Little angel by day, little devil by night

My little boy is mostly well behaved during the day, but by the time bedtime arrives, he can sometimes turn into a little monster! He is actually a lovely, caring and affectionate little boy all day long and a lot of people comment how well behaved he is. If only they knew!

Once the wind down for bedtime begins he starts to become a little bit naughty. Nappy changes become more like a wrestling match as he scrambles across the floor. He jumps and leaps around on the beanbags and tries to hide in his tent. On very, very naughty occasions he tries to wack my glasses off my face, but thankfully this doesn’t happen very often. What is it about bedtime that brings out the wild in the child?

He still naps during the day and this can vary from one to two hours at a time. Perhaps if we cut this down to an hours cat nap, he might feel a little bit more tired and more willing to go to bed in the evening? I don’t know whats best really. I will really, really miss nap times. Life will become so much harder without naptimes!

My gut feeling is that this is fairly normal, kids just don’t like bedtime! I will continue to keep with our bedtime routine and will hope that this is perhaps a little phase that he will get through. He is only two years old and is altering all the while. Fingers crossed!

Any advice fellow parents? Tried and tested tips and techniques would be much appreciated!

Have a lovely evening all, ta ta for now xxx


Parenting update….. feeling pooped

When I started blogging (properly) nearly a year ago, posts seemed to flow so well. Nowadays….. not so much. By the end of the day I feel pooped. Really pooped. My little boy is now just over two years old and he’s a bundle of energy, and I am finding it really tiring work at the moment. He jumps, he crawls, he climbs, he runs and he is a force to be reckoned with!

Lately we have been making little changes to our routines to get him ready for the next stages in development –

Potty training

I am not sure if he is quite ready yet, but I thought it might help him get used to the idea by buying a childrens book that would help explain what to do. I found a book on Amazon called Pirate Pete’s Potty by Ladybird Books and I cannot recommend it enough. You follow the story of little Pirate Pete of how he learns to use a potty and it gives the child choices to help them interact. Once each page is completed, you can encourage your child to press the ‘cheer’ button. The little tyke thinks it is great fun!

Getting rid of the bottles once and for all!

It’s a little bit embarrassing, but we have really struggled to get rid of the bottles so far. I think we have tried every flipping beaker going, to no success! It turns out that we simply had to change the routine. If we make sure that the beaker of milk is left in his bedroom before he goes up to bed, he is more likely to use it. Previously my husband had tried to bring it in whilst I read the little tyke a story, but he would only cry for it to be changed to a bottle. This little change has done the trick and all bottles are now in the bin. About time and good riddens!

Transition to the big bed

I am not really looking forward to this bit, but I cannot stick my head in the sand. I found another book on Amazon called My Big Boy Bed: A Pirate Pete book, also by Ladybird Books. It follows Pirate Pete on his exciting journey from cot to a big boy bed. Like the other book it gives the child a series of choices and you can encourage your child to press the ‘cheer’ button at the end of each page. He just loves sitting down with me to read them. I have kept both of the books on the coffee table in the lounge, to make sure he is familar with them.

At the weekend we also made the move from toddler sleeping bags to a toddler duvet and pillow set. We picked some cute transport themed bedding with cartoon cars, buses and planes. He looks so cute in his bed all snuggled up when I put him down. He doesn’t stay there for long though…. he’s a real wriggler! I am sure he will get used to it in time. By making this little change we hope it is one step closer to making him comfortable with the transition to a big boy bed.

So, thats my update for now folks. Let me know how you coped with these developments and any tips would be greatly appreciated! Did you potty train or go straight to the toilet? Is the transition to the big bed a nightmare or is it ok?

Ta ta for now my lovelies xxx

Toddlers favourite books

A little while ago (9 months to be precise) I put up a post about Little Tykes Favourite Books. Now that the little tyke has turned two, it feels like a good time to put up a post with an update. My little chap continues to enjoy storytime with Mummy and he loves to point at the pictures as we turn the pages. At the moment he likes anything bright, colourful and funny pictures. Here are some of his favourites…..

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

Meg and Mog book

The Meg and Mog series of books was a big favourite of mine when I was a child and I am so pleased that the little tyke is also a big fan. Bold, bright colours… tick. Simple stories…. tick. Funny pictures…. tick. What’s not to love about these books about Meg the witch and her friends Mog the cat and Owl!

Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty

Ten Little Pirates book

I think there are quite a few variations of this book such as dinosaurs, monsters, princesses, elves and superheroes. I thought that I would go for the pirate theme because it looked quite fun and was a little bit different from the rest of the books in his collection. It’s also a great little rhyming story with lots of great sounds that you can exaggerate. As he gets older he can get more involved with the counting element, with lots of fun objects to spot on every page.

George’s New Dinosaur (Peppa Pig books)


George’s New Dinosaur book


This was actually one of the little tykes birthday presents and what a great choice! It’s a winning combination of dinosaurs and George Pig. Raaaarrrrrr! It’s a simple little story that makes for a light and easy read with a toddler.

No Bed without Ted by Nicola Smee


No Bed without Ted book


Lots of animals to count on each page


I have saved the best book until last. We bought this cute little ‘lift the flap’ reading book whilst on our recent holiday and the little man simply adores it! It is so beautifully illustrated and all the animal drawings are really sweet. I just think it is a really cute story and is perfect for bedtimes!

