Toddler airport tips

toddler travel

We have not long arrived back from our first family holiday with our little boy and I thought I would put together this post with some tips on how to make travelling by air with toddlers easier. The little tyke is 23 months old now and this week long holiday involved a short airplane journey back to the island of Jersey of where I originate from. I have to say that I felt incredibly nervous about the whole trip but am glad to say that we all had a pretty nice time. He had his moments though, believe me! My word, he can be a little rascal at times! I just think that everything was so new and strange to him, that it threw him off course a little. Now he’s back home, he is totally back on track.

Enough of my rambling, heres my tips……

Don’t bother with a Trunki

The little man does have a Trunki, of which he has used on a short weekend to the seaside but I didn’t intend to use it on this trip. Besides, with him being under two, he didn’t have luggage allowance for it. I think I would leave it another year or two before I let him take it on holiday. I just know that we would end up lugging it around and with a toddler who wants to run off in the opposite direction, it isn’t ideal!

Keep your travel documents in a wallet

Now I didn’t do this, but I intend to find a nice plastic zip up wallet for my next holiday to keep my passports/tickets/boarding cards/hire car paperwork. We were the last people on the plane there and back, due to us having to dig around our humongous back pack for our boarding cards! Save yourself some time people, get a travel wallet!

Pay for fast track at security

Have you seen the queues at security? My little tyke doesn’t have the patience and would have had a meltdown if we hadn’t pre-booked the fast track lane.

Tire the little monkeys out before you get on the plane

He fell asleep just as the plane left the ground on the way there and back! He didn’t even wake up when we landed! Amazing! I am guessing this is fluke, but it helped that we let him play and run around the airport before we boarded. Airports sometimes have soft play or activity areas that can help entertain children.

If they don’t sleep, be prepared

We brought along a cute little lunchbox with some little snacks that included mini cheddars, muesli bar, yoghurt raisins and a fruit smoothie. I bought a couple of little new toys and a comic with stickers to entertain him. I also found a sticker book from Amazon with funny faces. Failing all of that, the iPad will save you.

Get yourself a lightweight foldable stroller

Our regular pushchair is an absolute pain to fit into cars. I found a new stroller from Mountain Buggy that folds up so small, it can fit in a little bag. It’s really lightweight and fits nicely into hire cars with all your luggage included.

I think thats about it really. It wasn’t easy but we survived to tell the tale! I will have a few more posts lined up relating to our recent holiday, hope you are all well my Worpress friends! Ta ta and good night xxx


Sunshine Blogger Award

I am aware that this is a very late post, life has just got in the way of everything recently. Ho hum, that’s how it goes! The very lovely Katherine of Welcome to the Nursery nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award a little while ago and I thought it was about time I answer her questions:) Thank you Catherine, big hugs to you! I will also spread the sunshine by nominating some blogger friends and ask them to answer 10 questions. Please accept my nomination my lovely WordPress chums xxx

Here goes….

When were you happiest in the last week and why? Sunday, because the sun was shining and we could all play outdoors! When the little tyke went for a nap, we also took the opportunity to sit in the garden with a lovely cup of tea while the sun beamed down on us (don’t worry I had the baby monitor with me!). Bliss!

Do you have a favorite creative endeavor? Drawing and writing. Now I am a Mummy, I love drawing and doodling with the little man. He really loves painting too! He is such a creative little fella…… an artist in the making me thinks 🙂

What’s your favorite drink (if you drink alcohol)? Champagne, if money is no object. If we are on a budget, a bottle of bud will do the job. I do realise those two choices make me go from very ladylike to sooooo un-ladylike.

Who makes you laugh the most? Oh gosh this is a tough one. My brother really makes me laugh a lot, we share the same warped sense of humour. Must run in the family!

What is your dream profession? Lady of leisure…. only joking. I like the job I do most of the time. It has it’s moments like most jobs.

Do you have a big life goal on your bucket list? What is it? To go on a California road trip with my son and husband. That would be awesome!!!

