Little tykes favourite books


The little tyke just loves his books! In fact, from a very early age I have tried to get him used to books by reading him bedtime stories. Of course the words do not mean much to him yet, but he loves the pictures and any flaps or interactive features. Its a lovely thing to do together and he loves to turn the pages of the book at the request of Mummy.

Little tyke reading his books (upside down!)

We have built up quite a collection now and they take pride of place on the bookshelf in his room. We purchased this bookshelf from Tidy Books.

Tidy Books bookshelf

As you can see, he has plenty to choose from but there are a few old favourites that he keeps returning to, here are his top five books –

Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson. Its a simple little story book for young children, with flaps to explore, making the experience all the more interactive and keeps them involved. It was in a deal at Tesco and its the best book that I have bought!

1. Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson

2. The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow. This is a really fun little book that really gets the little tyke excited and giggly. Featuring the Ticklemonster who hides behind random flaps throughout the book. Perhaps not the best thing to read little ones at bedtime as it can get them very excited!

2. The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow

3. Wheels on the Bus Sound Book. Quite simply his favourite, favourite song. He loves to copy the actions to the song. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love ‘Wheels on the Bus?

3. The Wheels on the Bus Sound Book

4. Bedtime for Peppa. Some people find Peppa Pig really annoying, but the little tyke and myself are big fans. He loves George the best of course. Dinosaur! Roar! Its actually a really nice, laid back book for a last bedtime story.

4. Bedtime for Peppa

5. The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Eric Carle. An absolute timeless classic. It’s bright, colourful and heaps of fun for young children.

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


Have your little ones got any favourite books that you could recommend? We are always on the lookout for new ones to add to the collection and Christmas is just around the corner!

I have an absolutely stinking cold at the moment, so I think I will put my feet up and sniffle some more.

Ta ta for now my lovelies xx

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How becoming a Mummy changed me


“I’m still the same person I was before I had a child” I claimed the other day, but the other person in the conversation did not agree with me. It made me think. Am I?

I’m more confident

I have always struggled and battled with shyness, its held me back in various different stages of my life. Becoming a Mummy has seen a massive boost to my confidence and I often ponder “why?”. I guess its because its not about me any more, its all about the little tyke. I want him to be surrounded by people and I do not want him to struggle like I have. I have to be stronger for him. Giving birth to a child is no mean feat and afterwards I felt very empowered.

I cry more

Well, not strictly true. I feel more emotion and empathy than ever before and I especially feel upset about any harm that could come to another child or baby. But it doesn’t even have to be anything as poignant as that, sad bits on animated films make me cry. Whats that all about you big softy? Note to self, do not watch the first ten minutes of “Up”.

I have more patience

I guess I have to now. I was always so terribly impatient before, but I really don’t know why. The little tyke does test my patience at times but I am a lot more calmer and laid back than how I would have been in the past.

I love my husband even more

I had a bit of meltdown when I first came home with the little tyke. My husband had been so laid back/in denial during my pregnancy, he hadn’t cared to read any of the baby books to be prepared for what was to come. As a result, I felt completely alone and without help at that point. But following a rant from myself, he had a reality check and has worked hard to become the best Daddy he could possibly be. He is a superstar.

I am more capable than I thought

I didn’t think I had it in me to do this motherhood lark. I thought I was too selfish, too shy, too impatient, too much of a stress head and I worried that I would be useless as a Mummy. To be fair I was a bit useless to start off with. Google was my friend and enemy in the very beginning. But I learnt a little bit each day and I got through the hard times.


Little tyke has made me a better person. I think I am the new, improved version of me.

Ta ta for now all xx

The birthing playlist that never was


I had planned on a water birth, but as some of you may know, Mother Nature does not always follow your desired plan. The reality for me, was being rushed into the delivery room ten minutes after I arrived at the hospital because I was already 8cm dilated! No drugs! No pool! No relaxing, calming birthing music!

I later found the CD compilation that I put together in the bottom of my hospital bag, never to be used. I still have the folder on my computer, lets have a look at some of the songs I put together on the playlist –

  • Carnival – The Cardigans
  • Lets stay together – Al Green
  • Cupid – Amy Winehouse
  • The sea – Morcheeba
  • Don’t stop – Fleetwood Mac
  • The distance – Cake
  • You do something to me – Paul Weller
  • Ten storey love song – The Stone Roses
  • Walking on a dream – Empire of the Sun
  • You’ve got the love – Florence and the Machine
  • To the End – Blur
  • Golden Years – David Bowie
  • Days – Kirsty MacColl
  • Wild horses – The Sundays
  • Love of my life – Queen

I wanted to put together songs that relaxed me and I liked. Listening to whale music, wind chimes or panpipes would totally have the opposite effect on me (they play this kind of music in the beauticians I visit and it irritates the heck out of me). I knew I would be nervous and it had to be something familiar to me, something that helped me think positive, calm thoughts. At the time, I googled other mothers birthing lists and found that a lot of them were quite comical, would you seriously want to give birth to ‘Push it’ by Salt N Peppa? Not for me, thank you!

Did any of you plan a birthing playlist? Did you get to use it? Its such a personal choice for us all and it can be a great thing to help motivate/relax you during childbirth.

Take care all, ta ta for now xxx

Final Halloween touches

halloween home style

Saturday was a lovely family day this week, Daddy didn’t have to work in the morning and we managed to tick off lots of little errands from our to-do list. In the morning we went into our local village shopping centre to go to the butchers, but it was so busy when we got there, only Daddy could get in the shop. I let the little tyke have a toddle outside for a bit and we looked in all the shop windows whilst we waited, Daddy then came out with a bag of goodies. He bought some burgers and some Halloween themed specials: spicy pumpkin sausages and little ghosts in blankets. How cute!

