Two year old birthday party ideas


As mentioned on my previous post ‘23 Month Update‘, we have started to think about our little boys 2nd birthday party. What do you do to mark such an occasion? Well to start with, we need to pick a theme……..

The Gruffalo

Pros: One of the little tykes favourite books in the whole world. Its a little bit quirky. You can tie it in with some woodland themed accessories. Kids of all ages would enjoy.

Cons: You would struggle to find a ready made Gruffalo cake. There are not as many gruffalo themed party accessories available.

Peppa Pig

Pros: Involves lots of pastel colours, but mostly pink and blue. There are tons and tons of Peppa and George merchandise available. You can easily buy a Peppa Pig birthday cake in the supermarket without having to make one yourself.

Cons: Too popular and not very original. Off putting for any older kids attending.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Pros: Thomas is probably our little mans favourite tv character. He loves trains. You can get train or Thomas themed party accessories. Blue and red is nice and bright for a party.

Cons: I am struggling to find a ready made Thomas cake. I don’t have time to make a cake and I am not very experienced when it comes to baking.


Pros: The little man just loves dinosaurs and dinosaur toys. You could do a mix of jungle and dinosaur themed accessories.

Cons: I cant really think of any, except it might be a bit old for him at the moment.

Jungle Safari

Pros: You can use lots of different animal toys and accessories. There are lots of jungle themed music that you could have in the background. Its lovely and colourful.

Pros: It might not be his favourite theme.

Final decision…… Thomas the Tank Engine

We were thinking more on the lines of the dinosaur party but as he is having a joint party we decided on something that both boys like – Thomas the Tank Engine. Its going to be good fun planning this party actually and I look forward to putting up more posts relating to this!

Have a nice evening folks, ta ta xxx

Fun on the Farm


After spending most of Easter Sunday cooped up indoors, we decided it would be a nice idea to go out for the day on Monday. We have been talking about vistiting a farm park for quite some time now, but haven’t got round to doing it so far. After a little search on the internet, we stumbled across West Lodge Rural Centre near Kettering in Northamptonshire. Seeing as it would only be a 40 minute journey we felt like it would be worth a try.

The little chap napped on the way in the car and woke up just as we arrived at the car park, around lunchtime. The tickets to go in were quite reasonably priced and you had the option of purchasing some feed to give to the animals. Our first port of call was the cafe for a quick bite to eat and a refreshment. This farm park is mostly frequented by families with young children, so you will not feel out of place at all when sitting in the noisy restaurant. The food tasted quite yummy and came out fairly quickly.

We started the tour of the farm park at the childrens petting area, which included rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs, lambs etc. This area was rather crowded, which wasn’t surprising with it being a bank holiday! I think I would like to come back again at a time outside of the childrens school holidays, so the little tyke can see a bit more.

Cute little lambs


Daddy and little tyke look at the chickens

We then went to see the animal paddocks and larger animals such as goats, sheep, cows and pigs. The little tyke wanted to walk everywhere! I couldn’t believe the size of this park, it went on for miles. If you didn’t fancy walking around, they offered tractor and trailer tours around the farm.


Hello Mr Goat!


Big pigs


Feeding the animals

We ended up back outside the restaurant, where they had a HUGE sandpit for the children to play in near the picnic tables. I was so proud of how nicely my little boy played in it, building lots of sandcastles with his Daddy. He’s growing up so fast! To finish off the day we went to the large outdoor play centre, which was fully equipped with swings, slides and activity equipment. I sat this one out and stayed with the push chair whilst sipping a hot chocolate. Daddy had great fun playing with the little tyke on the park. For bigger kids, they also had pedal tractors to tootle around on. How cute!

I would definitely come back to this farm park in the future and would recommend this type of activity to anyone with very young children. I think my little chap had a great time and the fresh air made him sleep like a log that night!

Hope you all had a nice Easter folks, ta ta for now xxx






Hello strangers

Hello strangers, its been a little while since my last post! The reason being that I had a pretty crappy week last week. Where do I start? Ummm lets run through it shall we…..


So, one of my members of staff asked to speak with me before anybody came into office. I spent the previous evening racking my mind thinking about what it could possibly involve. Before everybody came into the office we sat down in a private room and it all poured out. I am really not sure how comfortable I am with sharing the full details of this story at this moment in time, but I promise that I will divulge more in the future. All I will say is that it relates to a person who took my maternity cover and has been behaving in a very nasty and devious manner ever since my return. Its been an 18 month long nightmare which I have not shared on here before.

I had to dash off into the Management meeting with seconds to spare. Ten minutes later I received a phone call asking me to pick up the little tyke because he had been sick at nursery. The poor little man was picked up straight away.


I also had to keep the little chap at home today as this is the nursery policy for sickness. Throughout the day, I received and had to make various phonecalls relating to the work issue. The little tyke hadn’t been sick since nursery but had gone off his food. By Tuesday afternoon he felt heaps better and ate really well.


Little tyke back at nursery and I returned to work. I was fine until I went out for lunch with my MD and I completely lost my appetite. I just couldn’t eat. The very thought made me feel sick. By the end of the afternoon I had to rush to the toilets to be sick and I felt awful. When I got home I went straight to bed after my little boy had gone to sleep. I was so tired, drained, cold and sick.