If you could live any celebrity or athlete’s life, whose would it be? I wouldn’t want to be famous and I do not have any interest in celebrities. Actually, I would like to be the Queen, wouldn’t it be interesting to be the Queen for a day!

Do you tend a garden? What are your favorite bits in it? Do hanging baskets and mowing the lawn count? We have a lovely weeping willow in our garden and we tell our son it is the magic tree. He loves to hide behind it and we have to pretend that we don’t know where he has gone. Cheeky monkey!

What is your favorite sport to do? Oh I am so not sporty! I like walking.

What was your favorite travel spot so far? Its between two, Mexico and California.

I would like to nominate…..


Danielle Louise

Some Kind of Beautiful Chaos



My Questions –

  1. What is the one event that you are most looking forward to this year?
  2. What music puts you in a happy place?
  3. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
  4. Who is your best friend? What is it about them that makes you like them so much?
  5. What makes you laugh?
  6. If you could go for a dream holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  7. What is your favourite childrens film?
  8. How would your friends describe you?
  9. Cake or chocolate? What would you choose?
  10. What makes you relax the most?

Ta ta for now xxx

Creating a childrens reading corner

reading corner

My little boy is a little adventurer and loves to climb chairs, sofas, boxes, slides, steps, ladders, coffee tables …….. need I go on? One of the items that he particulary likes to climb on, is the old nursing chair in his bedroom. “Its gotta go!” I cried to my husband! That same weekend we went into Aldi to find some planters for the front of the house and whilst in the store I picked up one of their weekly flyers. They advertised some new playroom accessories that would be available from Sunday 30th May (still available now in store and online!). This included the following items –

Playroom Rug – £29.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue clouds)

Playroom Beanbag – £16.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue stars)

Playroom Cushion – £8.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue stars)

Playroom Teepee – £39.99 (available in pink spots, grey stars & blue stripes)

I felt inspired to move the nursing chair out of the bedroom once and for all and in its place, create a lovely reading corner for the little tyke. I purchased the teepee, beanbag and playroom cushion in grey (with it being quite a fashionable colour at the moment and it goes with everything).


teepee box
Little Town Teepee in grey stars from Aldi


playroom cushion
Matching playroom cushion from Aldi


A great big comfy beanbig to complete the look!

Why did you not get the rug I hear you cry? Well, the rug looked of perfectly good quality, but we already had a rug in the room from Ikea (you can see a teeny bit of it in the top picture).

The little tyke was very excited when he first got into his room and saw the big changes, but he has slowly gotten used to it. It is a lovely calm and quiet spot for us to sit and read together before he has a nap or goes to bed. We love it! Inside the teepee I have placed the new grey plaroom cushion with stars and a few of his cushions from Ikea (sun cushions and cloud cushions).


sun cushion
Sun cushion from Ikea


cloud cushion
Cloud cushion from Ikea

I am really pleased with the end result and it has definitely helped with the bedtime routine. My little man is changing all the time and we need to adapt with him.

What do you think to our little reading corner?

I hope you all have a lovely evening folks, ta ta for now xx






My favourite Mummy Vloggers

movie camera

What do you do when you have five minutes to yourself? Have a cup of tea? Read a book? Watch tv? I find it quite relaxing, helpful and sometimes comforting, to watch Mummy vloggers in my spare time. When I first became a Mummy, I struggled a lot and sleep deprivation made reading baby books a challenge. On Youtube I found videos from other Mummys who had been in my position, offering advice and tips. It helped me feel better prepared to face the challenge of motherhood.

I have a few favourite Mummy vloggers that I like to follow, here goes…..

Mummy in the Knowmummyintheknow

Charlie is a stay at home Mummy of two young children (a 3 year old boy and 2 year old girl). She vlogs nearly every day about her life as a parent and she is totally honest. I like the fact that she isn’t one of those perfect Instagram Mums and is open to sharing her Mummy fails. She vlogs about fashion, shopping, dieting, home improvements and general family life. Check her out here.

