Packing for a holiday


Are you one of those super organised people who start to pack their suitcases weeks before they are due to fly away? Really? Because I am so not that type of person! I don’t really like packing, in fact, I hate packing! What if I forget something? What if I bring too much? For me, packing makes me incredibly anxious.

Despite the hang up about packing, I still like holidays. Today was a packing day for our family of three for a weeks holiday by the beach. Woo hoo! I am excited about the holiday but the preparation is a bit stressful. I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, but here are some tips that might be helpful….

Tip 1: Write Lists

I write a tick list for each bag on my phone using Microsoft Onenote. You can then either tick things off the list on your phone or you can create a pdf to print off. I just simply cannot remember everything, it needs to be written down.

Tip 2: Buy Clear Plastic Zip Bags

I bought a pack of three from Primark and they are a godsend. First Aid bag – tick. Toiletries bag – tick. Teeny bag for holding jigsaw puzzle – tick.

Tip 3: Buy Toiletry Travel Packs

As in clear zip bags with empty bottles to fill with small portions of your shampoo etc. Previously, we just bunged them all in the bag. Now with a child in tow, any extra baggage weight is a no no. I will not go over the weight restriction!

Tip 3: Buy Packing Cubes

Game changer! This is the first time I have used these and I can honestly say I have never felt so organised. I bought a pack each for my son (green with white spots), my husband (navy with diamonds) and myself (pink with spots). Each pack consisted of three cube shape bags and three zip up laundry bags. As we were spreading luggage for three people over two bags, we felt this would be the most organised way of going about this.  It also saves loads of space too! Check them out on Amazon here.

So they are my top tips for packing, what do you think? How do you usually tackle packing? Have you got any tips to share?

Well that’s me off for a little while, ta ta for now folks xxx


Lately I’ve been liking….

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well on this lovely summers day…… well it’s technically summer, but you wouldn’t think it by looking out of the window right now! I want to forget about the dreary weather for a moment and think about things that I have been liking lately…..

Black Primark flip flops

I am living in my little black Primark flip flops around the house at the moment! They are so light and comfy and so wonderfully cheap! I went into our local Primark at the weekend and I couldn’t find any more flip flops! Where have they gone? Is summer officially over according to Primark? Boo!

Glow on Netflix

Trust me and watch it. You will be addicted. It’s a great girl power story and you will find yourself really rooting for the team of (some slightly odd) lady wrestlers. I have watched it all and I want more! Sob!

Waitrose Coconut Biscuits

I have just got me a new packet from Ocado. Oh yeah!

Cactus Pots

I will freely admit that I am no gardener. No plants are safe around me. Except perhaps, little cactus plants in fancy pots.

Ikea White Picture Frame

I have bought two new large white square picture frames for £10 each. Thats right, only £10! They now live above our bed with one holding a black and white image from our wedding day and the other has a black and white close up of my little boys cutesy wutesy lickle face. Beautiful!

Game of Thrones

I heart Jon Snow. Yes I do! That aside, this really is great telly and I am loving the new series. I will be so sad when it ends:(

Finishing touches for our bedroom

I bought a teeny tiny little pink tricket dish from Oliver Bonas that now takes pride of place on my bedside table. It does indeed now hold a selection of trinkets. I told my husband that I absolutely needed one!

Fruit Smoothies

Yummy yummy in my tummy:)


I love Pinterest and I am finding it really helpful for tips and tricks on travelling with young children. We are going on holiday abroad soon and I am so anxious! I have lots of suitcase packing list ideas and tips for how to entertain a toddler on a flight. It is so helpful!

So that’s my likes, what about yours? Have you got any recommendations? What never fails to cheer you up at the moment?

Have a lovely evening all, ta ta xxx

Morning routine of a working Mummy

I remember the weeks leading up to the end of my maternity leave and trawling through the net for advice. However would I get out of the front door in the morning? Well, you just get through it and it all fits into place. Those first few days were difficult and terribly stressful, but now it has just become the new normal. Please read on to see a breakdown of a typical morning.