Reluctantly I had to take the day off sick. I really didnt want to after taking so much time off (I dont work Fridays either), but I just couldnt face it. Nearly the whole day was spent in bed and I couldn’t eat a thing.


Stay at home Friday. I had to suck it up and look after the little man today. Luckily I felt a bit better and started to eat a bit. Gosh its hard to look after toddlers when you are sick and have no energy! Oh and now the little man had caught a cold!

I am pleased to say that things improved by Sunday and we managed to go out for a lovely family meal to celebrate my husbands birthday. My husband and I have also been out for the day today (as it is his actual birthday) and I will put up a new post about this in the next few days.

Hope you all had better weeks! Ta ta for now folks xxx

Day in the Life: 19th March 2017


4:30am – I’m awake. Why am I awake? I toss and turn and a billion and one thoughts enter my head. This is the second night in a row in which this has happened. Stress is taking over my life at the moment.

5:30am – I’m still awake and now the little tyke has started stirring.

6:30am – Ok, ok, I’m getting up. Urgh.

6:35am – Daddy has already taken the little tyke downstairs. I say hello and wave at him when I come in the room …. he does the same back! Well, he says “Hiya”. Awww, my heart melts.

7:15am – The little tyke has a breakfast of crispies and a bit of hot cross bun. I stick to my mug of tea and a slightly overdone hot cross bun. After cleaning the breakfast plates I go upstairs for a wash and straighten my hair.

8:30am – Daddy wants to go to the zoo, but I really can’t face it today. Some of the stress has a lot to do with all the jobs I need/want to do, but I cannot find time to fit them all in. I explain this and we agree to stay around the house today but we will pop to the shops first.

8:45am – I cook the dinner (beef chilli) before we go out. I get distracted at one point and burn the bottom of the pan 😦 But luckily I manage to salvage a decent amount of it.

11:00am – We go to the big George at Asda home store. I’m trying to find some new bedding sets to suit our bedroom. When we first moved in the house, we decorated this room but I ended up using our old duvet covers. I am such a fuss pot when it comes to bedding and insist on it being 100% cotton, so this limits my choices (all the best designs are poly cotton). Luckily I find two grey patterned sets that would be perfect for the room, plus a light pink throw. Bingo!

11:30am – Lunch of toasted sanwiches at Costa Coffee. Plus a coffee. Because I bloody well need it.

12:15pm – Nip into a party shop to get some bits for my husbands upcoming 40th birthday.

1:00pm – Back home. The little tyke has been asleep for 15 minutes and goes straight to his bed for a nap. In the meantime we go out into the garden for a tidy and my husband pops off to the tip.

3:20pm – Dinner time. We are all peckish, so decide to eat early.


4:00pm to 5:00pm – We play outside in the garden with the football and a couple of smaller balls. The little tyke absolutely loves playing outdoors. So much so, yesterday morning he came running up to me with his shoes whilst still in his pyjamas. He hadn’t even had breakfast at this point!


5:15pm – We Skype the little tykes Grandma and Grandad Seaside (they live on the Norfolk coast). He waves and cheers and they adore him. After a while he gets a little bit naughty and I have to get him to calm down.

7:10pm – He is in bed after reading his bedtime story. I am now shattered.

Right, thats it from me folks. I hope you all have had lovely weekends and a wish you a pleasant evening. Nighty night and ta ta xx

Travelling with toddlers

You will have to forgive me. I am trying to write this post using the iPad, as my computer is so slow it is grinding to a halt! I think I need to give it a spring clean when I get time. I just wanted to put this post together whilst thinking of various trips and our holiday later in the year. I feel slightly anxious when I think of how the little tyke might cope with long journeys by car or airplane. Will he get bored? Will he throw a tantrum? Will he be overwhelmed by it all?

The longest journey planned will be four hours by airplane, but you also need to take into account the travelling to and from the airport, waiting in the lounge and waiting on the airplane. What can I do to occupy his time? I have looked at various tips on the internet and YouTube, here are my favourites –

Use a Trunki


Tick! I purchased a little red Trunki for the little tyke ages ago and used it to carry some toys when we went on a trip to the seaside last year. Now he is that much older, he can enjoy pulling or riding along on it through the airport. I hope to pack a load of toys, snacks and spare clothes in here.

Take lots of snacks

cup snacks

On a few YouTube videos, bloggers used medicine cases and filled the various compartments with treats. Not sure if I will try that. But it’s fair to say that my little man has a good appetite and I must come prepared. Ideas for snacks include raisins, rice cakes, fruit sachets, jelly pouches, cereal bars, little sandwiches and mini muffins. Do not rely on the airline company.

Pass time with sticker books

sticker book

The little tyke loves playing with stickers and these sticker books are perfect to occupy his time. It’s also nice little quiet activity he can do with his Mummy or Daddy. I also like to buy Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden comics because they are full of stickers of his favourite characters.