So what do you think of our choices? Have any of you got any recommendations for books to read with two year olds at bedtime? I would love to hear some ideas!

Hope you are all well this evening, ta ta and nighty night xxx



My little boy is growing up


The little tyke is moving up to the next stage room in nursery at the end of the month and I cannot believe how fast he is growing up now. In the past month (he’s just about to turn 17 months) we have seen him learn how to walk and grow confident with his new skill, he is more vocal and he climbs everything! He really is a little monkey! Its also quite a stressful time as you cannot turn your back for a second and this makes it impossible to get anything done.

I have also found in the past couple of weeks that a lot of his old toys do not interest him any more, are they too babyish now? What do I do? I have bought him some older toys but they have been saved for his Christmas presents. I think I need to get creative here. His favourite game at the moment is to take things out of cupboard and boxes, then put them back (as shown in the picture below). Groan.

Creative kitchen play!

Its been particularly hard to entertain him today and I don’t think the cold weather has helped. I daren’t go out for our usual playground trip as the wind was biting. I did however, stick him in his wellies and coat and he had a toddle around the back garden chasing the blowing leaves. But even he found it too cold and soon wanted to get back inside in the warmth of the house.

Still likes his little cars

We have tried hand painting and playing with crayons, but maybe we need to do it a bit more arts and crafts projects. He seems to be obsessed with the iPad and I do not want to encourage this, hopefully he will get bored with it soon.

How do you keep toddlers of his age entertained? I would really appreciate some ideas and advice!

Its been a long day, yawn, ta ta for now folks! xx

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15 month update

Little tykes favourite books


The little tyke just loves his books! In fact, from a very early age I have tried to get him used to books by reading him bedtime stories. Of course the words do not mean much to him yet, but he loves the pictures and any flaps or interactive features. Its a lovely thing to do together and he loves to turn the pages of the book at the request of Mummy.

Little tyke reading his books (upside down!)

We have built up quite a collection now and they take pride of place on the bookshelf in his room. We purchased this bookshelf from Tidy Books.

Tidy Books bookshelf

As you can see, he has plenty to choose from but there are a few old favourites that he keeps returning to, here are his top five books –

Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson. Its a simple little story book for young children, with flaps to explore, making the experience all the more interactive and keeps them involved. It was in a deal at Tesco and its the best book that I have bought!

1. Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson

2. The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow. This is a really fun little book that really gets the little tyke excited and giggly. Featuring the Ticklemonster who hides behind random flaps throughout the book. Perhaps not the best thing to read little ones at bedtime as it can get them very excited!

2. The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow

3. Wheels on the Bus Sound Book. Quite simply his favourite, favourite song. He loves to copy the actions to the song. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love ‘Wheels on the Bus?

3. The Wheels on the Bus Sound Book

4. Bedtime for Peppa. Some people find Peppa Pig really annoying, but the little tyke and myself are big fans. He loves George the best of course. Dinosaur! Roar! Its actually a really nice, laid back book for a last bedtime story.

4. Bedtime for Peppa

5. The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Eric Carle. An absolute timeless classic. It’s bright, colourful and heaps of fun for young children.

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


Have your little ones got any favourite books that you could recommend? We are always on the lookout for new ones to add to the collection and Christmas is just around the corner!

I have an absolutely stinking cold at the moment, so I think I will put my feet up and sniffle some more.

Ta ta for now my lovelies xx

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15 month update

15-month-updateThis post is a little late as the little tyke will be 16 months old by the end of this month. Doesn’t time fly! So, this month we have seen some big changes in the little man and his character is growing and evolving all the time. He has taken his first steps but is still very cautious without his walker, which he still falls back on to whizz around! He will get there when he is good and ready.

He had his first haircut at the hairdressers and he was as good as gold! I had to go for a haircut anyway and whilst my hair was being washed, the stylist snipped his little locks whilst he sat on Daddy’s lap. I think it helped that so much was going on in the salon to distract him, the little tyke loves people watching.

We are currently on four teeth at the top and four teeth at the bottom; all the better for munching with! He loves his food now and likes to try and feed himself with his spoon when he is at home (but doesn’t do this at nursery?). His favourite foods seem to be bananas, weetabix, raisins…. well, anything he can pick up with his hands basically.

He babbles a lot, and he loves to play with the sounds of his voice. Words are not quite there yet, but we have a few. “Mama”, “Dada”, “Cat (sounds like that)”, “There” and “Ta”. I think he said “Bye, bye” the other day when he was waving. Bless him. I tried introducing him to some picture cards, but he keeps putting them in and out of the box that they came in like its a game. Groan! I will work on it! I think I need to hide all the cards and just bring out one a day to show him. I will keep you posted on this.

His favourite toys at the moment are: his walker, mega blocks, shape sorter, Ikea tunnel and the iPad. I would rather he didn’t bother with an iPad at this age, so will only let him watch tellytubbies with me for a short while as a treat sometimes. He also loves his books. I mean LOVES his books! He has a book shelf in his room and can spend ages flicking through the pictures in his story books. I think his favourite must be Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson.

Looking forward to the developments in the next few months. He will definitely be walking well before Christmas, so looks like I am going to be run ragged! Wish me luck!

Is that the time? Ta ta for now xxx