Halloween themed goodies from the butchers

We then went on to the bank, which just so happens to be near to a Waitrose. I went in to pick up some milk and a newspaper and my eyes were drawn to the halloween decorations. Uh oh! Not again! I have now purchased my final, final, final Halloween decorations of the year….. I promise! I bought two little soft toys who we shall now call Skelly the Skeleton and Winny the Witch. The little tyke loves them too, what do you think? Too cute?

Skelly the skeleton (from Waitrose)
Winny the Witch (from Waitrose)

They now sit on our mantelpiece with some other spooky decorations and I think they finish the display off really well. Its not too garish and in your face and its not too scary for the little fella. I don’t want to take the display down now, boo! How long until Christmas?

Halloween decorations

So thats it, Halloween is nearly here. What will you be doing? We are planning on getting cosy, putting the candles on and catching up on The Walking Dead with some popcorn. Plus, we have a little bucket of sweets and chocolates ready for any trick or treaters. This leaves me to wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Ta ta for now and nighty night xxx

Crafty time – Pumpkin greeting cards

The little tyke and myself have really got into the Halloween spirit today by making some lovely Halloween greetings cards. For this project you will need –

  • 1 apple
  • paintbrush
  • orange paint
  • green paint
  • white card
  • crayons
  • glitter pens or markers
Cut your apple in half

Mummy cut the apple in half for the little tyke and let it dry a little, so the paint will sit better on the surface.

Put some orange paint in your paint tray

We used Crayola Washable Kids Paint for this project as it is a child friendly option. When the apple had dried, we applied the orange paint to one side of the apple.

Good layer of orange paint on one side of the apple

Now it was over to the little tyke to start pressing the apple on to the paper. We had to have a few attempts before we got some good results, but the little chap had lots of fun in the process.

Apple printing was lots of fun!

After the paint had dried I used crayons and glitter pens to add the final details and we had our finished card!

Halloween greetings card

This was a really quick afternoon craft project and quite fun to do. I suppose there are lots of other details that you could add to the card such as stick on eyes, or maybe use different colour card to make the pumpkin really stand out. Why not give it a try?

If you like this, have a look at my post about making handprint Christmas cards?

Have a nice evening all, ta ta for now xx

Too tired for more babies?


Lately I have felt so, so tired and I really don’t understand why. We are way past the night feed stage and the little tyke is sleeping fairly well at the moment but I still feel sapped of energy. Its when I feel like this that it makes me wonder; could I cope having another baby? I don’t know if I can and that makes me feel a little bit sad. Am I alone in feeling like this?

I found the baby stage really, really hard. For the first six months I did not enjoy it at all and I felt very low at times. The sleep deprivation was so hard to deal with and I struggled with the physical after effects of giving birth for a long while. Please don’t get me wrong, the first time I layed eyes on my son it was love at first sight, but I felt absolutely useless in the beginning. I didn’t know how to do anything and I had zero confidence in my abilities. If I did it again of course I would probably be better, in fact I know I could be better. But I still worry how I would do.

If I am honest, I would love a little brother or sister for the little tyke some day. It would be lovely to see him bond and play with another sibling, he would make such a good big brother. But if it didn’t happen for whatever reason would he still be ok and how would I feel? Would I regret it? I guess work is not really helping me at the moment, its been pretty full on and the stress is probably contributing to the tiredness more than anything. Also, the little tyke is walking now, so he is into everything and he can be bit of handful at times. But I love how he is now, he’s so great at this age and I will miss this time. Please don’t grow up too quickly little tyke!

There is so much to look forward to with our little family and I am excited about what the future has to hold. With regards to extending it one day; it may or may not happen. Who knows how I will feel in time to come?

Ta ta for now xxx

Halloween treats


I really must control this urge to keep buying Halloween treats and decorations this year! I have totally got carried away with it all and I really don’t know why. I was never bothered about it before, so why now? I guess you’re life changes so much when you have children and you just want them to have the most magical and special experiences as they grow up. Getting involved with festivities such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas can be fantastic fun for children and parents alike!

When I was growing up, Halloween wasn’t really as popular as it is now and it was seen as more of an American tradition. But it in recent years it has evolved into a much more family friendly activity which has seen the tradition grow in popularity in the UK. You cannot escape the decorations, themed food and clothes in the shops at the moment. This weekend, we picked up a few Halloween themed treats and decorations in the supermarket, which I thought were super cute and not too scary for the little tyke to enjoy.

Light Up Pumpkin
Light Up Pumpkin

The Medium Light Up Pumpkin from Sainsbury’s features an LED light inside which can be turned on and off for a spooky effect. It is made of plastic, so is a lot more robust than most Halloween ornaments. The Light Up Pumpkin is also available in a larger size.

Halloween Flag Bunting

This Halloween Flag Bunting will look really effective draped over a mantlepiece or feature mirror and is approximately 1.3 metres in length. The attractive design looks subtle and not too scary for little ones.

Spooky George Pig Long Sleeve Boys Top

Last year I couldn’t find very much George Pig merchandise, it was all about Peppa, but this year he seems to be everywhere! I love this little Spooky George long sleeve top from TU at Sainsbury’s. The little tyke will look super cute in this!

Ghost and Pumpkin Mallows

The little tyke will miss out on trick-or-treating so I thought I would pick up a little treat that he might enjoy (only one or two mind). These Ghost and Pumpkin Mallows from Sainsbury’s are perfect as a treat for younger children. We also picked up some variety bags of chocolates as we have quite a few families around us with young children, who will probably come around to visit on Halloween night.

I might also make some Pumpkin and Pecan muffins this weekend, is anybody else planning on anything special for Halloween?

Thats all from me for another night, ta ta for now xx