DITL Sunday 10th December: Snow Day!

snow day tyke

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. seriously, it is! In the movies, Christmas is nearly always depicted in a snowy scene but the reality is that I don’t think I have even seen so much as a flake of snow in December…. until today! It might not be Christmas Day yet but there is a definite festive feel in the air as we gear up to the big day, so seeing houses with Christmas lights and a dusting of snow really makes quite a magical scene.

The little tyke didn’t know what to make of it all at first, he was excited and nervous in equal measures. We put on his new boots, scarf, hat, coat and mittens to help prepare him for the cold outside. But he wouldn’t step on the snow! He took a few steps and kept moaning to be picked up, so Daddy and Mummy took turns to carry him until we went to shop and back. Oh goodness, he really is getting to heavy to carry around all the time. By the time we got back from our first trip out I was very thankful to be back indoors.

We made a lunch of sausages and mash, followed by apple crumble and custard. Perfect yummy winter food for such a cold, snowy day. The little man gobbled it all up, it seems the cold air had given him a huge appetite. After a little playtime, we went into the front garden to see the new snowman friend that had appeared in the garden (Daddy snuck off to build him). My little boy fell in love and it was at this point that he felt a little bit more confident and started adding more snow to bulk up his snowman friend.

We decided to make a short trip out in the car to our local Aldi, just to break up the day a little. Sunday is usually Special Buys day and we like to see what new stock they have brought in. Todays offerings included Marvel character toys, Star Wars merhandise and childrens pyjamas. I love Aldi but they don’t always get it right, those childrens pjs were not the best of quality unfortunately. What a shame because he would have looked very cosy in the Paw Patrol onesie!

By the end of the day he got so confident about being out in the snow he grabbed his welly boots and begged us to take him out again. “Ok, but just for a little while” we said as we wrapped him back up in his coat, and this time he confidently stepped on to the snow and rushed over to his snowman. “Oh no!” he exclaimed, our snowman friend had fallen over! Daddy, Mummy and the little man worked together to help rebuild Mr. Snowman. I took a little video of this and I can’t wait to look back on it in years to come. Happy memories!

Take care all, ta ta and good night xxx


Little angel by day, little devil by night

My little boy is mostly well behaved during the day, but by the time bedtime arrives, he can sometimes turn into a little monster! He is actually a lovely, caring and affectionate little boy all day long and a lot of people comment how well behaved he is. If only they knew!

Once the wind down for bedtime begins he starts to become a little bit naughty. Nappy changes become more like a wrestling match as he scrambles across the floor. He jumps and leaps around on the beanbags and tries to hide in his tent. On very, very naughty occasions he tries to wack my glasses off my face, but thankfully this doesn’t happen very often. What is it about bedtime that brings out the wild in the child?

He still naps during the day and this can vary from one to two hours at a time. Perhaps if we cut this down to an hours cat nap, he might feel a little bit more tired and more willing to go to bed in the evening? I don’t know whats best really. I will really, really miss nap times. Life will become so much harder without naptimes!

My gut feeling is that this is fairly normal, kids just don’t like bedtime! I will continue to keep with our bedtime routine and will hope that this is perhaps a little phase that he will get through. He is only two years old and is altering all the while. Fingers crossed!

Any advice fellow parents? Tried and tested tips and techniques would be much appreciated!

Have a lovely evening all, ta ta for now xxx

Morning routine of a working Mummy

I remember the weeks leading up to the end of my maternity leave and trawling through the net for advice. However would I get out of the front door in the morning? Well, you just get through it and it all fits into place. Those first few days were difficult and terribly stressful, but now it has just become the new normal. Please read on to see a breakdown of a typical morning.

5:45-6am: Wake up, wake up! The little tyke is an early riser, so unfortunately we cannot really get up before him to get things ready (if we got up any earlier I would be a zombie). My husband heads down to get the morning drinks (tea for the adults, milk for the little man) and I pick up my little boy from his room and head downstairs also.

6:00am: The little tyke sits on my knee and drinks milk from a beaker. We switch on the tv and watch Cbeebies – Show Me Show Me, Baby Jake and Number Blocks. Daddy and Mummy try to wake up whilst drinking a warm mug of tea.

6:30 – 6:40am: We go upstairs to get the little man ready. Nappy changed (he hates this), eczema cream rubbed on legs and arms, then change of clothes. We wipe his face and he takes his toothbrush downstairs with Daddy.

