23 Month Update

beach walk

Can you believe we are talking about your 2nd birthday little tyke? I just can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone! The first year felt like five years, but the second year has whizzed by! Our last update was at 19 months, but even in those few months you have changed so much!

Words and Sounds

It’s taken some time but you are getting there. So far you can say a variety of individual words such as “Daddy”, “Mummy”, “Cat”, “Car”, “Dog, “Banana” and “Ball”. You like to sing songs and some of the words can be quite clear sometimes. You love making animal and vehicle noises, especially dinosaur noises “Raaaaaarrrr!!!”.


You can play with other children now and like to play ball games. Much to Daddys delight, you like football! I think your favourite toys would probably be your slide and your cars. You are also a crafty little man and love painting.

TV & Film

At the moment you like Thomas the Tank Engine, Octonauts, In the Night Garden, Tellytubbies and Peppa Pig. Also, Mr Tumble sends you into a strange little trance, what is it about that guy? He bugs the heck out out of me, but you seem to like him. You don’t have the patience to sit and watch a whole film but you have watched quite a bit of Finding Dory. Great taste little man!


You love, love, love your food. I think we are very lucky with you because you will try most things. I think your favourite foods are bananas, grapes, biscuits, cheese corn snacks, roast dinners and spaghetti bolognaise. Oh and like Mummy, your favourite treat is a bit of cake!


You fit into 2-3 year old clothes for the length, but the waist bands on the trousers seem too large. So your trousers keep falling down! I try to put hats on you but you pull them straight off. I have managed to get you to wear sunglasses though!


You are a funny little laddie. For such a long time you were as good as gold when eating out but most recently you have become such an impatient little fidget! It can quite frankly be a bit of a nightmare. Shopping is also a no no at the minute. Thank the lord for internet shopping is all I say!

New experiences

You have just come back from your first holiday and have also experienced your first trip on a plane. I was well prepared with snacks and entertainment, but you fell asleep! Just as we took off the ground! We have our big holiday in September, fingers crossed you do as well on the next flight.

I look back fondly on the past year little tyke, but look forward to all the changes and developments for the following year. Next year you will be three and just thinking about that makes me a little bit emotional. My baby boy is growing up, but I couldn’t be prouder of you little tyke. Love you lots and lots, Mummy xxxx


My little boy is growing up


The little tyke is moving up to the next stage room in nursery at the end of the month and I cannot believe how fast he is growing up now. In the past month (he’s just about to turn 17 months) we have seen him learn how to walk and grow confident with his new skill, he is more vocal and he climbs everything! He really is a little monkey! Its also quite a stressful time as you cannot turn your back for a second and this makes it impossible to get anything done.

I have also found in the past couple of weeks that a lot of his old toys do not interest him any more, are they too babyish now? What do I do? I have bought him some older toys but they have been saved for his Christmas presents. I think I need to get creative here. His favourite game at the moment is to take things out of cupboard and boxes, then put them back (as shown in the picture below). Groan.

Creative kitchen play!

Its been particularly hard to entertain him today and I don’t think the cold weather has helped. I daren’t go out for our usual playground trip as the wind was biting. I did however, stick him in his wellies and coat and he had a toddle around the back garden chasing the blowing leaves. But even he found it too cold and soon wanted to get back inside in the warmth of the house.

Still likes his little cars

We have tried hand painting and playing with crayons, but maybe we need to do it a bit more arts and crafts projects. He seems to be obsessed with the iPad and I do not want to encourage this, hopefully he will get bored with it soon.

How do you keep toddlers of his age entertained? I would really appreciate some ideas and advice!

Its been a long day, yawn, ta ta for now folks! xx

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