23 Month Update

beach walk

Can you believe we are talking about your 2nd birthday little tyke? I just can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone! The first year felt like five years, but the second year has whizzed by! Our last update was at 19 months, but even in those few months you have changed so much!

Words and Sounds

It’s taken some time but you are getting there. So far you can say a variety of individual words such as “Daddy”, “Mummy”, “Cat”, “Car”, “Dog, “Banana” and “Ball”. You like to sing songs and some of the words can be quite clear sometimes. You love making animal and vehicle noises, especially dinosaur noises “Raaaaaarrrr!!!”.


You can play with other children now and like to play ball games. Much to Daddys delight, you like football! I think your favourite toys would probably be your slide and your cars. You are also a crafty little man and love painting.

TV & Film

At the moment you like Thomas the Tank Engine, Octonauts, In the Night Garden, Tellytubbies and Peppa Pig. Also, Mr Tumble sends you into a strange little trance, what is it about that guy? He bugs the heck out out of me, but you seem to like him. You don’t have the patience to sit and watch a whole film but you have watched quite a bit of Finding Dory. Great taste little man!


You love, love, love your food. I think we are very lucky with you because you will try most things. I think your favourite foods are bananas, grapes, biscuits, cheese corn snacks, roast dinners and spaghetti bolognaise. Oh and like Mummy, your favourite treat is a bit of cake!


You fit into 2-3 year old clothes for the length, but the waist bands on the trousers seem too large. So your trousers keep falling down! I try to put hats on you but you pull them straight off. I have managed to get you to wear sunglasses though!


You are a funny little laddie. For such a long time you were as good as gold when eating out but most recently you have become such an impatient little fidget! It can quite frankly be a bit of a nightmare. Shopping is also a no no at the minute. Thank the lord for internet shopping is all I say!

New experiences

You have just come back from your first holiday and have also experienced your first trip on a plane. I was well prepared with snacks and entertainment, but you fell asleep! Just as we took off the ground! We have our big holiday in September, fingers crossed you do as well on the next flight.

I look back fondly on the past year little tyke, but look forward to all the changes and developments for the following year. Next year you will be three and just thinking about that makes me a little bit emotional. My baby boy is growing up, but I couldn’t be prouder of you little tyke. Love you lots and lots, Mummy xxxx

Getting ready for Easter

easter vintage chic

Our little tyke was still under a year old last Easter, so it passed us by as a bit of a non-event. This year, he is nearly two and is all the more aware to take part in the festivities. The build up to Easter has already involved lots of themed craft activities at nursery and at home, which he has really enjoyed and he has produced some very cute pictures!

I have never really decorated the home for Easter before, but I wanted to pick some little novelties to make it look a little more fun for the little man –


Light up rabbit from Tiger
  1. Light up rabbit from Tiger. I went into Tiger in Birmingham recently and found a good selection of affordable Easter decorations, including this little rabbit. It is battery operated and changes to different colours at the flick of a switch.


Bunny bunting from Tiger


2. Coloured rabbit bunting from Tiger. This little paper garland features cute cut-out bunnies in spring pastel colours. This will bring a bit of joy to the lounge, draped over our large mirror.


Easter stickers from Tiger


3. Easter stickers from Tiger. I just couldn’t resist when I found these little cuties! Our little boy loves stickers and this will make crafting really fun.

4. Little chick toy from Waitrose.

5. Little lamb and chick toys from Morrisons.

This is how it all looks together………


Our finished Easter display!


We also enjoyed making Easter cards to give out to relatives. The little tyke painted the white cards first with pink and yellow paint. Once dried, the little man went crazy with those stickers! He absolutely loved making them and I had great fun too. What do you think? Beats Hallmark any day!


Easter cards made by the little tyke

I know I haven’t been great at posting recently, there have been lots of things on my mind lately and I have been a little stressed. But Easter is about new beginnings and I want to put some of those worries behind me now. Easier said than done, but I will try!

I hope you all have a lovely time with friends and loved ones!

Happy Easter and ta ta for now xxx



Day in the Life: Mothers Day

7:00am – The clocks went forward, so we lost an hour in bed last night. The little tyke was still asleep but we decided to get him up, otherwise his routine would be completely thrown out. He hasn’t been very well this weekend. He was sick all over his bed on Friday night and was sick again after his nap on Saturday. I hate to see him ill, it makes my heart ache for him.

7:10am – We go downstairs for a cup of tea/morning bottle. I open my lovely Mothers Day card and I get a Emma Bridgewater mug as a present. I love it! Thank you little tyke!


8:00am – Breakfast time. I decide to try the little man with some toast and banana. I made the mistake of giving him cereal yesterday and it really upset his stomach. He seems ok in himself but perhaps a little weak. He hasn’t eaten a great deal in the past few days.