7:00am: I get ready upstairs. Sometimes this will involve straightening my hair because I washed it the night before and sometimes I will hop in the shower. It always depends on time. You would be best to remember it doesn’t always go to plan. Whilst I am getting ready, Daddy gives the little chap a bit of toast while he makes the sandwiches. Sometimes I will prepare them the night before, but usually we are pretty tired after dinner.

7:20am: I come downstairs whilst Daddy goes up to get dressed (men never take very long). I make sure that the little tyke has brushed teeth, brushed hair and I put on his little shoes. Then I dash about the kitchen, giving it a little wipe down and tidy.

7:40am: We put the little man in the car and make sure we have everything that we need to take for the day –

  • Coats (if it is cool or raining)
  • Toddlers backpack with spare change of clothes
  • Daddys lunchbag
  • Mummys lunchbag
  • Mummys work notebook and handbag

The little man is usually a little fussy at first and he takes his little comfort toy with him in the car. We are off.

7:45am: We drop the little chap at nursery. He is usually pretty good, unless he is tired or a little under the weather. Kiss him and cuddle him and away we go.

8:00am: Arrive at work.

Phew, makes me tired thinking about it. So what do you think? Is this a pretty typical routine or do you have any other tips that can help?

Love to hear your feedback as always, ta ta folks xxx

Toddlers favourite books

A little while ago (9 months to be precise) I put up a post about Little Tykes Favourite Books. Now that the little tyke has turned two, it feels like a good time to put up a post with an update. My little chap continues to enjoy storytime with Mummy and he loves to point at the pictures as we turn the pages. At the moment he likes anything bright, colourful and funny pictures. Here are some of his favourites…..

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

Meg and Mog book

The Meg and Mog series of books was a big favourite of mine when I was a child and I am so pleased that the little tyke is also a big fan. Bold, bright colours… tick. Simple stories…. tick. Funny pictures…. tick. What’s not to love about these books about Meg the witch and her friends Mog the cat and Owl!

Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty

Ten Little Pirates book

I think there are quite a few variations of this book such as dinosaurs, monsters, princesses, elves and superheroes. I thought that I would go for the pirate theme because it looked quite fun and was a little bit different from the rest of the books in his collection. It’s also a great little rhyming story with lots of great sounds that you can exaggerate. As he gets older he can get more involved with the counting element, with lots of fun objects to spot on every page.

George’s New Dinosaur (Peppa Pig books)


George’s New Dinosaur book


This was actually one of the little tykes birthday presents and what a great choice! It’s a winning combination of dinosaurs and George Pig. Raaaarrrrrr! It’s a simple little story that makes for a light and easy read with a toddler.

No Bed without Ted by Nicola Smee


No Bed without Ted book


Lots of animals to count on each page


I have saved the best book until last. We bought this cute little ‘lift the flap’ reading book whilst on our recent holiday and the little man simply adores it! It is so beautifully illustrated and all the animal drawings are really sweet. I just think it is a really cute story and is perfect for bedtimes!

So what do you think of our choices? Have any of you got any recommendations for books to read with two year olds at bedtime? I would love to hear some ideas!

Hope you are all well this evening, ta ta and nighty night xxx



Two year old birthday party ideas


As mentioned on my previous post ‘23 Month Update‘, we have started to think about our little boys 2nd birthday party. What do you do to mark such an occasion? Well to start with, we need to pick a theme……..

The Gruffalo

Pros: One of the little tykes favourite books in the whole world. Its a little bit quirky. You can tie it in with some woodland themed accessories. Kids of all ages would enjoy.

Cons: You would struggle to find a ready made Gruffalo cake. There are not as many gruffalo themed party accessories available.

Peppa Pig

Pros: Involves lots of pastel colours, but mostly pink and blue. There are tons and tons of Peppa and George merchandise available. You can easily buy a Peppa Pig birthday cake in the supermarket without having to make one yourself.

Cons: Too popular and not very original. Off putting for any older kids attending.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Pros: Thomas is probably our little mans favourite tv character. He loves trains. You can get train or Thomas themed party accessories. Blue and red is nice and bright for a party.

Cons: I am struggling to find a ready made Thomas cake. I don’t have time to make a cake and I am not very experienced when it comes to baking.


Pros: The little man just loves dinosaurs and dinosaur toys. You could do a mix of jungle and dinosaur themed accessories.

Cons: I cant really think of any, except it might be a bit old for him at the moment.

Jungle Safari

Pros: You can use lots of different animal toys and accessories. There are lots of jungle themed music that you could have in the background. Its lovely and colourful.

Pros: It might not be his favourite theme.