5:45-6am: Wake up, wake up! The little tyke is an early riser, so unfortunately we cannot really get up before him to get things ready (if we got up any earlier I would be a zombie). My husband heads down to get the morning drinks (tea for the adults, milk for the little man) and I pick up my little boy from his room and head downstairs also.

6:00am: The little tyke sits on my knee and drinks milk from a beaker. We switch on the tv and watch Cbeebies – Show Me Show Me, Baby Jake and Number Blocks. Daddy and Mummy try to wake up whilst drinking a warm mug of tea.

6:30 – 6:40am: We go upstairs to get the little man ready. Nappy changed (he hates this), eczema cream rubbed on legs and arms, then change of clothes. We wipe his face and he takes his toothbrush downstairs with Daddy.

7:00am: I get ready upstairs. Sometimes this will involve straightening my hair because I washed it the night before and sometimes I will hop in the shower. It always depends on time. You would be best to remember it doesn’t always go to plan. Whilst I am getting ready, Daddy gives the little chap a bit of toast while he makes the sandwiches. Sometimes I will prepare them the night before, but usually we are pretty tired after dinner.

7:20am: I come downstairs whilst Daddy goes up to get dressed (men never take very long). I make sure that the little tyke has brushed teeth, brushed hair and I put on his little shoes. Then I dash about the kitchen, giving it a little wipe down and tidy.

7:40am: We put the little man in the car and make sure we have everything that we need to take for the day –

  • Coats (if it is cool or raining)
  • Toddlers backpack with spare change of clothes
  • Daddys lunchbag
  • Mummys lunchbag
  • Mummys work notebook and handbag

The little man is usually a little fussy at first and he takes his little comfort toy with him in the car. We are off.

7:45am: We drop the little chap at nursery. He is usually pretty good, unless he is tired or a little under the weather. Kiss him and cuddle him and away we go.

8:00am: Arrive at work.

Phew, makes me tired thinking about it. So what do you think? Is this a pretty typical routine or do you have any other tips that can help?

Love to hear your feedback as always, ta ta folks xxx

Why am I so jealous?

This sounds completely and utterly ridiculous in my own head, but sounds even worse as I write it down. I am really quite jealous of anyone who is pregnant at the moment. There I said it. I don’t where it comes from, the thought of being pregnant and looking after a needy little baby as well as a toddler, frankly scares me to death. But I don’t know, my heart kind of aches for another addition to our family and a sibling to my little boy.

The other day I had a conversation with a work colleague who was telling me about how she keeps a stash of girly toys at hand for whenever her little granddaughters visit. Prams and pushchairs, dollys and handbags are a regular sight in her household when the little ones come over to play. Then she said something that triggered something inside me “Well next time it could be a little girl for you”…… of course I laughed it off and said something about liking my sleep too much. But the reality is, I would love for that to be true!

We know a couple who announced that they were pregnant a month or so ago and I am guessing that they should be going for their 20 week scan soon. I am praying that it isn’t a little girl, its terribly selfish of me. But I just know that it will bring all these feelings to the surface again and I don’t want to act on them. Not yet anyway.

I am scared about going on maternity pay. I am scared about the pain of childbirth. I am scared about how I will cope with two children on very little sleep. I am scared that I will not cope with my return to work and that I could be pushed out of my job. But I long for another child.

Mother Nature you really are a bitch.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

Ta ta all xxx

This month I have been watching…

It has been an extremely hot day in the UK today and I am feeling very lazy and very tired. So tonight’s post is a nice and easy post folks. It’s all about what I have been watching lately on the telly. So without further ado, here goes…….

The Handmaid’s Tale

I am absolutely loving this new series showing on Channel 4 on Sunday evenings. We are only on episode 3 here over in the UK and I think the first series may have already finished in the US (please don’t spoil the ending for me!). It focuses on a character called Offred, who lives in a warped version of the future where fertile women like herself, are made to serve as baby makers for powerful families. It is a horrible version of the future where women lose their place in society, and by law are not allowed to work, own property, control money, or read.

Offred has been assigned to The Commander, an important figure in this new future, and she is expected to bear him and his wife a child. She longs to be free from this new reality and to one day reunite with her daughter. I know it sounds a little bit dark, but it is so beautifully shot and Elizabeth Moss is just wonderful as the main character. I really cannot recommend this show enough.