9:00am – We decide to go out with the pushchair to the shop and stop by the park on the way. It is an absolutely glorious day and despite the cool start, the sun is shining big and bright. The little tyke is quiet for most of the journey but all of a sudden he bursts into life when we reach the park! Swings yey! Slide yey! Merry-go-round yey! Some children come along with their Dad and start running around the park playing tag. The little man is fascinated and keeps watching. We have to leave the park and he throws a big wobbly tantrum, wahhhhh!


10:30am – After another cup of tea we go into the garden to kick around the ball. I have never spent so much time outdoors! He’s obsessed at the moment.

11:30am – I want to try and encourage him to eat something, so I make a little picnic and we all sit on a blanket in the back garden to eat. This is fun. I make him a little ham sandwich, cut up grapes and some cheese puffs. Of course, he eats everything but the sandwich.

12:30am – We go out in the car to collect something from Argos. The little man falls asleep for just 20 minutes before waking up! Oh no! But whilst he was asleep I managed to pop into the shop to get some beauty bits, lovely!

2:00pm – Back in the garden. Dad is helping to build up a Cosy Coupe for the little tyke and  he wants to help. He passes the wheels. He picks up the hammer. Hurry up Daddy I want to play! I keep him entertained as best I can, but he still wants to bother Daddy.

3:00pm – The Cosy Coupe is finally ready! You can have it with or without the floor, but he prefers to have the floor and for us to push him around at the moment.


3:45pm – Roast dinner, yum yum. He eats a bit better this time and this puts my mind at ease. He’s on the mend.

4:20pm – Back in the garden. I rush around washing up and put a load of clothes into the washing machine whilst he plays with Daddy.

4:50pm – I get to have a lovely warm bath. Ahhhhh, now this is my Mothers Day treat right here!

6:10pm – We try to give the little man a bath but he’s being a fusspot. I think he’s overtired and his eczema has been flaring up. At least we get to quickly wash his hair.

6:50pm – Night night little tyke!

Happy Mothers Day to you all! My Mothers Day didn’t quite go to plan, but I hope you all had a nice day with your loved ones.

Night night and ta ta xx


Home Alone


I did it! I did it! I finally flipping did it! Yesterday I spent the day at home alone and it was lovely. I had worked an extra day, so I had a spare day to play with and it just felt like the right time to use it. I have been sooooo flipping tired lately.

I saw everybody off in the morning, put the cat out in the garden, locked all the doors and jumped back into bed. A whole bed, all to myself! With perfect peace and quiet! I then slept until about 10:45 am. But I could have slept more. I could have slept all day. I then went downstairs, still in my pyjamas and made a late breakfast of a St Clements Hot Cross Bun from Marks & Spencers with a lovely cup of tea. I enjoyed this whilst slumped on the sofa watching Americas Next Top Model (with Rita Ora).

I then went back upstairs to have a nice pamper session. I slathered myself in body cream and used my epilator to de-fuzz my legs. Ladies its been too long, it took me flipping ages! I then picked a lovely new nail polish (Mink colour from Marks & Spencers) and painted my nails. I straightened my hair and sprayed a nice gloss spray to make it look all lovely and shiny. I felt like a lady again. Enough with the pampering, lunch time beckoned.

I tucked into a sandwich and crisps on the sofa (with another cup of tea) whilst watching Project Runway (new series has just started). After this, I washed and tidied up a little bit. The guilt of doing nothing was kicking in so I had a quick whizz around the house. It’s so much easier and quicker with no one around. This was followed by a bit of Youtube time.

The rest of the day was spent making a lovely soup for dinner whilst listening to the radio and drinking yet another cup of tea. Then the boys came back and I was so happy. God I needed this day like you wouldn’t believe, but it still didn’t stop me missing my boys.

I wish all of you a lovely evening, ta ta all! xxx

The terrible not quite twos


I had meant to do more regular updates on the little tykes progress, but you know what its like when things get in the way! The little man is now 19 months old and is really turning into a right little character. He has always been a very good little boy and incredibly cute and sweet natured, the staff at nursery absolutely adore him. But I am afraid he may be on the turn!!!

Bedtimes used to be fine, but lately they are becoming a little bit fraught at times. What changed? He doesn’t want to go upstairs. He doesn’t want to go into his bedroom. He most certainly doesn’t want to go into his pyjamas and sleeping bag. He knows the routine off by heart and can see it coming, he just doesn’t want the fun to stop even though he is dirt tired. We do our best to keep him settled and make the atmosphere nice and calm, by reading books and cuddling. This works most of the time, but some nights he gets himself into an absolute tiz. The dummy is spat out and chucked across the room. The blankie toy is tossed onto the floor. Then he arches his back and has an epic cry. Oh dear! He calms down eventually.

Supermarket shopping is also a no no at the moment. He doesn’t want to be in the push chair. He doesn’t want to sit in the trolley. He wants to walk on the floor, in the opposite direction to where you want to go. Try holding his hand? Nope, he doesn’t want to do that. Thank the lord for internet shopping is all I say.

