy? I am not complaining by any means, I love my new Mummy life and enjoy making it a fun time for all the family. I purchased a noticeboard in our old house when the little tyke was a baby (great for logging down feed and nap times) and recently purchased a snazzy new whiteboard for our new house. What a flipping godsend it is too!

VEMUND white board from Ikea

I think there are more things that need to be added to the list, in fact I know there are more things to add to the list! But hey, its a start. In fact there are additional lists for Christmas cards and Christmas presents.

I did a little blog post a while back about the Busy B Christmas planner but have hardly used it. Its perfectly lovely and is really super but I just haven’t got around to putting much in it, instead I have my own little lists and popped them into the plastic pockets inside. Theres always next year lol!

What do you do to keep yourself organised in the home or at work? How do you juggle running a family home and holding down a job? As always, I am always interested in hearing other parents tips and advice!

Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead is on, whoop whoop! Gotta go and watch it with the husband as he’s getting all fidgety waiting!

Ta Ta and have a good evening all xxx

Final Halloween touches

halloween home style

Saturday was a lovely family day this week, Daddy didn’t have to work in the morning and we managed to tick off lots of little errands from our to-do list. In the morning we went into our local village shopping centre to go to the butchers, but it was so busy when we got there, only Daddy could get in the shop. I let the little tyke have a toddle outside for a bit and we looked in all the shop windows whilst we waited, Daddy then came out with a bag of goodies. He bought some burgers and some Halloween themed specials: spicy pumpkin sausages and little ghosts in blankets. How cute!

Halloween themed goodies from the butchers

We then went on to the bank, which just so happens to be near to a Waitrose. I went in to pick up some milk and a newspaper and my eyes were drawn to the halloween decorations. Uh oh! Not again! I have now purchased my final, final, final Halloween decorations of the year….. I promise! I bought two little soft toys who we shall now call Skelly the Skeleton and Winny the Witch. The little tyke loves them too, what do you think? Too cute?

Skelly the skeleton (from Waitrose)
Winny the Witch (from Waitrose)

They now sit on our mantelpiece with some other spooky decorations and I think they finish the display off really well. Its not too garish and in your face and its not too scary for the little fella. I don’t want to take the display down now, boo! How long until Christmas?

Halloween decorations

So thats it, Halloween is nearly here. What will you be doing? We are planning on getting cosy, putting the candles on and catching up on The Walking Dead with some popcorn. Plus, we have a little bucket of sweets and chocolates ready for any trick or treaters. This leaves me to wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Ta ta for now and nighty night xxx

Moving house with a toddler


When the little tyke was exactly one year and one week old we moved to our new house, and still to this day I cannot believe we did it! We moved to our old house ten years ago and over time decorated each and every room, until there wasn’t a space we hadn’t touched. We loved our house, it looked just how we wanted it and it worked for us. Then the little tyke came along and the space got a whole lot tighter. We didn’t want to move just yet, especially with a baby in tow but after six months of maternity leave in those four walls, we decided that the best thing would be to find somewhere more suitable for our new family and put our house on the market.

Moving house is incredibly stressful at the best of times without the added pressures of looking after a young child and I really didn’t know if we would cope very well, but we managed. When we had viewings on our house the little tyke wasn’t particularly mobile at that point, so it wasn’t too hard to keep everything looking clean and presentable.

Over the weeks I sorted through all of our belongings and put them into throwing, charity and keeping piles. We had numerous trips to the tip at the weekends. I emptied the whole attic and put it into storage, and on the weeks leading up to the move, we packed box after box after box. On the very last day but one,  I made a box up with all of our essentials –

Moving House Essentials Box

  • Kettle
  • Mini hoover
  • Tea, coffee & sugar
  • Washing up liquid and sponge
  • Tea towels
  • Biscuits
  • Mugs
  • Hand towel
  • Soap
  • Toilet roll
  • Takeaway menus
  • Cleaning products
  • Bin bags
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Baby bottles
  • Steriliser
  • Baby food bowls
  • Baby food
  • Glasses
  • Selection of toys
  • Little tykes pyjamas
  • Little tykes sleeping bag
  • Little tykes comforter
  • Our nightclothes
  • Scissors (for opening boxes)

On moving day we dropped off the little tyke at nursery and got cracking! We had people from both sides of our family come and help us load up the van with boxes and furniture. It was absolutely exhausting and it felt like a race against time to get the new house in some sort of order before we picked up our little man. The first room we prepared in the new house was his bedroom in order for him to be nice and settled at bedtime, luckily he was absolutely fine.

Five months have passed and we still do not have all of our boxes from storage and we still haven’t put everything in its place, but we are ok. It takes time to make a house a home. We are just glad it is all over now!

Ta ta for now! xx