Final decision…… Thomas the Tank Engine

We were thinking more on the lines of the dinosaur party but as he is having a joint party we decided on something that both boys like – Thomas the Tank Engine. Its going to be good fun planning this party actually and I look forward to putting up more posts relating to this!

Have a nice evening folks, ta ta xxx

Fun on the Farm


After spending most of Easter Sunday cooped up indoors, we decided it would be a nice idea to go out for the day on Monday. We have been talking about vistiting a farm park for quite some time now, but haven’t got round to doing it so far. After a little search on the internet, we stumbled across West Lodge Rural Centre near Kettering in Northamptonshire. Seeing as it would only be a 40 minute journey we felt like it would be worth a try.

The little chap napped on the way in the car and woke up just as we arrived at the car park, around lunchtime. The tickets to go in were quite reasonably priced and you had the option of purchasing some feed to give to the animals. Our first port of call was the cafe for a quick bite to eat and a refreshment. This farm park is mostly frequented by families with young children, so you will not feel out of place at all when sitting in the noisy restaurant. The food tasted quite yummy and came out fairly quickly.

We started the tour of the farm park at the childrens petting area, which included rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs, lambs etc. This area was rather crowded, which wasn’t surprising with it being a bank holiday! I think I would like to come back again at a time outside of the childrens school holidays, so the little tyke can see a bit more.

Cute little lambs


Daddy and little tyke look at the chickens

We then went to see the animal paddocks and larger animals such as goats, sheep, cows and pigs. The little tyke wanted to walk everywhere! I couldn’t believe the size of this park, it went on for miles. If you didn’t fancy walking around, they offered tractor and trailer tours around the farm.


Hello Mr Goat!


Big pigs


Feeding the animals

We ended up back outside the restaurant, where they had a HUGE sandpit for the children to play in near the picnic tables. I was so proud of how nicely my little boy played in it, building lots of sandcastles with his Daddy. He’s growing up so fast! To finish off the day we went to the large outdoor play centre, which was fully equipped with swings, slides and activity equipment. I sat this one out and stayed with the push chair whilst sipping a hot chocolate. Daddy had great fun playing with the little tyke on the park. For bigger kids, they also had pedal tractors to tootle around on. How cute!

I would definitely come back to this farm park in the future and would recommend this type of activity to anyone with very young children. I think my little chap had a great time and the fresh air made him sleep like a log that night!

Hope you all had a nice Easter folks, ta ta for now xxx






Hello strangers

Hello strangers, its been a little while since my last post! The reason being that I had a pretty crappy week last week. Where do I start? Ummm lets run through it shall we…..


So, one of my members of staff asked to speak with me before anybody came into office. I spent the previous evening racking my mind thinking about what it could possibly involve. Before everybody came into the office we sat down in a private room and it all poured out. I am really not sure how comfortable I am with sharing the full details of this story at this moment in time, but I promise that I will divulge more in the future. All I will say is that it relates to a person who took my maternity cover and has been behaving in a very nasty and devious manner ever since my return. Its been an 18 month long nightmare which I have not shared on here before.

I had to dash off into the Management meeting with seconds to spare. Ten minutes later I received a phone call asking me to pick up the little tyke because he had been sick at nursery. The poor little man was picked up straight away.


I also had to keep the little chap at home today as this is the nursery policy for sickness. Throughout the day, I received and had to make various phonecalls relating to the work issue. The little tyke hadn’t been sick since nursery but had gone off his food. By Tuesday afternoon he felt heaps better and ate really well.


Little tyke back at nursery and I returned to work. I was fine until I went out for lunch with my MD and I completely lost my appetite. I just couldn’t eat. The very thought made me feel sick. By the end of the afternoon I had to rush to the toilets to be sick and I felt awful. When I got home I went straight to bed after my little boy had gone to sleep. I was so tired, drained, cold and sick.


Reluctantly I had to take the day off sick. I really didnt want to after taking so much time off (I dont work Fridays either), but I just couldnt face it. Nearly the whole day was spent in bed and I couldn’t eat a thing.


Stay at home Friday. I had to suck it up and look after the little man today. Luckily I felt a bit better and started to eat a bit. Gosh its hard to look after toddlers when you are sick and have no energy! Oh and now the little man had caught a cold!

I am pleased to say that things improved by Sunday and we managed to go out for a lovely family meal to celebrate my husbands birthday. My husband and I have also been out for the day today (as it is his actual birthday) and I will put up a new post about this in the next few days.

Hope you all had better weeks! Ta ta for now folks xxx