Another Primark Haul

primark love

I’m loving Primark at the moment!!! I have to admit that I have been caught by the bug and I quite enjoy rummaging around for some new goodies! Last weekend we had another opportunity to do a spot of child free shopping and I fancied nipping into Primark to get another pair of cosy pj’s. I got a bit carried away…… want to see? –

Jungle Book Pyjamas





I saw one of my fave Mummy vloggers with a Little Mermaid set of pyjamas and I couldn’t resist hunting them down. Could I find them? Nope! The Primark nightwear department is pretty extensive so I needn’t despair. This is where I found this pretty pyjama set in pink and gold colours, which is very on trend. It’s a perfect set for the summertime in a very lightweight cotton material and is super comfy! Look at the pretty tropical flower detail on the trousers…. love them! RRP – £10.00

Boys Cuban Print Hawaiian Shirt


I couldn’t resist having a little look at the boys section in the childrens department. This shirt is perfect for the little tyke to take on his beach holiday. It is made in a lovely lightweight cotton material and features a cute Cuban themed pattern. RRP – £6.00

Boys Blue Hawaiian Shirt


I found a similar style shirt in a cool blue colour with a Hawaiian flower print. This again will be perfect for our beach holiday. He will look like such a cool little dude! RRP – £6.00

Aztec Print Flip Flops


90p!!!!!!!! How can  I say no? They were actually a last minute purchase, spotted as I was on my way to the till. Had I had a little bit more time I would have picked up a couple of more pairs. Next time I go into Primark I am heading straight to the shoes area for a proper browse!!! RRP – £0.90p

Have any of you been into Primark lately? Have you got any good recommendations for things to look out for? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions:)

Until next time my lovelies, nighty night and ta ta xxx


Primark newbie haul

Primark for the very first time!

I have never shopped in Primark before! Why not I hear you ask? Well, I guess it just always seemed like this huge shopping mega store with the most horrendous queues. Pretty scary when you have a toddler in tow, little patience and not a lot of time! But all the while I keep hearing positive comments about how cheap and fashionable the products are. I was itching to give it a go and yesterday was one of those rare days where I got the opportunity to do a bit of child free shopping. Bingo! I had some ideas in mind of what I wanted to look for before I went into the shop –

  • Summer hat for the little tyke
  • Little shorts for the little tyke
  • Zip lock bags or toiletry bags
  • New ruck sack for nursery
  • Trinket dish (rose gold preferably)
  • Throws
  • Pastel coloured sweatshirts (I’m loving the trend)
  • Sandals
  • Beach bag

Summer Hat

The cutest and smartest beach hat for the little chap

WIN! This smart little hat is from Primarks ‘Rebel’ range and is sized 2-4 years. It is a lovely brown colour and is finished with a black and white ribbon trim. Priced at £3.00.

Boys Shorts

These shorts can be dressed smart or casual

WIN! These little green utility shorts are perfect for my little boy. Everything is falling down on him at the moment, so the drawstring will come in handy. No more loose waistbands. They also have little pockets and zip detail. Priced at £6.00.

Zip Bags

Perfect for makeup, toiletries and first aid bits

WIN! These simple little bags will do just the job when we next go on holiday. I wanted something clear so I can instantly make out the contents. I used plastic shopping bags on our last trip. We can do better than that. Priced at £3.00 (I think… lost the tag).

Nursery ruck sack

FAIL! I couldn’t find any bags for the boys. Was I looking in wrong place?

Trinket dish

FAIL! A ceramic cactus dish was not what I had in mind.


FAIL! Not great for what I want. They were all soft and fleecy and well….. a bit girly. Perfect for snuggling on a winters day, but not for putting over a chair.

Pastel coloured sweatshirt

FAIL! I wasn’t that sure if the shape of the sweaters would suit me. They all seemed a bit short and I like a little bit of cover up on the tum tum area. If you know what I mean.


FAIL! Too. Many. To. Choose. From. Next.

Beach bag


WIN! Oooooo look at this beauty! It only cost seven bleeding pounds! Who could tell?

Bonus item – Unicorn Pjs


Excuse the creased sheets…. oops


100% Unicorn

Does this make me officially fashionable? Or perhaps a bit of a big kid at heart? I have to say that I really, really liked the selection of nightwear on offer. I might just have to go back and get some more. Central Perk Pjs for me please.

So I guess I kind of enjoyed my little Primark shop. The queue wasnt too bad and I got served pretty quickly. I am not sure I have the patience or time to look at all of the clothes, but I was a big fan of the accessories and the home bits. What do you think to shopping in Primark? Is it yey or nay for you?

Have a lovely evening all, nighty night and ta ta xxx



Grown Ups Day Out: Birmingham

dating coupleSo after a pretty rubbish week of illness and work stress, we had my husbands 40th birthday to celebrate. We started on the Sunday by going out for a lovely pub meal with close family and luckily the weather was glorious. On Tuesday (my husbands actual birthday) we booked the day off work and I treated him to an adults only trip to Birmingham. It’s been such a long time since just the two of us went out, we felt it was about time we enjoyed a proper ‘date’.