The Keepers

I recently signed back up to Netflix because I had heard a few good recommendations for  a couple of things to watch. One of them being for this show.

The Keepers is a documentary series, which investigates the unsolved murder of nun Cathy Cesnick, a teacher at a Baltimore Catholic school. Sounds simple? Well there is so much more to the tale than meets the eye and I find it absolutely fascinating. The real story is about the cover up of sexual abuse of several students, committed by a priest at the school. A pair of ex students have made it their life mission to find answers. I think I am in the middle of episode 4 now and am totally hooked!

Wentworth Prison Series 5

I have been loyally watching this fantastic Australian women’s prison series since the very first episode. There seems to be a lot of noise and buzz about Orange is the new black, but I don’t really get it myself. This series however is much more up my street. It’s grittier and filthier and a good bit of adult viewing once the little chap has disappeared up to bed for beddy byes!


I havent really been following the soaps much of late, does anyone in the summer? But I have started to watch Eastenders again and particularly paid attention when they announced the introduction of a new family. It makes ludicrous watching sometimes but I love a bit of telly trash sometimes!

I have put links to all the shows in the titles, just in case you are a bit curious. What are you all hooked on lately? Have you got any good recommendations?

Have a nice evening, ta ta folks xxx


Day in the Life: 19th March 2017


4:30am – I’m awake. Why am I awake? I toss and turn and a billion and one thoughts enter my head. This is the second night in a row in which this has happened. Stress is taking over my life at the moment.

5:30am – I’m still awake and now the little tyke has started stirring.

6:30am – Ok, ok, I’m getting up. Urgh.

6:35am – Daddy has already taken the little tyke downstairs. I say hello and wave at him when I come in the room …. he does the same back! Well, he says “Hiya”. Awww, my heart melts.

7:15am – The little tyke has a breakfast of crispies and a bit of hot cross bun. I stick to my mug of tea and a slightly overdone hot cross bun. After cleaning the breakfast plates I go upstairs for a wash and straighten my hair.

8:30am – Daddy wants to go to the zoo, but I really can’t face it today. Some of the stress has a lot to do with all the jobs I need/want to do, but I cannot find time to fit them all in. I explain this and we agree to stay around the house today but we will pop to the shops first.

8:45am – I cook the dinner (beef chilli) before we go out. I get distracted at one point and burn the bottom of the pan 😦 But luckily I manage to salvage a decent amount of it.

11:00am – We go to the big George at Asda home store. I’m trying to find some new bedding sets to suit our bedroom. When we first moved in the house, we decorated this room but I ended up using our old duvet covers. I am such a fuss pot when it comes to bedding and insist on it being 100% cotton, so this limits my choices (all the best designs are poly cotton). Luckily I find two grey patterned sets that would be perfect for the room, plus a light pink throw. Bingo!

11:30am – Lunch of toasted sanwiches at Costa Coffee. Plus a coffee. Because I bloody well need it.

12:15pm – Nip into a party shop to get some bits for my husbands upcoming 40th birthday.

1:00pm – Back home. The little tyke has been asleep for 15 minutes and goes straight to his bed for a nap. In the meantime we go out into the garden for a tidy and my husband pops off to the tip.

3:20pm – Dinner time. We are all peckish, so decide to eat early.


4:00pm to 5:00pm – We play outside in the garden with the football and a couple of smaller balls. The little tyke absolutely loves playing outdoors. So much so, yesterday morning he came running up to me with his shoes whilst still in his pyjamas. He hadn’t even had breakfast at this point!


5:15pm – We Skype the little tykes Grandma and Grandad Seaside (they live on the Norfolk coast). He waves and cheers and they adore him. After a while he gets a little bit naughty and I have to get him to calm down.

7:10pm – He is in bed after reading his bedtime story. I am now shattered.

