Review: Les Ormes Lodges


Les Ormes one bedroom lodge


On our recent trip back to my home island of Jersey, we stayed in the very lovely Les Ormes self catering resort for the first time. This trip was the first one as a family, prior to this we would always stop in hotels. But this time I wanted a home from home and Les Ormes provided just that.

Les Ormes Resort is located five minutes away from Jersey airport and is within easy reach of many of the islands attractions. There are 62 units of self catering accomodation of varying sizes, from one to five bedrooms with all the mod cons you could hope for. We stopped in a one bedroom lodge with its very own hot tub and decking area (see above). The lodge had an open plan lounge with kitchen and dining area, large bathroom with underfloor heating and a spacious seperate bedroom. The little tyke stopped in our bedroom in a little wooden cot at the end of our bed.


Lodge interior

Our lodge was located on the outside edge of the resort and was wonderfully quiet! We had lots of lovely animal and birdy visitors to our lodge including a friendly duck and a cat who befriended our little boy. So cute!


Hello ducky!

Once the little chap went to bed in the evening we took the opportunity to take a dip in the outside hot tub. We were very lucky with the weather and it felt so lovely to watch the sun go down from the comfort of our bubbly hot tub.


Lovely bubbly hot tub!

At the resort there are a host of activities and facilities on offer. They have an indoor pool, sports centre and golf course available all year round. From May half term until September visitors can use the outdoor pool and childrens play zone. There is also the ‘Little Squirrels Club’ providing lots of crafty activities for young children (must be accompanied by an adult).


Mummy and little tyke walk to the lodge

We have already decided that we would like to return to the resort again next year and I would definitely recommend Les Ormes to anybody with young children. If I were to make any suggestions for improvements I would suggest having a small shop on site at the reception or offer welcome packs to purchase prior to arrival. Saying that, you really are never far from a shop when you are in Jersey. Our closest supermarket was the large Waitrose in Red Houses or you could travel further to the large Co-op in St. Peter. Food shopping is a little more expensive in Jersey, so I would recommend sticking to the co-op as the prices are much more reasonable.

The resort does have a restaurant, but I would recommend venturing a little further as there are much better choices on offer. If you are after breakfast, head to the Watersplash or El Tico five minutes down the road in St. Ouen. If you are after dinner head to the Crab Shack or the Treehouse in St Brelades (ten minutes away). All of the places I have mentioned are extremely family friendly and have very yummy food!

Thats it from me for one night folks, ta ta for now xxx






Toddler airport tips

toddler travel

We have not long arrived back from our first family holiday with our little boy and I thought I would put together this post with some tips on how to make travelling by air with toddlers easier. The little tyke is 23 months old now and this week long holiday involved a short airplane journey back to the island of Jersey of where I originate from. I have to say that I felt incredibly nervous about the whole trip but am glad to say that we all had a pretty nice time. He had his moments though, believe me! My word, he can be a little rascal at times! I just think that everything was so new and strange to him, that it threw him off course a little. Now he’s back home, he is totally back on track.

Enough of my rambling, heres my tips……

Don’t bother with a Trunki

The little man does have a Trunki, of which he has used on a short weekend to the seaside but I didn’t intend to use it on this trip. Besides, with him being under two, he didn’t have luggage allowance for it. I think I would leave it another year or two before I let him take it on holiday. I just know that we would end up lugging it around and with a toddler who wants to run off in the opposite direction, it isn’t ideal!

Keep your travel documents in a wallet

Now I didn’t do this, but I intend to find a nice plastic zip up wallet for my next holiday to keep my passports/tickets/boarding cards/hire car paperwork. We were the last people on the plane there and back, due to us having to dig around our humongous back pack for our boarding cards! Save yourself some time people, get a travel wallet!

Pay for fast track at security

Have you seen the queues at security? My little tyke doesn’t have the patience and would have had a meltdown if we hadn’t pre-booked the fast track lane.

Tire the little monkeys out before you get on the plane

He fell asleep just as the plane left the ground on the way there and back! He didn’t even wake up when we landed! Amazing! I am guessing this is fluke, but it helped that we let him play and run around the airport before we boarded. Airports sometimes have soft play or activity areas that can help entertain children.

If they don’t sleep, be prepared

We brought along a cute little lunchbox with some little snacks that included mini cheddars, muesli bar, yoghurt raisins and a fruit smoothie. I bought a couple of little new toys and a comic with stickers to entertain him. I also found a sticker book from Amazon with funny faces. Failing all of that, the iPad will save you.

Get yourself a lightweight foldable stroller

Our regular pushchair is an absolute pain to fit into cars. I found a new stroller from Mountain Buggy that folds up so small, it can fit in a little bag. It’s really lightweight and fits nicely into hire cars with all your luggage included.