But the rest of the time he is great really. He eats well, sleeps well and loves to play. He likes listening to songs and when he sees characters from his favourite tv shows dance he loves to copy. He walks well and loves to chase his naughty cat! He babbles in his own little language when he is playing and knows a couple of words, but we are trying to encourage him to learn more. He will get there in his own sweet time.

I cannot believe how much my little boy has changed, its hard to imagine him as the tiny, helpless newborn baby that I welcomed into the world. I cherish every day with him and I look forward to all the wonderful moments we will share. I love you little tyke!!!!

I hope you all have a nice evening, ta ta xxx

The little tykes Christmas Eve Box

Starting with Knagglig crate from Ikea

I think I mentioned a while back in a previous post, how I had purchased a basic flat pack crate from Ikea (Knagglig) as I had the idea to use it for a Christmas Eve Box. I had wondered, where did this trend come from? On trying to research it on the internet I didn’t find a conclusive answer but many different countries and cultures celebrate Christmas on the 24th by opening presents and it seems that we have started to pick up some of these habits here. The idea is to have a small activity box for children to open on Christmas Eve, to get them into the spirit of the festivities early. Boxes are usually filled with small items, such as chocolates, pyjamas, letters from Santa, Christmas dvds and books. I really wouldn’t want to go overboard with the box gifts, as I would not like to detract from the magic of opening gifts on Christmas day from Santa. So keep small.

Crate painted in a chalk grey with woodcut lettering applied

The flat pack crate was really quick and easy to make up. Please be aware that the box is actually quite small, so it might not be suitable to fit any large gifts. I painted it all over in a plain grey colour with a chalk effect matt finish, but red would have been equally effective. I found the woodcut lettering on Amazon and I think it makes the box look a little bit more fancy.

The Christmas Bear lift-the-flap book

For Christmas Eve we need a special bedtime story to read to the little tyke. Knowing how much he loves The Tickle Book, we found ‘The Christmas Bear‘ from the same author and thought it would be perfect.

Little Christmas Elf from Waitrose

Next up, we needed a little festive cuddly and found this lovely little elf from Waitrose. As you  can see, his hands also stick together with velcro. I believe you can also purchase a bigger version.

George pig Christmas pyjamas and slipper socks

I bought the Christmas pyjamas from Sainsbury’s a little while back, they look so cosy! Now I am not sure how I am going to use these, as the little tyke has one leg and foot in plaster. I think we will have to dress him in some shorts with the top and put on one sock:(

Christmas Eve Box end
Christmas Eve Box front

I used some stencils and white paint for the lettering and the snowflakes. What you see above is not quite the finished article, as his last name was added to the box after the photo was taken. I really enjoyed this project and am very pleased with the results! I am determined to make the little tykes Christmas magical despite his fractured leg!

So what do you think? Like or loathe this new tradition? Are any of you thinking of putting something together for your children on Christmas Eve?

I am off work now until after Christmas as I am looking after the brave little soldier. I will keep you all posted on how we get on, entertaining him is proving difficult at the moment!

Ta ta for now my lovelies, just 3 sleeps until Christmas xxx

Trip to the hospital


So, here we are, with only 4 days until Christmas and the little tyke has had an injury! It all started on Sunday night when 10 minutes before he was set to go to bed, he slipped on the kitchen floor and he became extremely fussy and upset afterwards. At first we put it down to the fact that he was A – over tired and B – teething like crazy at the weekend. When he still hadn’t perked up in the morning and after a terrible nights sleep we took him to the doctors.

Doctors waiting rooms on Mondays are never a pleasant place to be, it was full to the rafters of sick and contagious people. Yuck! You come out more ill than when you came in! After a long, long wait we saw the doctor who suspected he had probably badly sprained his ankle and it would be best to go to the hospital to get him checked out anyway. She also said to bring plenty of supplies and be prepared for a very long wait! Oh dear!

We went home first and had a bit of lunch, during which time he perked up even more and we doubted the whole hospital trip altogether. Call it Mothers instinct or something, but it felt like the best thing to do would be to get him checked out.

The hospital wasn’t crazy busy, but the time was taken up by going to various different departments for different consultations. The children emergency department was excellent and they had lots of facilities and toys to occupy waiting children.

Little tyke playing in the waiting room

When he finally got his x-ray he started to get quite upset understandably, but he was such a good boy throughout. It was determined that he had a toddler fracture in his lower right leg and he would have to have a full leg cast. Oh no!!!

The staff were super whilst he had his cast put on and a lady sat with him singing songs and blowing bubbles. He was fine, absolutely fine. Its these moments that make you feel so incredibly proud of your children for being so strong and brave.

The little tyke in his full leg cast

He gets the temporary cast taken off on Thursday and a proper, more light-weight version will be put on. They say he should be able to bottom shuffle with this. Oh little tyke what are we going to do with you?

I hope this doesn’t spoil Christmas for him! How terribly unfair:(

Ta ta for now all. I am going to give my brave little soldier a well deserved cuddle xxx