Right, thats it from me folks. I hope you all have had lovely weekends and a wish you a pleasant evening. Nighty night and ta ta xx

Day in the Life: 11th March 2017


So, this is the start of a new series of posts that I would like to do which follows our typical activities as a family during one day at the weekend. Each weekend is different. Sometimes we stay in the house or in the local area, and other weekends we will plan a fun day out for our little tyke. Hope you enjoy….

Saturday 11th March 2016

5:45am – The little tyke is up. Why? Why? Maybe he will drift back to sleep. Maybe if we are all very quiet he will drift back to sleep (fat chance). Ever since Friday I have felt a bit achy and tired, a dreaded cold is trying to take over my body and I’m trying to fight it. I went to bed at 9pm the night before and I still feel tired! Need more sleep.

5:55am – He’s not going back to sleep and the cat is meowing like crazy downstairs. We all get up to get his milk and cups of tea. Good Morning everybody!

6:20am – Baby Jakes on. Awww we all love Baby Jake. The little tyke dances along on my knee to Baby Jakes song “Yacki Yacki Yoggi”. Then its time to switch over to Peppa, while we try to motivate ourselves. Quick check of emails though first.

7:10am – Breakfast time. The little chap is having rice crispies today, followed by some toast. My husband also has his breakfast while I have a quick tidy of the kitchen. Oh dammit, the floor is covered in milk and crispies. I am on my hands and knees cleaning it all up. Urgh.

7:20am – Dirty nappy time. What fun! We also put him into his day clothes, wash his face and brush his teeth. Lovely, all set for the day now.

10:05am – Trying to leave the house. I have a hair appointment in 10 minutes.

10:15am – Made it in time. Ok I tell a lie, we were a couple of minutes late because I had to queue for the cashpoint. I put on the gown, sit in the chair and relax. Time for some long-awaited me time. I decide to go a little bit shorter with my hair for a change, nothing too drastic. A strange man comes into the salon and books an appointment with one of the young girls and before he leaves, he tells her that he has written her a poem and gives her a card! Everybody goes silent until he leaves. It transpires that he had written her a poem after his last hair appointment, declaring his attraction to her (the guy is very, very peculiar). She reads out his new poem and the whole salon erupts with laughter, myself included (you had to hear it). My hairdresser tells me that it is not uncommon for lonely men to become infatuated with stylists. She then tells me a funny story about a man who did something very naughty under his gown once years ago and how she handled it. I couldnt stop laughing.

11:15am – Back home. My husband has had enough of babysitting and wants to get out of the house. We decide to go out for the afternoon and the little chap will probably nap on the way there. I put all the essentials in the backpack and we are ready to go.

12:30pm – We have reached our destination but the little chap is asleep and I want him to nap some more. We read papers/magazines while we wait.

1pm – We go into the Mercado Lounge in Market Harborough for a lovely lunch (will do a review this week).

3:10pm – Mooch around town and then pop into Jojo Maman Bebe. It’s too expensive, yes I know! But the clothes and little toys are so adorable. The little boys clothes are all nautical and stripey and the little girls clothes are all frilly and floral. Every time I come out, I’m left planning the wardrobe of another unborn child. No wonder my husband isn’t over enthusiastic when I suggest going in. I decide not to go mad and stick to a pack of little animal socks. Besides, he really does need some socks.

4pm – Back home. The little tyke is out in the garden kicking the football with his Daddy whilst I put together a light supper for him. Plus I treat myself to a cup of tea.

5pm – Doorbell rings and my magic mop has arrived! Yippee! I watched a video of another Mummys cleaning routine and she recommend this mop from Amazon – Addis Spray Mop. The box for it is huge, but the mop is not really that huge. Nevermind, the little tyke dives into the big box with the scrunched up paper and uses it as a huge ball pit type plaything for about an hour and a half.

6:20pm – The little tyke is getting tired and comes to sit on the sofa with Mummy. He really snuggles in and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh, it’s moments like this that I could treasure forever. Love him so much.

7:05pm – The little tyke is asleep in bed. He really did tire himself out with his makeshift ball pit. My husband and I have our dinner and then sit on the sofa with some gluten free brownies that I made on Friday. Yum yum.

10:05pm – Early night for us. How very rock and roll.

Thats all for one evening, ta ta and good night xx