Alex Gladwin


Alex is a stay at home Mummy of two little boys and just seems like the sweetest lady with such a lovely little family. She likes to vlog about family life and home renovation. We moved house last year into a ‘doer upper’, so I find anything home related quite interesting to watch. Check her out here.

Emily Norris


I just love Emily Norris! She is a Mummy to three boys and makes fantastic videos about her family life. She has some incredible tips about parenting and home organisation, which I find incredibly helpful to watch. She is one seriously organised Mamma! Check her out here.

Mrs Meldrum


I have only just started to follow Mrs Meldrum. She is a Mummy to two girls and is currently pregnant with her third girl (the screen shot above is from her finding out the gender!). She blogs about family life, shopping, fashion, reviews, travel, food…. basically everything. Her husband also takes part in the blogs which I find quite sweet. Check them out here.

Charlotte Louise Taylor


Charlotte is another blogger who I have only recently discovered. I think she is flipping great! She is incredibly real and totally honest about life as a parent. There are vloggers out there who try to sugar coat it, so it is refreshing to find someone who is not prepared to hold back. Hats off to you Charlotte! Check her out here.

So thats my list of favourite Mummy bloggers, if you want to find out about more Mummy bloggers check out Channel Mum here. Do you follow anybody on Youtube? Would you ever venture into blogging yourself? What do you think to my list?

Hope you all have a nice evening, ta ta for now xxx

Fun on the Farm


After spending most of Easter Sunday cooped up indoors, we decided it would be a nice idea to go out for the day on Monday. We have been talking about vistiting a farm park for quite some time now, but haven’t got round to doing it so far. After a little search on the internet, we stumbled across West Lodge Rural Centre near Kettering in Northamptonshire. Seeing as it would only be a 40 minute journey we felt like it would be worth a try.

The little chap napped on the way in the car and woke up just as we arrived at the car park, around lunchtime. The tickets to go in were quite reasonably priced and you had the option of purchasing some feed to give to the animals. Our first port of call was the cafe for a quick bite to eat and a refreshment. This farm park is mostly frequented by families with young children, so you will not feel out of place at all when sitting in the noisy restaurant. The food tasted quite yummy and came out fairly quickly.

We started the tour of the farm park at the childrens petting area, which included rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs, lambs etc. This area was rather crowded, which wasn’t surprising with it being a bank holiday! I think I would like to come back again at a time outside of the childrens school holidays, so the little tyke can see a bit more.

Cute little lambs


Daddy and little tyke look at the chickens

We then went to see the animal paddocks and larger animals such as goats, sheep, cows and pigs. The little tyke wanted to walk everywhere! I couldn’t believe the size of this park, it went on for miles. If you didn’t fancy walking around, they offered tractor and trailer tours around the farm.


Hello Mr Goat!


Big pigs


Feeding the animals

We ended up back outside the restaurant, where they had a HUGE sandpit for the children to play in near the picnic tables. I was so proud of how nicely my little boy played in it, building lots of sandcastles with his Daddy. He’s growing up so fast! To finish off the day we went to the large outdoor play centre, which was fully equipped with swings, slides and activity equipment. I sat this one out and stayed with the push chair whilst sipping a hot chocolate. Daddy had great fun playing with the little tyke on the park. For bigger kids, they also had pedal tractors to tootle around on. How cute!

I would definitely come back to this farm park in the future and would recommend this type of activity to anyone with very young children. I think my little chap had a great time and the fresh air made him sleep like a log that night!

Hope you all had a nice Easter folks, ta ta for now xxx






Getting ready for Easter

easter vintage chic

Our little tyke was still under a year old last Easter, so it passed us by as a bit of a non-event. This year, he is nearly two and is all the more aware to take part in the festivities. The build up to Easter has already involved lots of themed craft activities at nursery and at home, which he has really enjoyed and he has produced some very cute pictures!