Once the little man had been dropped off to nursery, we took the train into Birmingham New Street Station and as it was still early we decided to have some breakfast. My husbands favourite fast food chain is Leon and there is an outlet at the train station just as you get into the main shopping area. My husband ordered a bacon and egg muffin with an orange juice and I ordered an egg and mushroom muffin with a latte.

Yummy Leon Breakfast Roll
Mummy needs a coffee

After a little sit down, it was time to start the day and we leisurely browsed around the shops in the New Street and Bullring area. As it was my husbands birthday I treated him to a new zip up jumper from Gap for his holiday. I really like Gap, especially for mens clothes. I also couldn’t walk past the Cath Kidston shop without going in. Yep, I am a sucker for Cath Kidston! I bought the little tyke a little food tray with matching cup in a retro cowboy design and some little sunglasses for my friends children. Look! So cute!!!

Cath Kidston Cowboy Dinner Set
Girls and boys sunglasses from Cath Kidston

We also popped into Tiger for some bits and bobs, isn’t it a great shop! I bought a few Easter decorations which I will talk about another post that I will be putting up this week.

Shopping is tiring work and we decided to walk over to the Mailbox at lunchtime to find a nice restaurant. We found a French restaurant by the canal called Cote Brasserie and thought it looked like a nice menu. We started off with glasses of sparkling wine to help celebrate my husbands birthday, this was a real treat. We both had cauliflower soup to start, my husband had steak & frites for main, I had pan fried hake and we both finished with chocolate puddings. We were stuffed! Plus I had a coffee to finish. Oh well, this was supposed to be a treat!


Steak & frites (bubbly in the background)

We finished the day by popping into Selfridges to have a little browse and I purchased a couple of cupcakes from the deli for my husband. Lovely! But I really couldn’t think about food at that point if I am honest.

We jumped on the train, sat down and rested our weary feet. We had a great day but we missed the little tyke and couldn’t wait to go and pick him up. I gave him the biggest hug when I met him at nursery!

Hope you have all had a nice week, not long until Easter now!

Ta ta and nighty night xx


Winter shopping and Christmas haul


The winter has arrived with a bang this week, with the temperatures slowly plummeting and the nights growing darker earlier following last weeks clock change. I don’t know why I felt so surprised with the turn in the weather, as it typically grows colder as we approach the end of the year.

With the biting wind blowing outside I decided it was time to take action and get the little tyke all geared up for his outdoors adventures! We needed some winter woolies! On our Saturday trip to Sainsbury’s I spotted the Boys Multicoloured Gruffalo 3 Piece Set. This set consists of an embroidered bobble hat, scarf and mittens, that are nicely finished off with fleece lining for extra comfort.

Sainsbury’s Boys Multicoloured Gruffalo 3 Piece Set – Hat, Scarf & Mittens

It is made in a multicoloured thick knit, which is great for keeping the little tyke cosy and warm. As you can see in the picture below, it looks super cute with his navy blue coat.

All dressed for the winter weather

Whilst in Sainsbury’s we couldn’t help but stop to have a look at some of the Christmas novelties. Little tyke found a dancing Christmas pudding that sings Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (sounds bizarre I know) and he couldn’t stop chuckling as the little pudding danced to the music. Whenever I hear him giggle it just makes me feel so emotional and warms my heart. Gosh, I have turned into a right softy! After that, how could I possibly not go and buy the thing! It is currently tucked up inside the understairs cupboard waiting to come out in December!

Sainsbury’s Dancing Christmas Pudding

The next item was something that I bought the other month, but I thought it would be relevant to throw into this blog. I say bought, it was actually purchased using a voucher for Marks and Spencer’s which I had received a while back. I fell in love with these Bauble Jaquard Cushions as soon as I set eyes on them and I feel they will be a stylish addition to the sofa in December. It has a reversible vintage Christmas design, which I just adore!

Marks & Spencers Vintage Style Christmas Cushions

Last year I made a gift for my best friends two little children, as a thank you for all her support during the year. They simply loved their Christmas Eve boxes and I really enjoyed putting them together and now this year I would like to make something similar for the little tyke. I purchased a Knagglig Pine Box on my last trip to Ikea, with the thought of creating a special personalised Christmas Eve box.

Ikea Knagglig Pine Box

As you can see it is a flatpack design and I am pleased to say that we built the crate up today! Hooray! Its been sitting in my understairs cupboard for over a month now. Next step is to pick a colour and paint it. What colour should I go for? Grey with white lettering (modern)? or red with white lettering (traditional)? I am thinking of either going for combination of wooden lettering with hand painted writing or just using stencils, but have not decided which to go for yet. I have also bought the first item to go into the box this week! A super cute and cuddly George Pig Christmas Pyjama Set from Sainsbury’s! It has a long sleeve top, fleece bottoms and a pair of little slipper socks.

George Pig Christmas Pyjamas

I am still trying to figure out what else to put in, but I don’t want to go too over the top. A set of pyjamas, a Christmas book and a cuddly toy will probably do for his age. What do you think to the Christmas Eve box idea?

That’s it from me for another evening, ta ta for now and night night! xx

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