I think thats about it really. It wasn’t easy but we survived to tell the tale! I will have a few more posts lined up relating to our recent holiday, hope you are all well my Worpress friends! Ta ta and good night xxx


Travelling with toddlers

You will have to forgive me. I am trying to write this post using the iPad, as my computer is so slow it is grinding to a halt! I think I need to give it a spring clean when I get time. I just wanted to put this post together whilst thinking of various trips and our holiday later in the year. I feel slightly anxious when I think of how the little tyke might cope with long journeys by car or airplane. Will he get bored? Will he throw a tantrum? Will he be overwhelmed by it all?

The longest journey planned will be four hours by airplane, but you also need to take into account the travelling to and from the airport, waiting in the lounge and waiting on the airplane. What can I do to occupy his time? I have looked at various tips on the internet and YouTube, here are my favourites –

Use a Trunki


Tick! I purchased a little red Trunki for the little tyke ages ago and used it to carry some toys when we went on a trip to the seaside last year. Now he is that much older, he can enjoy pulling or riding along on it through the airport. I hope to pack a load of toys, snacks and spare clothes in here.

Take lots of snacks

cup snacks

On a few YouTube videos, bloggers used medicine cases and filled the various compartments with treats. Not sure if I will try that. But it’s fair to say that my little man has a good appetite and I must come prepared. Ideas for snacks include raisins, rice cakes, fruit sachets, jelly pouches, cereal bars, little sandwiches and mini muffins. Do not rely on the airline company.

Pass time with sticker books

sticker book

The little tyke loves playing with stickers and these sticker books are perfect to occupy his time. It’s also nice little quiet activity he can do with his Mummy or Daddy. I also like to buy Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden comics because they are full of stickers of his favourite characters.

New toys

Another suggestion is to buy some little pocket money toys (and don’t show them to the little one) in the run up to your journey. The idea is the novelty of something new will occupy more of their time and interest than a more familiar toy from home. Some people even suggest wrapping them up as presents to add to the excitement.

Games and favourite tv shows on the tablet

I would like to limit the time on the tablet if at all possible, but I have to admit that it will make the journey a little bit easier and a little less fraught. I don’t mind some of the little games played every so often.

Favourite books


The little tyke loves his reading. I mean LOVES his reading! I must bring some little lightweight paper books for him to flick through on the plane. Plus, I want some books for his bedtime story at night. The trip will throw us off somewhat, but I have to try and keep some routine if possible.

Drawing and Aquadoodle

This really will occupy a very limited time at the moment, as he is so young. But he will give it a good go, a little pack of crayons and paper takes up no space at all.

Play Doh

I recently read about an experiment conducted by Professor Robert Winston to find out what best-entertained children between the ages of two and ten on plane journeys. The conclusion was that old fashioned toys were the best, with play doh and lego near the top of the board. Would play doh be too messy? It might be a trick to pull out of the bag on our four-hour flight!

I would be really interested to learn more about other bloggers experiences with travelling. What worked best for you? Do you have any tips that you could offer?

Nighty Night folks, ta ta for now xx

Review: Lekebaby Changing Backpack


Oh goodness, how excited can one be over a mere changing bag? Answer – very! Lets face it, theres no escaping lugging these bad boys around when we have toddlers in tow!

Up until very recently I would use my lovely navy changing bag from Pink Lining to carry all the little tykes odds and sods. With plans of travel in mind, I felt that I wanted to get something a little more practical and a little more grown up to use when going on plane journeys. My little man isn’t getting any lighter, so I felt a nappy changing rucksack would be the best way to go. After a little bit of internet browsing, I decided upon the Lekebaby Multifunctional Nappy Changing Backpack with Changing Mat from Amazon.

The bag is available in a choice of unisex grey or black, is made of a high-grade 300D oxford fabric and is water repellent. It feels like a quality purchase and looks incredibly stylish, not like a changing bag at all. In fact, my husband could quite comfortably walk around with and it would look just like a normal everyday rucksack.

What I like best about this bag is the multitude of pockets to keep your belongings organised and the fact that it is incredibly roomy. It has two main pockets, one which you could keep baby bits and the other for Mummy bits.

Top view of Lekebaby Changing Backpack

Overall, there are 13 interior pockets and 5 exterior pockets for all your essentials. There are bottle pockets at either side of the backpack to hold bottles for parents and it has two insulated baby/child bottle pockets in the interior. A small, foldable changing mat is also provided inside the bag.

One of the two main pockets (featuring changing mat)
Also includes foldable changing mat

The bags straps are thick and sturdy, with padding also being added to the back and handle for extra comfort. An extra large hidden pocket can also be found on the back, perfect for hiding your wallet or phone.

I chose the black option but it would be best described as a mottled dark grey, which looked nice with the light grey interior. It is a fairly large bag, but this suited me just fine. I think it will be a brilliant bag to use as a carry on for the plane and I am actually quite happy to use it for day-to-day use. On the product reviews, somebody described it as the swiss army knife of the bag world! As much as the comment made me chortle, it is probably not far wrong! What a successful buy, love it!

Ta ta for now folks, have a lovely evening xxx