I have never really decorated the home for Easter before, but I wanted to pick some little novelties to make it look a little more fun for the little man –


Light up rabbit from Tiger
  1. Light up rabbit from Tiger. I went into Tiger in Birmingham recently and found a good selection of affordable Easter decorations, including this little rabbit. It is battery operated and changes to different colours at the flick of a switch.


Bunny bunting from Tiger


2. Coloured rabbit bunting from Tiger. This little paper garland features cute cut-out bunnies in spring pastel colours. This will bring a bit of joy to the lounge, draped over our large mirror.


Easter stickers from Tiger


3. Easter stickers from Tiger. I just couldn’t resist when I found these little cuties! Our little boy loves stickers and this will make crafting really fun.

4. Little chick toy from Waitrose.

5. Little lamb and chick toys from Morrisons.

This is how it all looks together………


Our finished Easter display!


We also enjoyed making Easter cards to give out to relatives. The little tyke painted the white cards first with pink and yellow paint. Once dried, the little man went crazy with those stickers! He absolutely loved making them and I had great fun too. What do you think? Beats Hallmark any day!


Easter cards made by the little tyke

I know I haven’t been great at posting recently, there have been lots of things on my mind lately and I have been a little stressed. But Easter is about new beginnings and I want to put some of those worries behind me now. Easier said than done, but I will try!

I hope you all have a lovely time with friends and loved ones!

Happy Easter and ta ta for now xxx



Grown Ups Day Out: Birmingham

dating coupleSo after a pretty rubbish week of illness and work stress, we had my husbands 40th birthday to celebrate. We started on the Sunday by going out for a lovely pub meal with close family and luckily the weather was glorious. On Tuesday (my husbands actual birthday) we booked the day off work and I treated him to an adults only trip to Birmingham. It’s been such a long time since just the two of us went out, we felt it was about time we enjoyed a proper ‘date’.

Once the little man had been dropped off to nursery, we took the train into Birmingham New Street Station and as it was still early we decided to have some breakfast. My husbands favourite fast food chain is Leon and there is an outlet at the train station just as you get into the main shopping area. My husband ordered a bacon and egg muffin with an orange juice and I ordered an egg and mushroom muffin with a latte.

Yummy Leon Breakfast Roll
Mummy needs a coffee

After a little sit down, it was time to start the day and we leisurely browsed around the shops in the New Street and Bullring area. As it was my husbands birthday I treated him to a new zip up jumper from Gap for his holiday. I really like Gap, especially for mens clothes. I also couldn’t walk past the Cath Kidston shop without going in. Yep, I am a sucker for Cath Kidston! I bought the little tyke a little food tray with matching cup in a retro cowboy design and some little sunglasses for my friends children. Look! So cute!!!

Cath Kidston Cowboy Dinner Set
Girls and boys sunglasses from Cath Kidston

We also popped into Tiger for some bits and bobs, isn’t it a great shop! I bought a few Easter decorations which I will talk about another post that I will be putting up this week.

Shopping is tiring work and we decided to walk over to the Mailbox at lunchtime to find a nice restaurant. We found a French restaurant by the canal called Cote Brasserie and thought it looked like a nice menu. We started off with glasses of sparkling wine to help celebrate my husbands birthday, this was a real treat. We both had cauliflower soup to start, my husband had steak & frites for main, I had pan fried hake and we both finished with chocolate puddings. We were stuffed! Plus I had a coffee to finish. Oh well, this was supposed to be a treat!


Steak & frites (bubbly in the background)

We finished the day by popping into Selfridges to have a little browse and I purchased a couple of cupcakes from the deli for my husband. Lovely! But I really couldn’t think about food at that point if I am honest.

We jumped on the train, sat down and rested our weary feet. We had a great day but we missed the little tyke and couldn’t wait to go and pick him up. I gave him the biggest hug when I met him at nursery!

Hope you have all had a nice week, not long until Easter now!

Ta ta and nighty night xx