Morning routine of a working Mummy

I remember the weeks leading up to the end of my maternity leave and trawling through the net for advice. However would I get out of the front door in the morning? Well, you just get through it and it all fits into place. Those first few days were difficult and terribly stressful, but now it has just become the new normal. Please read on to see a breakdown of a typical morning.

5:45-6am: Wake up, wake up! The little tyke is an early riser, so unfortunately we cannot really get up before him to get things ready (if we got up any earlier I would be a zombie). My husband heads down to get the morning drinks (tea for the adults, milk for the little man) and I pick up my little boy from his room and head downstairs also.

6:00am: The little tyke sits on my knee and drinks milk from a beaker. We switch on the tv and watch Cbeebies – Show Me Show Me, Baby Jake and Number Blocks. Daddy and Mummy try to wake up whilst drinking a warm mug of tea.

6:30 – 6:40am: We go upstairs to get the little man ready. Nappy changed (he hates this), eczema cream rubbed on legs and arms, then change of clothes. We wipe his face and he takes his toothbrush downstairs with Daddy.

7:00am: I get ready upstairs. Sometimes this will involve straightening my hair because I washed it the night before and sometimes I will hop in the shower. It always depends on time. You would be best to remember it doesn’t always go to plan. Whilst I am getting ready, Daddy gives the little chap a bit of toast while he makes the sandwiches. Sometimes I will prepare them the night before, but usually we are pretty tired after dinner.

7:20am: I come downstairs whilst Daddy goes up to get dressed (men never take very long). I make sure that the little tyke has brushed teeth, brushed hair and I put on his little shoes. Then I dash about the kitchen, giving it a little wipe down and tidy.

7:40am: We put the little man in the car and make sure we have everything that we need to take for the day –

  • Coats (if it is cool or raining)
  • Toddlers backpack with spare change of clothes
  • Daddys lunchbag
  • Mummys lunchbag
  • Mummys work notebook and handbag

The little man is usually a little fussy at first and he takes his little comfort toy with him in the car. We are off.

7:45am: We drop the little chap at nursery. He is usually pretty good, unless he is tired or a little under the weather. Kiss him and cuddle him and away we go.

8:00am: Arrive at work.

Phew, makes me tired thinking about it. So what do you think? Is this a pretty typical routine or do you have any other tips that can help?

Love to hear your feedback as always, ta ta folks xxx


Stay at home Fridays

playtimeI meant to write this post on Friday night but I was absolutely pooped by the end of it, so I ended up vegetating on the sofa instead! I am not joking when I say that I go to work for a rest sometimes!

I returned back to work after six months of maternity leave and now squeeze a full working week into four days (Monday-Thursday). It was important to me that I managed to get the right balance of working/Mummy life and by having the long weekend with the little tyke it allows us to have some quality bonding time. But being the Manager of a team of staff, there are still emails to attend to and questions to answer, so I try to squeeze this in whenever I can without compromising the time with my son. Nap times are not for resting, believe me!

I am not sure how long my work will be happy for me to carry on with this arrangement, so I cherish it while I can. He’s such a lovely little fella and I love our time together, it helps build my confidence as a Mother and he loves having the one on one time with his Mummy. Win win! He has always been very good at nursery and the staff adore him, which is so so reassuring when you are a working Mother. The guilt of not being there with him can eat you up if you let it, but I think positively about the confident and caring little boy he is growing up to be. I need my work too. There, I admit it. I struggled with maternity leave and I felt very lost at times. Being at work exercises my mind and allows me to be creative, which makes me a happier person. Little tyke needs a happier person to be his Mummy.

This blog is another creative outlet for me and it pleases me to also read posts from other like-minded people, its great to know that I am not alone and that a lot of other people have similar struggles. They always say that it does get easier and it does because we grow stronger and more ready for the challenges ahead. Mummy power!

Ta ta for now!