New toys

Another suggestion is to buy some little pocket money toys (and don’t show them to the little one) in the run up to your journey. The idea is the novelty of something new will occupy more of their time and interest than a more familiar toy from home. Some people even suggest wrapping them up as presents to add to the excitement.

Games and favourite tv shows on the tablet

I would like to limit the time on the tablet if at all possible, but I have to admit that it will make the journey a little bit easier and a little less fraught. I don’t mind some of the little games played every so often.

Favourite books


The little tyke loves his reading. I mean LOVES his reading! I must bring some little lightweight paper books for him to flick through on the plane. Plus, I want some books for his bedtime story at night. The trip will throw us off somewhat, but I have to try and keep some routine if possible.

Drawing and Aquadoodle

This really will occupy a very limited time at the moment, as he is so young. But he will give it a good go, a little pack of crayons and paper takes up no space at all.

Play Doh

I recently read about an experiment conducted by Professor Robert Winston to find out what best-entertained children between the ages of two and ten on plane journeys. The conclusion was that old fashioned toys were the best, with play doh and lego near the top of the board. Would play doh be too messy? It might be a trick to pull out of the bag on our four-hour flight!

I would be really interested to learn more about other bloggers experiences with travelling. What worked best for you? Do you have any tips that you could offer?

Nighty Night folks, ta ta for now xx

February kids holiday haul

Hello there, remember me? It feels like ages since my last post, but in reality, it was probably only a week ago. This weekend I decided to go for a little shop for some holiday clothes for the little tyke, to help bring a little cheer to the gloomy Winter days. We are going on a seaside break in May and I hope to find a deal for a more sunny holiday later in the year. Making plans for this is helping to cheer me up at the moment!

Sainsburys has a 25% off clothing deal at the moment (the website says it ends today!) and I thought this would be the perfect time to stock up on swimwear and summery clothes for the little tyke.

My first purchase was this lovely little Gruffalo Sun Protection Suit, which comes with a zip on the back and little purple spine detail on the side –

Sun Protection Suit from Tu at Sainsburys

To go with this I also purchased a lovely little Gruffalo Towelling Poncho, which will be perfect for keeping him dry once he gets out the pool.

The little tyke models his Gruffalo Poncho

There are also lots of cute and colourful t-shirts available in Sainsburys. He will be approaching 2 when it comes to his seaside break, so we are looking at the next size up in clothes.

Nautical t-shirts, perfect for the seaside!


I love the funky dinosaur pattern on this t-shirt


This star wars t-shirt will look perfect with some black or grey jeans

I also treated the little man to an extra sun protection suit and cap from the John Lewis website. Although a little pricey, the clothes are incredibly good quality and the colours do not tend to fade easily in the wash. I think this little suit will make him look like a proper little surfer dude, how cool is this!

John Lewis Sun Protection Suit


John Lewis Shark Print Keppi Hat

The last purchase was this little keppi hat to help protect the little mans head and neck from the sunshine. He usually hates hats but I am going to have to try and encourage him to keep this on.

So that’s it from me for the evening folks, hope you have enjoyed my February haul.

Ta ta for now xx








Review: Lekebaby Changing Backpack


Oh goodness, how excited can one be over a mere changing bag? Answer – very! Lets face it, theres no escaping lugging these bad boys around when we have toddlers in tow!

Up until very recently I would use my lovely navy changing bag from Pink Lining to carry all the little tykes odds and sods. With plans of travel in mind, I felt that I wanted to get something a little more practical and a little more grown up to use when going on plane journeys. My little man isn’t getting any lighter, so I felt a nappy changing rucksack would be the best way to go. After a little bit of internet browsing, I decided upon the Lekebaby Multifunctional Nappy Changing Backpack with Changing Mat from Amazon.

The bag is available in a choice of unisex grey or black, is made of a high-grade 300D oxford fabric and is water repellent. It feels like a quality purchase and looks incredibly stylish, not like a changing bag at all. In fact, my husband could quite comfortably walk around with and it would look just like a normal everyday rucksack.

What I like best about this bag is the multitude of pockets to keep your belongings organised and the fact that it is incredibly roomy. It has two main pockets, one which you could keep baby bits and the other for Mummy bits.

Top view of Lekebaby Changing Backpack

Overall, there are 13 interior pockets and 5 exterior pockets for all your essentials. There are bottle pockets at either side of the backpack to hold bottles for parents and it has two insulated baby/child bottle pockets in the interior. A small, foldable changing mat is also provided inside the bag.

One of the two main pockets (featuring changing mat)
Also includes foldable changing mat

The bags straps are thick and sturdy, with padding also being added to the back and handle for extra comfort. An extra large hidden pocket can also be found on the back, perfect for hiding your wallet or phone.

I chose the black option but it would be best described as a mottled dark grey, which looked nice with the light grey interior. It is a fairly large bag, but this suited me just fine. I think it will be a brilliant bag to use as a carry on for the plane and I am actually quite happy to use it for day-to-day use. On the product reviews, somebody described it as the swiss army knife of the bag world! As much as the comment made me chortle, it is probably not far wrong! What a successful buy, love it!

Ta ta for now folks, have a lovely evening xxx